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Final Four NBA Hopefuls And Their NBA Comparisons

Frank Kaminsky (photo courtesy of

Frank Kaminsky (photo courtesy of

The NCAA college basketball season ended Monday with the Duke Blue Devils hoisting the trophy after beating the Wisconsin Badgers in the National Title game. And with the close of the college basketball season, the talk now moves towards the draft. Many have already said who they believe will be the first overall pick in the draft, but who do any of these draft picks compare to that have played or are currently playing in the NBA? Let’s take a look at who some incoming or potentially incoming prospects into the 2015 Draft that we just saw in the Final Four and who they are similar to. The person they are compared to is who they could be based on their skills and aptitude for the game.


Frank Kaminsky, Senior

Frank the Tank was a man possessed in the NCAA tournament. He averaged 19 points and 8 rebounds 0 while helping carry his team to the NCAA Title game. And what makes him at his height (7 foot tall) is his ability to shoot and put the ball on the floor. And the next level, his ability to stretch the floor can give opposing four men as well as centers fits when he takes them on the perimeter. But there is one concern and that is the physical nature of the game. He is not by any means afraid of contract and is pretty physical. But the fact remains that he is not the most physically imposing and could stand to add some strength. Additional strength is something that could help him in the post on both ends of the court and will also allow for him to be a stronger player when in the NBA. The one thing you wonder about Kaminsky is will he float to the perimeter more than he will be in the post. That should be something to watch.

Best NBA Comparison: Andrea Bargnani, New York Knicks

Sam Dekker, Wisconsin, Junior

Dekker had an interesting run in the NCAA Tournament. He hit some big shots when his team needed it. He also had a habit of showing up in some for half of the game. He would go missing in either the first or second half of the game and then show up in the other half of it. The streakiness of his game had to drive Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan a little crazy at times. But even with that, Dekker had some moments in the NCAA Tournament that he looked special and that drew the attention of NBA scouts. Who can forget the stepback three he hit against Kentucky to help put them away in their Final Four game? Dekker is also a very athletic guy and has the height at 6’7” to defend wings in the NBA and finish at the rim with his explosiveness. One thing that he may need to improve on is his ability to handle the basketball. He may be better than he gets credit for, but the fact remains that he could have issues creating his own shot in the NBA. But all the aspects of his game are sound and he can also defend and that will be key for him in the NBA. His comparison is pretty similar to who he could be in the NBA provided he handle the basketball a little bit better. He has not declared for the NBA Draft yet, as he is a junior. But all indications are that he may do so and leave school a year early.

Best NBA Comparison: Gordon Heyward, Utah Jazz

Kentucky WIldcats

Andrew Harrison, Kentucky Sophomore

Andrew was the point guard in the Harrison twins combo at Kentucky. He was pretty good at Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament this season. He was steady at times and quiet at others during the Tournament. At the point guard position, he is much better when he is attacking the rim than when he is out on the perimeter shooting jump shots. When he did that, he made Kentucky even more dangerous. His greatest strength is his ability to attack the basket and finish through contact. When he did that, it allowed for him to use his height (6’6”) and strength to overpower smaller collegiate point guards. He reportedly will declare for the NBA Draft and the first thing teams will probably do at the next level if force him to shoot the basketball on the perimeter. If you do that, he can definitely have some issue. And the other issue that some have with him at the next level is his speed. His size helped him get over the lack of speed at the position, but in there are point guards with size and speed at the next level that can give him fits defensively. But all in all, he will still be a problem on the offensive end when he attacks the rim in the NBA only due to his size. And he also has the ability to draw fouls when he gets in there. His NBA comparison is also a former player for Kentucky coach John Calipari. He is not as explosive as this guy, but he is certainly very similar. And he could also end up being moved away from the point guard position like this player was in the NBA as well.

