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Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode Deactivated

(photo courtesy Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports)

(photo courtesy Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports)

The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the best teams in the NFL over the last four seasons. They are known for a dominant defense and a physical running game. This year, that formula changed a bit with the loss of running back Marshawn Lynch for half the season due to nagging injuries and sports hernia surgery. The responsibility of the offense fell more on quarterback Russell Wilson to run the show and make it happen. The offense was still successful, but there was no doubt that they could have been even better with a healthy Marshawn Lynch. The veteran running back has been the staple of their offense since their run started in the Great Northwest. Each game, you got used to seeing a physical run happen that would just amaze you. Many players said he was one of the toughest players to tackle in the NFL. But Marshawn has decided he has had enough of the NFL. At the age of 29, Lynch has decided to call it a career. Lynch tweeted out a picture during the Super Bowl that indicated that he was retiring and there were messages from teammates Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman along with Seahawks owner Paul Allen that all but confirmed it. The real confirmation came when Lynch’s agent confirmed it on Monday that Lynch was indeed calling it a career. So Beast Mode will now be leaving the game and headed on to a new chapter of his life.

Many will remember the things that he did on the field and the effect he had there on the Seattle team. One of the most memorable plays of his career had to be the run he had against the New Orleans Saints back in 2011. That run and the cheers led to an actual earthquake happening. And that memory will forever be in the minds of Seattle fans and NFL fans as well. But what will also be in the memory of many is that Marshawn did things his own way. Much was made of him and speaking to the media. When he was in Seattle, media was not something he did at all. If he could have his way, he would avoid it at all costs. But due to threats of being fined, he eventually made some appearances with media. Those appearances, however, were still done on his own terms. He said very little if anything and promptly told media why he was really there. Who can forget him saying that he was at the Super Bowl press conference last year so he does not get fined? Marshawn just was not about the media at all and could care less about talking to them. He was more about playing the game and having fun with his teammates on the field or as he says it “I’m bout that action boss.” And about the action he was with career numbers of 9,112 yards, a 4.3 career average per carry and 83 career touchdowns over nine NFL seasons.

Marshawn Lynch and his exploits on the field will be talked about for a while. And there will be a debate whether he is worthy enough to make the Hall Of Fame in the upcoming years. He put up some good numbers over nine years. But the reality is he has 3,000 less yards than Frank Gore and he also has 29 less career touchdowns than Adrian Peterson. Both Gore and Peterson will more than likely be Hall of Famers. But with the way he handled media, that could affect him getting in. Lynch, though, could probably care less whether he makes the Hall of Fame or not. To him, he got what he wanted out of the NFL and is now able to move to the next step of his life. And reportedly, he has not spent much of his money he made in the NFLl. Lynch can now devote his energy to causes that affect where he is from, Oakland, and things that interest him and create a new life and identity for himself away from the game. And more importantly, Lynch can now be as quiet as he wants to be. Of course he cannot live like a hermit because many know who he is. But he can get away from the spotlight that he really did not like anyway. And that seems to suit him just fine.

Lynch definitely was a guy that struck fear in defenses. And when Seattle began to become the power they are now, he was the face of that movement. But Lynch has made his decision and it is time for him to move on. And who can blame him? He is getting out with his health and a bunch of money to live with. And he more importantly got to go out the way he wanted to go out: on his own terms. Good luch in retirement Marshawn. Enjoy life after football.

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Kam Chancellor And The Battle Of Team Versus Self


Kam is back to man the back end of the Seattle defense after his battle within of self versus team. (photo courtesy of

The Seahawks have had a rough start to the season. They went to St. Louis and lost to the Rams in overtime when many expected them to win. And this past Sunday, they lost to the Green Bay Packers on the road. The team had not seen a 0-2 start in a long time and there were some concerns about the team. The offensive line will continue to be a concern for the team due to them not jelling so far and the issue of them blowing assignments. But the biggest concern many have when looking at the team is their secondary. Before this year, the Legion Of Boom secondary were feared. They had a ball-hawking safety in Earl Thomas, a cornerback that makes plays in Richard Sherman and a unique safety that leads them in Kam Chancellor. But going into this season, the leader of that secondary was not present. Chancellor, who has three years left on his deal, wanted some of the money at the end of his deal brought forward. The Seattle organization did not meet his desire for that to happen and the two sides both sat at a stalemate until Chancellor came back to the team this week. Citing a pact made with Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch, Chancellor is back with the team and back to help his teammates. Many feel as if his holdout was counterproductive to the team and it was in poor taste. In many of these situations, fans of the game view players as being greedy or selfish. And there are even some that wonder what the players think. But what about the player that is actually holding out? What are the thoughts that he has?

