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Peyton Manning, Selective Memory And Revisionist History

(photo courtesy of The Big Lead)

(photo courtesy of The Big Lead)

The football season is over, but there is still some buzz going on around the football world. While everyone is wondering what Peyton Manning will do, writer Shaun King dropped an article chronicling Peyton Manning’s sexual assault at the University of Tennessee. The incident happened when Manning was at the University of Tennessee and involved a team doctor, Dr. Jamie Naughright. For the full story, including the 74 pages of court documents, check here. Instantly, the document caused a stir on social media. There were those that took the taking down of Dr. Naughright seriously and had a different view of Peyton Manning. And there were others that seemed to brush this incident off. But it is amazing how folks can view some things when they actually like a player.

Peyton has forever been someone that people have seen as classy, hard-working and a great spokesman for the NFL. There is no doubt that he is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. But what some have to understand is that he essentially tormented Dr. Naughright. The funniest part of the whole thing is that some people did not read the story at all. Peyton Manning did not moon someone and Dr. Naughright did not walk in at the wrong time. He actually scooted down while she was examining a potential stress fracture of Manning and put his “man parts” on Dr. Naughright’s head. And secondly, Manning tried to besmirch Dr. Naughright’s character by saying she spoke vulgar and saying that she hung with Black guys all the time. Naughright may have spoken vulgar (which was refuted by every witness that Manning tried to get), but what does her hanging with Black guys have to do with any of this? Sounds to me that Manning was just trying anything to get out of this one and when the case was settled and Gag order placed, that screamed of guilt of Manning. And when he lied again in a book about the incident, he cost himself some more money because he again had to settle with Dr. Naughtwright. All the while he has done long-term damage to her career while not even offering so much as an apology. It is true that this incident happened in the past, when Manning was young. But that does not excuse the incident and the crap he put that woman through for nothing.

Many have also spoken on the length of time it has been since this incident happened. Some think that it is a convenient attempt to tear down Peyton’s legacy before he leaves the game by bringing up his past. Well, what some may want to realize is that this story is older than some of the fans that Peyton has actually. And I have come across many that were not even aware of the reality of this story. So in essence, it was new to a ton of people in that sense. Another thing that is interesting is how some can say they are trying to tear Peyton down or that this happened in the past when they cannot forget others and their past. For example, Cam Newton had success this season. And many were very happy for him and how well he had led the team. But there were some that continued to bring up his incident at the University of Florida. For those that are not aware, Newton stole a laptop and that got him in hot water. He was eventually out at the University of Florida because of it. And it is definitely interesting that some of the same folks will break that out in a minute while telling us to pipe down on the Manning incident. To those I would like to ask, “Why the change up on both Manning and Newton?” There will be some that will ask why I used Cam as an example and I can assure you that it was the first one I thought of. Not downing or supporting Cam and his press conference in this article and that is not the issue at hand anyway. But what is at hand is how some can selectively bring up the past for some and forget it for others. Another example of folks not letting go of the past is the incident Michael Vick had. The veteran quarterback went to jail for animal abuse, but so many still go at him about that as well. But with Peyton we are supposed to forget something that was an ugly situation because he paid them off? Honestly, that ought to concern more people than anything.

In the end, people are going to have their own opinion about Manning and what happened back then. But one thing cannot be disputed in this scenario: people tend to be more forgiving, forgetful and blind to the facts when it is someone they love. Manning is a great quarterback and no one is taking that away from him at all. But this ugly incident is definitely something that was covered up and hushed. With Vick and Newton, they paid consequences for what they did. But Peyton has seemed to avoid that along with any public backlash essentially. Some that keep blowing this story off would not do so if it was their daughter, wife, or family member that this mess happened to. But let them tell it, nothing even happened to begin with. And those folks are blind in broad daylight. If you’re going to bring up the past for one, you have to do it for all. You cannot pick and choose who you drag through the mud. That wreaks of hypocritical talk.

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Time To Move Forward From Michael Vick’s Past

Even though the years have passed by, it seems the same hard feelings for Michael Vick are still the same. After being asked to be a guest speaker at the 2014 “Evening of Champions” in North Carolina, over 64,000 people filed a petition to have Michael Vick uninvited to the event. And another 1,500 have gone to Facebook to say they would hold a peaceful protest of Vick being at the event. Animal rights activists are outraged that the organization would even consider bringing him to this event.