Best NBA Comparison: Tyreke Evans, New Orleans Pelicans

Aaron Harrison, Sophomore

The other half of the Harrison twins combo, Aaron was the guy Kentucky usually depended on to hit a clutch shot when they needed it. He struggled a little to shoot this season, but he was not that bad on the defensive end of the court. In fact, he actually defended his position very well. That could be something that could help him at the next level as he, with his twin, is expected to go to the NBA. His range is pretty deep and should serve him well in the NBA, but the consistency is the issue that many will have looking at his game. Another issue that could come about is his lack of ability to make things happen off the dribble. Unlike his twin, he is not as good at attacking the rim. One thing he will need to work on is that ability to handle the basketball, but he has prototypical size for the shooting guard position, standing at 6’6”. His NBA comparison is a guy that was maybe a little more athletic than he is but was known as a big shot maker when he was in college at UCLA.

Best NBA Comparison: Aaron Afflalo, Portland Trailblazers

Karl-Anthony Towns, Freshman

The crown jewel of the Kentucky recruiting class in 2014, Towns was the best post scorer that Kentucky had this season. He was huge for Kentucky in the Elite Eight versus Notre Dame, as he carried the Wildcats for much of that second half to get them to the Final Four. He is expected to declare soon and enter the NBA Draft and some have him as the top prospect for the draft this season. His ability to finish inside and the ability to handle the basketball, which was not on display at Kentucky, should serve him well at the next level. With his size (6’11”), he has the ability to go out on the perimeter and has range all the way out to the mid-range jump shot and potentially the three-point line. At the next level, he will get to display all those skills and will have an even more open court to work with. Add that to his defensive presence and his vision as a big man and there could be potential for him to be a star at the next level. But with Towns, there is also the issue of his propensity at times to go quiet. Some of that may be due to his team and the talent that surrounded him, but it seemed like he would go times where you would not hear his name or see him make a play. His skill is very comparable to a former NBA big man that was extremely talented.

Best NBA Comparison: Chris Webber

Trey Lyles, Freshman

Lyles has not declared for the NBA Draft yet, but he is more than likely going to go to declare soon. Lyles was a unique talent for Kentucky. When junior forward Alex Poythress went down for the season with a knee injury, Lyles stepped into his spot in the starting lineup and it seemed as if Kentucky never missed a beat. Lyles was steady for Kentucky during the Tournament and he was their most versatile defender outside of big man Willie Cauley-Stein. Standing at 6’10”, Lyles can handle the basketball, finish at the rim and also has range out to the three-point line. In college he could play the power forward and small forward positions, but in the NBA, he will be a small forward. The one thing that he will need to continue to work on is his ability to play defense on the perimeter. His length is something that will cause problems for opposing small forwards, but his foot speed could be an issue at times as well. His NBA comparison is a former Kentucky star that is still playing in the NBA and has had a pretty successful career.

Best NBA Comparison: Tayshaun Prince, Detroit Pistons

Willie Cauley-Stein, Junior

Cauley-Stein was a huge force for the Wildcats on the defensive end of the court. He helped make Kentucky won of the most feared defensive teams in college basketball and used his defensive prowess to help propel Kentucky to the Final Four again this season. He along with the other Kentucky players listed, is expected to declare for the NBA Draft. His athletic ability is something that you cannot teach. And at 7’ tall, he can guard multiple positions as well as cover a bunch of ground as the backbone of your defense at the next level. But even with that, there is the matter of the other end of the court. Cauley-Stein has gotten better offensively, but he still has a long road to go. He had some moments this season where he struggled to finish outside of a dunk in the paint. And in the post, he needs some refinement with his ability to finish post moves. Another thing that may hurt Cauley-Stein at the next level is his ability to shoot free throws. That could cause him to be out of games at key points if he does not improve in that area. But even with that, his defensive presence is something that can alter games and help teams. His NBA comparison is someone that has been a defensive force for most of his career and helps every team he has been on become better defensively while still lacking defined offensive abilities outside finishing dunks.