There is always a delicate balance between team and self. The team is what many love to be a part of. The players, the comradery and the fun that happens during a season is something that is special. And in Seattle, the vibe there is on that seems to be great among all of them. Chancellor ended up coming in because he wanted to be there with his teammates and help get this thing right. And ultimately, the team is what makes him his money. Without the players that surround him, Chancellor would not be the player that he is. It can arguably be said that he left them high and dry by going for his money. And in the end, it was truly a no-win situation for him. He was not going to get that money moved up by Seattle and they were solid in their choice. And with the money he lost in this deal, it will be interesting to see if they waive the fines he incurred or he has to pay them. Paying them will further strain the relationship between Chancellor and the team. But going back to the team, it would seem that he put himself before the team and for that, some believe he is a selfish player. The selfish nature of sports is something that eats at fans but never seems to bother the players as much. Very rarely do you hear of players getting mad at players getting their money. In fact, many encourage them to do so. So the selfishness that many fans feel as a fan of a team is falling on deaf ears when it comes to the players.

The so-called selfish move by Chancellor is one that he created. After all, he signed the deal. But the reality that all are forgetting is that the owners can cut a player from a deal he signed just like the player can want to renegotiate. The result can be a player missing out on guaranteed money that both sides agreed to. And in that instance, the owners can be just as guilty of not owning up to a deal just as fans speak of players not owning up to them. Because of this aspect, this is why players hold out for money or want restructured contracts or extensions. They put themselves in harm’s way each time they step on the field and that leads to some players having shorter careers than they expected. So in some instances, you have to be selfish. The team will be there, but will they be there when you are injured or done playing? The answer in most instances is no. Kam Chancellor did sign a deal that has three years left on it. And it is true that he agreed to the deal just like the owners did. But unlike other professional sports, contracts are not guaranteed in the NFL. And because of that, there are some time where you have to be selfish. It may not seem right to those that view the team, but ultimately you have to take care of yourself. If within those three years, Chancellor’s playing level drops, the Seahawks could approach him with a salary restructure for less money or could cut him altogether is he decides against a restructure. So in taking a stand for a new contract, Chancellor was trying to get the money at the end of his deal moved up so he was certain to get it, instead of playing the waiting game and potentially missing it. His gamble failed, but that was the gameplan.

Chancellor has said that he will address this situation this offseason. It was clear the team needed him and with him back in the fold, the Seattle defense will be a little scarier than they were before. But aside from the team, the balance between being selfish and being about the team is something that will not end with Kam Chancellor. It would end if there were guaranteed contracts in the NFL, but that won’t be happening anytime soon. So going forward, expect more holdouts and things like that coming from players. And fans, understand that sometimes the players have to be selfish. They could be getting paid one week and looking for employment the next. That is the nature of the beast that is the NFL. They have to get it while the getting is good.

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Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks contract dilemma

Russell Wilson is not only focused on the NFL, but on getting what he feels he deserves (photo courtesy of

Russell Wilson is not only focused on the NFL, but on getting what he feels he deserves (photo courtesy of

The Seattle Seahawks have been talked about for the last few years. The team has been on top of the world the last couple of years, making the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons, although they lost the last one in thrilling fashion versus the New England Patriots. And the great thing for Seattle fans is they have kept the nucleus of the team together for the most part. Players like safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Richard Sherman and running back Marshawn Lynch have been retained by the organization while they have continued to add pieces, with New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham being the latest edition. It seems like all is going well with the team. But then comes the issue of quarterback Russell Wilson. The former 3rd round pick out of the University of Wisconsin has been excellent running their offense since he stepped foot in camp for Seattle. And the team has mirrored the success he has had. Wilson has been a bargain for the team over the last three years and will only be making about $1.7 million next season. For a quarterback with the success he has had, he should be getting paid more. And of course he is looking around at the guys that play the position and what they are getting paid and wanting to get his piece of the pie. Many believed his contract would be already taken care of at this point. After all, he is the future face of their franchise in the eyes of some. Well, the Seahawks and their management have some different ideas apparently.