In case you don’t remember what caused this reaction from these groups of people, Vick was jailed in 2009 for his involvement in a brutal dogfighting rings. After he served his nineteen months, he was released and has tried to move on with his life and be a promoter of safely treating animals. But it just seems that the word forgiveness is not in the vocabulary of a lot of people. While he has been trying to move on, there have been many that continue to bring up his mistake in life over and over again. When he was a free agent out of jail and Philadelphia signed him, there were tons of animal’s rights activists that protested the move from the team. No doubt there were probably some people that considered quitting being a fan of the Eagles due to them signing Vick. Eventually, the noise temporarily died down in regards to Vick and he had a quiet first year as the backup to Donavan McNabb.

As Vick has gone on in Philly, he has provided highs and lows on the field, but off the field is a total different story. He realized that he had a second chance. He did his community service and spoke to people about the importance of child safety. He also stayed out of trouble and focused on making his life better as a man. But instead of realizing that Vick had changed, people still continued to bring up his past over and over again. Before this latest incident, Vick had to cancel his book tour due to death threats because of what else, his involvement in the dog fighting ring that harmed animals. If Vick is able to go forward and learn from his mistake, why can’t those who still feel venomous towards him move on?

The way Vick is being treated leads me to believe that some folks would love to see Michael Vick have a horrible existence from here on forth. But what folks fail to realize is that his past is exactly what it is: his past. It will not ever be forgotten, but it does not define the person that he is. The interesting thing about Vick’s situation is that many can think of an instance in which they did something they thought was unforgiveable. But instead of it being constantly brought up in their face, they were allowed to move on from it. So, why can’t America as a whole do the same for Michael Vick? It is truly sad that people act like they are above reproach when incidents happen that they don’t approve of. Why not allow the man to live his life and attempt to make a living instead of wishing the worst upon him for a mistake? A lot of those coming at Vick still would not think it was too great if someone wished the worst upon them for a mistake they made. The selective forgiveness in America must stop.

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Michael Vick

The Everyday Mailbag-11/22/11

Leaves change color. Seasons change. But the Everyday Mailbag stays the same. Let’s see what the Sports World wants to know!!!!

Q: Does Bears QB Jay Cutler’s injury open up a Wild Card spot for an NFC East squad or will the Bears still make the playoffs?
-Drew N, Washington DC

A: To be honest, it possibly could. Before the season, I had two teams going to the playoffs from the NFC East. I will say that the Bears schedule isn’t terribly difficult going down the stretch, but without Cutler, things get tougher for Matt Forte and that whole offense. I still think they make the playoffs though.

Q: Should Vince Young start rest of the year over Michael Vick?
-Dallah S., Manhattan, NY

A: I think that its just one start and that’s an overreaction to Vince’s one start. Now I’m not doubting that Vince is a winner. He is. His record says so. If Vince was to start a string of games and wins, then I think there would be a QB controversy there. But with the money Vick is making and the fact that its just been one start tells me that Vick is the starter still in Philly.

Q: Can the Eagles make a late run at the NFC East title?
-Aaron J., Washington, DC

A: No. When they lost the game vs the Cardinals, there went their NFC East Title chances. The Eagles need to focus on winning two games in a row and getting themselves right first. The race is between the Cowboys and the Giants, not the Eagles.

Q: Will Norv Turner get fired before the end of the season?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

A: Is water wet? I think its closing time for Norv in San Diego.

Q: What’s the next move for the Bears?
-Dallah S., Manhattan, NY

A: The next move for the Bears is to scour the waiver wire or the classifieds for a veteran backup QB. Caleb Hanie will be the starter. There’s no doubt about that. Former Ravens QB Marc Bulger could be a possible pickup. He has played in Martz’s system before and it wouldn’t take him long to catch on because of that familiarity.

Q: If Arkansas beats LSU, who plays for the BCS Championship?
-David D., Murfreesboro, TN

A: I think Arkansas would definitely be in the picture for the title. Now for the contender, I think it would be Alabama.

Q: Will the Eagles or Steelers make the playoffs this year? I’ve seen the Ravens schedule, they’re definitely going.
-Shatal J., Orlando, FL

A: I think the Steelers will definitely make the playoffs. As far as the Eagles, they have dug themselves a hole they cannot get out of.

Thanks for all the questions and remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!!


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