Best NBA Comparison: Tyson Chandler, Dallas Mavericks


Jahlil Okafor, Freshman

Okafor was considered the best big man in college basketball by many who watched the game. Although he did have some issues in the NCAA Tournament, he definitely was a force in the post and helped lead Duke to the National Title. The one thing that helps Okafor stand out is his footwork and ability to finish with a feathery touch at times. His brute strength allowed for him to overpower players in college, but he also had the ability to face up players and beat them with the faceup jump shot. His offensive game has some thinking that he can contribute immediately at the next level. He is expected to declare soon and he and Towns from Kentucky are considered the main players that could be the 1st pick this season. Okafor is certainly talented offensively, but what some had an issue with is his ability to play defense. Okafor struggled to play against Wisconsin big man Frank Kaminsky. He just could not keep up with him at all. And another issue is his defense of the pick-and-roll. He got better on it over the season, but he still needs some work there. Looking at him, he could potentially give up as many points as he scores early on in his career. He will more than likely need to drop weight to become a better defender at the next level. As far as his NBA comparison, his offensive skill reminds me of another big man that came out of the ACC and was the first overall pick. Although Okafor is nowhere near the defender of this guy, he is definitely has good fundamentals that mirror this legend in the NBA.

Best NBA Comparison: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

Justise Winslow, Freshman

Winslow was an afterthought for most when Duke got Okafor and point guard Tyus Jones. But he more than made his impact on this team when he was the biggest difference-maker for the Duke Blue Devils. His ability to attack the rim and finish through contact is definitely special. And along with that, he also has the ability to shoot the midrange jump shot along with the three-pointer. He has yet to declare for the draft, but he is also expected to declare for the draft along with Okafor. And with his draft stock soaring, who can blame him. Winslow got it done in the Tournament, but he also was a guy that disappeared at times during the year for Duke. Who can forget some games where he was just a bystander on the court instead of a participant? That may have some NBA scouts concerned in regards to Winslow’s abilities. But all in all, his skills and the way he attacks the rim remind and can shoot the jump shot remind some of an MVP candidate playing for the Houston Rockets right now.

Best NBA Comparison: James Harden, Houston Rockets

Tyus Jones, Freshman

Jones’ decision to declare for the NBA Draft is largely tied into what Winslow and Okafor decide to do. He has not announced either, but there is the feeling out there that he will declare for the NBA Draft as well this year. Jones had a great freshman season at Duke and capped it off with a great second half to help Duke win the National Title. It seemed like all year he played his best when the pressure was the most. His ability to hit contested jump shots and to finish inside at the rim was spectacular to watch. And for a guy that is listed as 6’1” (which is a generous listing of his height), it is amazing how he is able to finish at the rim. But at the next level, look for him to be able to finish at the rim as much. But the good thing is Jones does have good vision on the court. His ability to score at clutch times and have the vision to be able to find his teammates reminds me of a former University of Texas Longhorn point guard and current NBA backup point guard very much.

Best NBA Comparison: DJ Augustin, Oklahoma City Thunder

It should be interesting to see how all these guys pan out at the next level. Of course all of them have their own games and it depends on what teams they go to as to how they develop their skills. But they are all eerily similar to the people they are compared to and it should be interesting to see how similar they become to their comparisons in the NBA. Agree or disagree with the comparisons?


Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan Has Sour Grapes

Bo Ryan had sour grapes instead of gracefully taking the loss (photo courtesy of

Bo Ryan had sour grapes instead of gracefully taking the loss (photo courtesy of

March Madness has come to an end with the Duke Blue Devils coming away as the champions. Coach Mike Krzyzewski has won his fifth title and he has done some with some pretty talented freshman on board. But along with the celebration of Duke, there was the agony of defeat from Wisconsin. The Badgers just could not come through this time like they did against the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday night. And just like that, one of the best seasons under head coach Bo Ryan ends without the glorious ending. You would think that Bo Ryan would lose graciously as a veteran coach, but that was far from what we received. The coach would go on to use two remarks that would resonate with some in the sports world. Quite honestly, it was surprising that he would want to go out this way with these comments. And it should not be something that we accept as just something a coach says after disappointment.