When on KIRO radio in Seattle, Seahawks general manager John Schneider had this to say on the negotiations with Wilson: “He’s our quarterback. We would love him to be our quarterback. But the thing is we need to keep as many of these guys together as we possibly can. What I can tell you is that this is the ultimate team sport. We have a track record of rewarding players that we recognize as core players.” When reading the comments of Schneider and his philosophy, it seems the Seahawks are going to do what they feel is best to keep Wilson as their starter but they will not be busting the bank to keep him. In fact, it seems like they will draw their line in the sand for what they believe he is worth and put the decision in Russell’s hands. And in that regard, Russell has again attended some things with the Rangers this offseason. Russell even had this to say in regards to baseball and football and potentially playing them both at the same time: “You never want to kill the dream of playing two sports. I would honestly play two sports.” It seems that Russell Wilson is trying to up the ante. The seriousness of him really playing two sports at the same time is not likely. Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson did so, but neither one of them was the CEO of a football team on the football field. And the idea that Wilson would be able to play quarterback and potentially play major league baseball games during the year is not really that attainable due to the fact that he is not as good a baseball player as Sanders and Jackson were. If he was, then he would probably be more clamored for in professional baseball.

So where do the Seahawks and Wilson go from here at this point? The Seahawks will more than likely allow Wilson to play out his contract this season. Depending on the season that Wilson has, he could raise his value even more to some teams that see him as a star quarterback. If that is the case, then Seattle gets into a bidding war for his services. One of two things could happen if Wilson receives a huge offer. If Seattle truly values him as a core talent and wants to pay him, then the talents that Seattle may be asked to restructure their deals in order to keep him there. If that is the case, then Seattle will be locked and loaded for a while with their pieces still intact. But the other option is Seattle could let him go to the highest bidder on the open market. Honestly, it would be very interesting if Seattle were to do that. The sting would be felt from the fans because he is beloved by the franchise. But the team would have to have a plan in place that could keep them running smoothly. Whether it be a rookie quarterback or a veteran that is ready to step in, the Seahawks would probably be replacing him with a player that does not fit as well as Wilson did. And that is something the Seahawks would have to live with going forward.

In all actuality, Wilson and the Seahawks organization fit well together. And their union has produced some great success. But then this thing called money and the other thing called compensation has to come into play and mess that rhythm up. The reality is that Wilson has been underpaid for the duration of his contract and there will be some payback in this new deal. And if Seattle does not give him the money that he requests, there will be others step up and give him what he wants in hopes he can lead them like he led the Seattle Seahawks. Only time will tell what happens here, but it seems like both Wilson and the Seahawks organization have their Poker faces on. We shall see who flinches first or if anyone flinches at all.

Ballers And Wankstas Of The Week- Week 14

The season is down to crunch time and the Ballers balled and the Wankstas, well they did what they usually do. Without further adieu, here are the Ballers and Wankstas of the Week!!

Ballers Of The Week

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants (27/47, 400 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT)
Eli should be nicknamed Eli the Clutch after what’s he done this year in the fourth quarter. He is the highest rated QB when it counts most and he showed again that he can make it happen. Big ups to Eli.

Ryan Matthews, RB, San Diego Chargers (20 carries, 114 yards)
Matthews played excellent this weekend and showed some of the promise that the Chargers and Chargers fans have been waiting for from the former 1st round pick. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the young running back.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks (23 carries, 115 yards, 1 TD)
Lynch ran over around and through the St. Louis Rams on his way to another 100+ yard rushing performance. It looks like Beast Mode has returned. Someone pass Lynch the Skittles please!

Alphonso Smith, DB, Detroit Lions
Smith was the star of the Lions 6 turnover effort against the Minnesota Vikings. He picked off two Christian Ponder passes, including an interception return for a touchdown that led to his ode to Michael Jackson touchdown dance. Great stuff!

Wankstas Of The Week

Browns Offense
The Browns couldn’t get anything going offensively. Part of it was the effect of the Steelers defense. The other part of it was the ineptitude of the offense. You would think that this offense would have some kind of imagination but it was as imaginative as a blank sheet of paper. Coach Shurmur, you’ve got some work to do.

Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs? Have you seen them folks? I really wonder what happened to them and where did they go. This team won the AFC West last year and they’ve gone completely down the tubes this year. Sure, injuries affected this team, but are they this bad? I think not.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were playing well in Jacksonville and then the roof caved in. Jacksonville became the Green Bay Packers and were scoring at will on the Bucs. If I’m the Bucs, I’m embarrassed by my performance and if I’m Bucs brass, I wonder if Raheem Morris can’t reach this team anymore.

Josh McDaniel, St. Louis Rams Offensive Coordinator
McDaniel has been pretty bad as an offensive coordinator this year St. Louis. He took a pretty good offense and turned it inept. For his next magic trick, he may want to see how fast he can disappear from this coaching staff.

These are my Ballers and Wankstas of the Week! If you have anyone you would like to add, feel free to drop a comment with your Baller or Wanksta of the week!


Ballers And Wankstas Of The Week- Week 13

The players played. The ballers balled. And some players and coaches just flat-out didn’t get it done. Without further adieu, here are the Ballers and Wankstas of the week!

Ballers Of The Week

Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans (23 carries, 153 yards, 2 TDs)
CJ has started to pick up steam the past few weeks. This is his second big game in a row and he looks like he has that homerun gear back as well. It should be interesting to see what he does against the New Orleans Saints this week.

Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore Ravens (29 carries, 204 yards, 1 TD)
The Ray Rice train was running on all cylinders this past Sunday in Cleveland. When he gets the ball, the Ravens make things happen offensively. Maybe they need to feed him the ball more every game. Just a thought.

Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints (26/36, 342 yards, 3 TDs)
Brees was cool as the other side of the pillow Sunday night vs the Lions. He dissected the Lions this past Sunday night and it should be interesting to see what happens this week when he takes on the Tennessee Titans.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks (22 carries, 148 yards, 2 TDs)
Lynch was in beast mode this past week in the NFL. He did any and everything he wanted to do. Maybe he needs to have the Skittles more on the sideline. They have special powers.

Demaryius Thomas, WR, Denver Broncos (4 receptions, 144 yards, 2 TDs)
Thomas was in rare form against the Vikings. When he came out of Georgia Tech he was considered a beast and he sure looked like that Sunday. The Broncos just keep on rolling.

Wankstas Of The Week

Jason Garrett
For those that don’t know, Jason Garrett is the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys were tied at 13 with the Cardinals and had moved into field goal range and had a chance to kick a field goal to win the game. The snap. The set. The kick is GOOD!! Except we have one problem. Jason Garrett called timeout right before the kick. Garrett’s timeout was effective for the Cardinals and ineffective for his own team as PK Dan Bailey missed the second attempt at the kick and Dallas went on to lose in overtime to the Cardinals. The hits just keep coming from Garrett. Icing your own kicker is at the top of the list of gaffes for him.

St. Louis Rams
How do you go a whole NFL game and don’t score any points? Well, that’s a questions that the Rams have to answer. I know the 49ers defense is stingy, but you’re pros St. Louis! At least give me three points.

Jacksonville Jaguars
For those that didn’t watch, the Jaguars were the co-stars of the Disappearing Acts sequel. The second half was a total shame and even though I expect the Jags to be bad, when they play against the hapless Chargers, they have to give me at least some kind of competitive game.

Vince Young, QB, Philadelphia Eagles (17/29, 208 yards, 1 TD, 4 INTs)
Young’s career may be getting old quick. He hasn’t shown any improvement in reading defenses and he threw some passes that had me asking: “Who is he throwing the ball to?”. Vince, if you want to stay in the NFL, you gotta read a defense better than that.

These are my Ballers and Wankstas of the Week. If you have anyone you feel should have made either list, feel free to drop a comment.

NFL Thursday Showcase: Philadelphia vs Seattle

Things are about to get a little more lively in the Northwest. The Philadelphia Eagles head to birthplace of grunge music to take on the Seattle Seahawks. At the beginning of the season, you would think this would be a game that Philly would automatically win, but with their problems this year, there’s no telling how this game will go. But, in usual fashion, I’m gonna try my best to breakdown the Thursday Night NFL Showcase.

Vince Young is heading into his third start in place of Michael Vick. Vince has been uneven at best in his starts, so Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid would be smart to give the ball to star RB LaSean McCoy. McCoy is the most important player on this team and as he goes, the team goes. This Seattle defense needs to locate McCoy at all times. But not only must they locate McCoy, they must also make sure to wrap up the elusive running back when given the chance to. Another person the Seahawks may want to keep an eye on is WR DeSean Jackson. Jackson seems to have come alive in the past two weeks and it seems like this week could be his week as well. The Seahawks secondary better not be caught slipping or Jackson could light them up.