The loss was definitely a tough one for Wisconsin. The team had come so close yet the title ended up seeming so far away. And for Wisconsin next season, there will be a different look minus Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker, should Dekker leave school early. Ryan seemed somber when he spoke to CBS after the game, but he spoke on something that he thought about the game. He spoke on the officiating and what he felt like it was. Here is an excerpt of what he said: “It was just a situation where you just have to be able to handle all the hands and the checking. All the body contact — there was more body contact in this game than in any game we’ve played all year, and I just feel sorry for my guys that all of a sudden, a game was like that. I think they’re struggling with that a little bit. We missed some opportunities. They hit some tough shots. You know, it’s just a shame it had to be played that way.” It seemed like Ryan continued to talk about how the game was played and things like that. Though it was true that there was some errors by the officials, there should be no reason for Ryan to blame the officials. Did Ryan forget that his team forgot to take the ball inside consistently in the second half? Did he forget that his team let Grayson Allen of Duke drive past them and finish at the rim? Did he forget they went through a drought in the second half that essentially cost them the game? But conveniently, Ryan can remember all the things that went against his team in his mind and all the things his team did to lose the game. That sounds more like a coach that is bitter about a loss than a veteran coach that has been in his share of rodeos.

But Ryan was not done with his commentary after he said this. He also took a shot at one-and-done players. When answering a question about it being hard to say goodbye to his seniors, this one an excerpt of what Ryan had to say: “Oh without a dout. All the seniors that I’ve had-hard to say that. But every player that’s played through the program, okay, we don’t do rent-a-player. You know what I mean.” Some may say that he may not have intended his comments to come out the way they did, but guess what? They did. In this instant, it seemed like he was taking a shot at programs that recruit players that are deemed one-and-done players. And he seemed to try and put his program on some moral high ground because his team did not recruit these types of players. Honestly, he may want to remember that not many if any one-and-done players are actually considering Wisconsin nor have they ever. And he also may remember that the kids that are leaving have a chance to make some money off their talent, like coaches do when they manage players on the sidelines. He may call them rent-a-players, but for Ryan, he rents most of his players for four years while they make absolutely nothing off what they do for him. All the while coaches like Ryan are getting paid to coach these players and benefitting from what the NCAA has put together in this structure. And while we are on Ryan’s salary, he was actually the 10th highest-paid coach in America at $2.75 million. While the NCAA is pimping these players, Ryan and other coaches are the playas on the sideline crushing a lot while the players break their necks for both and get no money. So for Ryan to get mad at certain players for taking advantage of the system we have and coaches for recruiting them is crazy. And by him saying he would not take a one-and-done player is not true. He would take one in a minute if that would line his pockets more and make his program better if even for one year.

In the end, Ryan comes across as a hypocrite for how he complained about the refs and the one-and-done players in college basketball. We all know he would take one if they considered Wisconsin and we all know that he was not complaining about how the game was officiated when he won versus Kentucky. Several calls were missed in that game and yet there was Bo, silent as a church mouse when it came to that. So maybe the next time Bo should take the high road when it comes to talking to the media. Many roasted Kentucky for having players walk off the court without shaking hands and the infamous Harrison comments. But it seems that some are turning their heads the other way on these Ryan comments. Honestly, both were bad and both actions were that of a sore loser. But Andrew Harrison and Willie Cauley-Stein, who was a Kentucky player that walked off the court without shaking hands, are young kids who will learn from their experiences. As for Ryan, he knows better. He has been in the game probably longer than Andrew Harrison and Willie Cauley-Stein have been alive. Yet he makes this mistake of coming across as a sore loser instead and a deflector of blame. Wisconsin did not lose the game because of officiating or the one-and-done players. They lost the game because they did not make enough plays to win.

It’s Time For Coaches To Embrace Social Media

In this new age of sports, there is much more to the game than just playing. The image a player projects has become very crucial in creating your own brand. These days, social media is an important aspect of creating that brand. Everyone has a Twitter or Facebook account and uses that to express themselves and their thoughts. But apparently, not everyone is a fan of players expressing themselves. The latest expression of disdain for social media with his players came from Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.

rick pitino

Apparently, Pitino is not the biggest fan of social media. He recently made the following statement to ESPN’s Mike and Mike:

Pitino had some strong words for social media in regards to athletes. Even going as far as to say that “every hour on it is like taking a little bit of poison.” I could understand some of what he was saying. From a certain viewpoint and in what city he lives and coaches in, players can receive a ton of praise. But they can also receive a ton of undue criticism from overly passionate fans. And if athletes are not prepared for it, they can be blown away by it. Some learn over time how to handle the criticism, but Richie Incognito showed that some still have a lot to learn. But in the grand scheme of things, it sounds like technology has passed Rick by. Gone are the things that he did as a youth and here are the things of today’s America. You cannot hope to have players avoid something that is part of society as a whole. So, instead of trying to steer his players away from social media, Rick ought to pay attention to his in-state rival’s head coach and his way of thinking.

john calipari

Kentucky’s John Calipari is a coach that has attracted the top talents in college basketball. Some would say that he is just in it to make himself look better. People can talk until their blue in the face about what he is in coaching for, but one thing you cannot dispute is the things he does to help these players with social media. Calipari is one of the few coaches in America that seems to care about his players on social media. Here is what he said on ESPN’s Mike and Mike:

Calipari’s frame of mind is way different than Pitino’s. And he spoke the truth about him and other coaches that encourage their players not to use social media. They truly don’t understand it and how to use it. While he probably embellished when he said he did not read one response, he did drop some knowledge in terms of what social media is used for and how he helps prepare his kids for the usage of it as their careers go on.

Ultimately, the thoughts of Pitino are null and void because kids are going to be kids. Social media is here to stay, so why not embrace it and help them instead of discouraging them. Athletes more than anyone are seen in the public eye through all they do everywhere. So why not prepare them to handle social media and other things instead of having athletes pretend social media does not exist? In this instance, Pitino needs to come out of the dark ages and embrace what is there instead of continuing to badmouth it like it’s a sickness. While social media can get you in trouble, it can be a blessing when handled correctly. Maybe Rick needs to learn that and teach his players like Calipari is at Kentucky.

pitono vs calipari

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The Everyday Mailbag- 11/8/11

Lots of different sports going on. Lots of different sports questions as well. Without further adieu, here’s what the Sports World wants to know!

Q: What do you think about Lions DT Ndamukong Suh meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I think that it just means that Suh is concerned about his image. Suh actually called up Goodell to make the meeting happen. I think its not that big of a deal.

Q: Who is your Final 4 in college basketball this year?
-Bobby C., Sacramento, CA

A: I’ve got the Syracuse Orange, the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Kentucky Wildcats and the Baylor Bears as my Final Four this year.

Q: How many games will the NBA play this season?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

A: I think we will be lucky if the players take this offer. If they do, we will see 65-72 games. If they do not, I think we will see roughly around 55 games.

Q: Do you think Tim Tebow should be called a athlete playing quarterback ?? I’m not hearing that by the media! Why?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: Whether Tebow is called an athlete playing QB or not, he is being judged on being a QB. I don’t think that whether he’s called an athlete or not will change the criticism he’s received. To be honest, I don’t think that’s the thing that media looks at in regards to him. That’s why it isn’t mentioned when they talk about him.

Q: Do think a rematch of Alabama and LSU will happen for the National Championship game?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: No sir. Alabama would have to have a lot of teams lose to get that rematch in my opinion. If Alabama would have won the game, then I would be confident in a rematch because LSU still has to play Arkansas and that would have helped catapult them in the BCS.