Speaking of Jacksons, Seattle QB Tavaris Jackson has been uneven at best. He’s fought injuries, a disappearing running game and inconsistent receivers while trying to lead this team. Now some of this is on Jackson, but some of this mess isn’t his fault at all. This game, maybe Tavaris can bring back that feeling of winning. It will be harder to bring that feeling back due to the fact that his best wide receiver, Sidney Rice, is out for the rest of the year with a concussion. That gives the Eagles one less weapon that they have to worry about. But Rice definitley isn’t the only weapon that Philly has to contend with. RB Marshawn Lynch has been largely held in check this year by opposing defenses, but you never know when he will go “Beast Mode” on defenses. For the Eagles, who happen to be a weak run-stopping defense, they better hope Lynch and his offensive line don’t get it going. The Eagles, for all the so-called improvements on this year, are a weak defense when it comes to stopping the run.

Expect the Eagles to come out and play hard for their coach. Look for the Seahawks to try and match that intensity, but the talent difference is pretty big here. Eventually, the talent that the Eagles have will allow them to go out and win this game, provided that they feed McCoy the ball.

Prediction: Philadelphia 27, Seattle 21

Ballers And Wankstas Of The Week- Week 8

Some folks balled and some folks bombed. Without further adieu, here are the Ballers and Wankstas of the week!

Ballers Of The Week

Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants (31/45, 349 yards, 2 TDs)
Eli carried his team. Usually, Eli needs the running game to get going to have big games like this. But in this game, his team was down to the Dolphins and his running game was suffering. Eli put on his Superman cape and saved the day. I gotta tip my hat to him.

LaSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia Eagles (30 carries, 185 yards, 2 TDs)
McCoy played great. He was breaking ankles like Allen Iverson used to in his heyday. I hope Andy Reid was taking notes of this game because if the Eagles are gonna make a run, McCoy is the most important piece to that run.

Anquan Boldin, WR, Baltimore Ravens (7 receptions, 145 yards)
The Ravens were getting blasted at halftime. All hope looked lost. The Cardinals were destroying them. And then, like a light switch, Boldin turned it on. He played like the All-Pro that he is. Hopefully we get to see this Boldin the rest of the year.

Buffalo Bills Defense
The Bills have been a team that hasn’t been able to put pressure on the QB all year despite their success so far. Well, a change of scenery and the Redskins as opposition did them just well. The Bills came out and shutout the Redskins 23-0 in front of the excited crowd in Toronto. They also produced 9 sacks. Let’s see if they keep this up.

Wankstas Of The Week

Phillip Rivers, QB, San Diego Chargers
Rivers hadn’t played well all game. He had some turnovers, missed some open passes and just overall was off all game. Then the light switch turned on in the 4th quarter. He was making great plays outside the pocket, penetrating the Chiefs’ defense with pinpoint accuracy. He had drove the Chargers down to kick the game-winning field goal. Then, inexplicably, he fumbles the ball on a QB/center exchange. This, in effect, cost the Chargers a chance to win this game with a field goal. The Chargers went on to lose by a field goal in overtime. You think this game is going to be on his mind for a while?

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Seattle Seahawks (16 carries, 24 yards)
Lynch was a huge addition to the Seahawks during the trade deadline last year. In fact, he rumbled to one of the biggest and earth-rattling scores ever in football last year. Well, fast forward to this year and he’s not getting it done. He’s starring in the remake of “Disappearing Acts” because he’s nowhere to be found in the Seattle running game. Come on Marshawn. Its time to go Beast Mode and not Sleep Mode.

Dallas Cowboys Team
The Cowboys were just flat-out outplayed in Philly. I guess they forgot that the running game was the key to winning and that the Eagles weakness was defending the run. Another thing that I noticed is the Cowboys couldn’t find TE Brent Celek anywhere on the field. Celek should have been arrested for abuse because he was wearing Keith Brooking out. I actually felt sad for Brooking. A proud LB that has just lost it now. The Cowboys need to get it together or they could find themselves on the outside looking in and missing the playoffs again.

These are my Ballers and Wankstas of the week. If you feel you have a Baller or Wanksta that you didn’t see on the list and would like to add them, feel free to drop a comment with your Baller or Wanksta.


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