Thanks for all the questions. I look forward to more! And remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!


The Everyday Man’s College Football Predictions-Week 10

I know its been a few weeks, but the college football predictions are back! Sorry for the absence. Without further adieu, here are my picks for my select games for this weekend in college football!

Texas A&M vs (6) Oklahoma
The Aggies head to Norman, Oklahoma as a conference rival for the last time. Expect the Aggies to use their running game, led by RB Cyrus Gray, to wear down the Sooners a little bit on the ground. Gray’s effectiveness will help make QB Ryan Tannehill more effective in the passing game with his array of weapons. We will see if the Sooners defense is up for the challenge of facing this explosive offense.

The Sooners are very explosive offensively. QB Landry Jones has some explosive weapons in the passing game with WRs Kenny Stills and Ryan Broyles. But the key weapon for Jones will be the running game. The Aggies defense has shown that they are inconsistent and I expect for that to continue this game. The Aggies offense could keep this game close for a little bit, but ultimately, the Sooners will pull away.
Prediction: Oklahoma 41, Texas A&M 27

(9) South Carolina vs (7) Arkansas
The funny thing about this game is that no one really knows these two top-ranked teams are playing this weekend. The Gamecocks face a major challenge heading to Arkansas, but Arkansas has had its problems stopping the run. Expect the Gamecocks to use the running game to attack the Hogs. If Arkansas stops the run, then QB Connor Shaw will have to step up and lead the team. He has the ultimate weapon on the field in WR Alshon Jeffrey to work with.

Arkansas has a few weapons of their own. They have one of the best QBs in the conference in Tyler Wilson and one of the best weapons in the conference in WR Jarius Wright. But they are going against an intimidating front four from South Carilina. Arkansas must protect the QB and come out with the intensity that has been lacking from them in the first halves of games recently. This game could go down to the wire, but I think the Hogs pull it out in the end. They have too much firepower.
Prediction: Arkansas 38, South Carolina 27

(19) Arizona State vs UCLA
The Sun Devils travel to the City of Angels to play a downtrodden UCLA team. The Sun Devils will attack the Bruins through the air with their multitude of weapons. Expect UCLA to put up some resistance, but they don’t have the horses to keep up with the Sun Devils. It should be interesting to see what things that UCLA does to try to thwart the Sun Devil attack.

The Bruins will lean heavy on the run game. And they must have success there due to the lack of production from the QB position. If not, the Sun Devil defense, led by All-America LB Vontaze Burfict, will make it a long day in California. They say it never rains in Southern California, but the Devils will rain points on the Bruins this weekend.
Prediction: Arizona State 38, UCLA 14

(14) Kansas State vs (3) Oklahoma State
Kansas State travels to Stillwater to take on a high-powered Cowboys team. The Cowboys are led by Brandon Weeden, an outstanding veteran QB with great touch and accuracy. And he’s got a great weapon to play with in WR Justin Blackmon. Expect these two to have another great day against this Wildcat defense. The Wildcats must get some sort of pressure on Weeden to even have a chance this game.

The Cowboys have one man and one man alone to stop: QB Collin Klein. He’s is their leading passer and also their leading rusher. Klein must have a big day for the Wildcats to stay close. If this game becomes a high-scoring affair, look for the Wildcats to fade as the game goes on. Eventually, the Cowboys will make another statement on national TV.
Prediction: Oklahoma State 48, Kansas State 21

(8) Oregon vs Washington
The Ducks head up to the Dawg Pound to face the Huskies. Expect the high-paced offense of Oregon to be on display. QB Darren Thomas must be more effective and accurate than the previous games. He’s been scuffling a little bit lately. As far as the running game, the three-headed monster at RB. These guys are explosive! Washington can only hope to try and limit their explosiveness. Its gonna be a tough task.

Washington is a young team on the rise. They have a lot of explosive parts as well. The trouble is, they will more than likely be playing from behind. They must be up for the challenge this week. It should be interesting to see what happens.
Prediction: Oregon 45, Washington 21

Vandy vs Florida
The Commodores head to the Swamp to take on the Florida Gators. The Commodores offense has gained more rhythm since Jordan Rodgers became the starting QB. Expect the Commodores new QB to have to make as many plays with his legs as his arms. He’ll have to because defensive lineman Jay Howard will be lurking and chasing him the whole game. Warren Norman must be effective as well. He is key to slowing down the rush of the Gators.

QB John Brantley proved to not be the answer to the Florida offensive lulls. He helped some, but he just could not get it done. In this game, he must come out and be effective in the passing game. He must also be careful with the football because the Commodore secondary, led by CB Casey Heyward, are very active and they are very opportunistic. The kep guy in this game will be RB/WR Chris Rainey. If the Gators get explosive plays out of him, they should be able to survive the tough Vandy defense. Expect this game to be close.
Prediction: Florida 23, Vanderbilt 17

Ole Miss vs Kentucky
The Rebels go to the Commonwealth to face the Wildcats in the game dubbed the Toilet Bowl. These two SEC teams have been downright offensive. Well, in this game, expect the Rebels to come out strong with QB Randall Mackey leading the way. Mackey will threaten the Wildcat defense with his running and throwing ability. Mackey teamed with RB Jeff Scott spells danger for Kentucky.

QB Morgan Newton has been underwhelming this year. For the Wildcats to have a chance, he must be focused and sharp. He has to make plays due to the injuries and overall ineffectiveness of the running game. Well, this game, the running game may be somewhat effective due to the lack of defense in Rebel Land. This game will not be pretty, but expect the Rebels to come out on top.
Prediction: Ole Miss 27, Kentucky 13

Texas Tech vs (21) Texas
The Red Raiders head to Austin to take on the Texas Longhorns. The Red Raiders will put the ball up a bunch of times this game. For the Longhorns to stop the Red Raiders, they must get pressure on the QB. If not, xpect the Longhorns to have their hands full trying to stop Texas Tech.

The QB carousel has been working for the Longhorns this year so far. Expect them to continue to rotate QBs with Ash and McCoy. These guys are important to their success but ultimately, RB Malcolm Brown is the deciding factor in this game. If he is active and effective in the running game, expect this game to stay close and expect this game to slow down. In a slower pace game, the advantage goes to Texas.
Prediction: Texas 27, Texas Tech 21

(15) Michigan vs Iowa
The Maize in Blue head down the road to take on Iowa. QB Denard Robinson has been playing in his element the last few weeks. Robinson has been running the football more and finding more success. He must continue to run the ball with success this week and mix in the pass for big plays. It should be interesting to see if the Iowa defense is up for the challenge.

For Iowa, they must get it together in offensively. They have been inconsistent and must get back down to the basics. Expect Iowa to run the ball to set up the play-action pass. For Michigan, they must continue to improve defensively and keep the Iowa offense out of favorable down and distances. Expect Michigan to eventually come out on top. Speed kills.
Prediction: Michigan 30, Iowa 20

(1)LSU vs (2)Alabama
This game has been dubbed the Game of The Century. The Crimson Tide and Tigers come in rested and ready. Both teams are running teams. The telling sign will be which team will be able to stay on schedule. Will that be Alabama or LSU? The Tigers will be relying on RB Spencer Ware to get it done on the ground. It could be a tough night due to the tough Alabama defense. They are the third ranked defense in the FBS.

The Crimson Tide have one of the best weapons in college football in Trent Richardson. Richardson has a tough task as well. The LSU defense is top-ranked as well. Expect the LSU defense to force Crimson Tide QB AJ McCarron to make some plays. In the end, I believe that Saban will break out some new wrinkles to confuse LSU QB Jarrett Lee and the Alabama Crimson Tide will prevail at home.
Prediction: Alabama 20, LSU 13

These are my predictions for the weekend of college football! Hope you all enjoy the games!


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