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Doug Pederson Has Some Immediate Decisions In Philadelphia

(photo courtesy of Eric Hartline/US Presswire)

(photo courtesy of Eric Hartline/US Presswire)

The Philadelphia Eagles had back-to-back ten win seasons in 2013 and 2014 under Chip Kelly. The prevailing thought was the team would make a few adjustments that would put them over the top. What they actually got in 2015 was something they did not expect. First, no one thought that Chip Kelly would be given the power to move personnel. But when he was given it, he went a little crazy. He made a few questionable decisions like trading away their leading rusher, LeSean McCoy, to the Bills. And in return, Chip got a linebacker that stayed injured and did not produce in Kiko Alonzo. But Chip was not done there. He signed running back DeMarco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys and cornerback Byron Maxwell from the Seattle Seahawks with the money freed up from McCoy’s contract. And unfortunately for him, they were not successful signings in his system. And to top it all off, he also let the leading receiver on the team leave in free agency for Kansas City (Jeremy Maclin). Needless to say, when all these moves did not pay off and the Eagles did not make the playoffs, someone had to pay for it. And when Eagles brass decided to pull personnel power from Kelly and he balked, they had no choice but to let him go. The Eagles fired Chip Kelly right before the last game of the season and have since been on their search for a head coach. Plenty had speculated who they would get, but in the end they chose a former assistant in Philly to lead the team. Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson has accepted the head coaching position with the Philadelphia Eagles and will be the next head coach there.

Coach Pederson comes into an interesting situation in Philly. The team has a starting quarterback, Sam Bradford, is a free agent. The free-agent-to-be was traded for by Kelly from the St. Louis Rams for their starter in 2014, Nick Foles. If the Eagles decide to pay Bradford to stay, then they are taking a big risk. Bradford has had an injury-riddled past and they could be paying him to not play potentially. Another option is to start Mark Sanchez at quarterback. The Eagles and their fans saw what that could look like when he was subbing for an injured Nick Foles in 2014 and the results were not pretty. He would make a play that would make you think he was ready to start and take over for the Eagles. And then he would make a play that is inexplicable and so bad it would make you think it was a bad dream. If the Eagles fans have their way, he stays in a backup role. But there is also the scenario of the Eagles drafting a quarterback. As unlikely as it may seem, there could be a quarterback they like that drops to them. And if that is to happen, they would snatch that quarterback up as quick as possible. That would allow for them to keep Sanchez in a backup role and would also give Peterson his own quarterback to groom. Of course, there has to be a few things go their way for a quarterback they love and think can start to drop to them. But anything and everything is entirely possible.

Another thing that has to be solved is the defense. There has been no decision made on who will be the defensive coordinator. Billy Davis was the coordinator under Chip Kelly and his defense was predicated on pressure and man-to-man defense. Unfortunately, the defense got worse as the game went on. The main reason for that was the offense that Chip Kelly ran. He wanted his offense to run so fast that he did not pay attention he was tiring out his defense. And with the amount of three-and-outs his offense had, the defense was not allotted much rest at all. Even though not all the defensive struggles to close games out was not on him all the time, Davis will not be back more than likely in Philly. It is being reported that former Lions head coach and Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is going to be the new defensive coordinator. If Schwartz is named the defensive coordinator, then that means the Eagles will be switching defenses from a 3-4 to a 4-3. If that is to happen, then one personnel decision has to be made with outside linebacker Connor Barwin. He had a great season in 2014 with 14.5 sacks and declined this season, only tallying 7 sacks. But with that being said, he is their best pass rusher. Unless they have plans to replace him with someone that is out there, then they need to keep him around and figure out how they are going to use him. He is not a natural fit at outside linebacker or defensive end in the 4-3 defense. So in keeping him around, he is going to have to adjust what he does to be effective. If they let him go, then it will be interesting to see if Brandon Graham becomes that guy for them as an edge pass rusher.

As far as what we all can expect Pederson to bring, look for the West Coast offense to return to Philadelphia. The tight end will become more of a focus in this offense along with there will be short routes as well. The funny thing about that is there were some that criticized Andy Reid for the routes his team ran and they are going to an Andy Reid assistant to be your head coach and to put you in a system you once did not want. It will be interesting to see what happens with Pederson becoming the head coach there where he once played and coached. The Eagles have started a science experiment that fans will have to witness. Whether it works or not depends on the defensive coordinator he brings in and also the offense and how effective it could be. Congratulations to Coach Pederson and good luck in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Chip Kelly’s Second Chance In San Francisco

(photo courtesy of Slant News)

(photo courtesy of Slant News)

The San Francisco 49ers had a season to forget in 2015. After all the unexpected retirements, the departure of players to other teams and the parting of ways between the organization and head coach Jim Harbaugh, there stood a team that had been through a turbulent offseason. The guy they hired to replace Harbaugh an assistant on the team the previous year, defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. He proceeded to lead the team to a 5-11 record, their worst in a long time. Even though some slippage was expected going into 2015, ownership was not happy with what they saw. And in response to their unhappiness, Tomsula was fired after his lone season as head coach. Plenty wondered what direction the team would go in to replace Tomsula. Would they go with an up-and-comer, or would they go with an established coach? One coach that reached out to the team again was former Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers coach Mike Holmgren. Unfortunately for him, the team never returned the interest he had. After doing a few interviews, news spread that the coaching search was down to two men: Mike Shanahan and former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly. And in the end, the 49ers went with the guy that just recently coached the Eagles. Chip Kelly was announced on Twitter by 49ers CEO Jed York as the new head coach in San Francisco. And thus begins a new era in 49ers football. But what can you expect from Chip this time around?

Chip Kelly had a record of 26-21 as the head coach of the Eagles, but what many cannot forget is his last season with the team. The Eagles were 7-9 and failed to capitalize on a down NFC East. And to top it all off, the Eagles were not as good of a product as they once were. Before the 2015 season, the Eagles gave Kelly personnel power. And with that, he began to make some questionable decisions. He traded his leading rusher (LeSean McCoy) , leading passer (Nick Foles) and let his leading wide receiver leave via free agency. And to replace them, he got an oft-injured quarterback (Sam Bradford), a running back that did not fit his system (DeMarco Murray) and the linebacker he received back in the McCoy trade did not really make a big impact. Chip Kelly the GM essentially sabotaged Chip Kelly the coach. And with that, the Eagles tried to correct the mistake they made. Kelly did not want to give up that power and he was jettisoned as a result of it. With San Francisco, the good thing is that he will not have that type of power within the organization. If he did, then San Francisco would be worried. So the good thing about Chip is now he can focus on just being a coach and coaching the players that he is given. Of course Baalke will consult with the coach, as it is only right to work in concert with your coach on draft picks and acquisitions. But Kelly will not have the final say in the calls as he did in Philly this past season and that will be a good thing. It will be interesting to see what all Baalke can do this offseason with the projected $50 million in cap space this offseason.

One person that may be excited to be working with Kelly is quarterback Colin Kaepernick. After last season, plenty expected him to be released before April 1st, when his contract becomes guaranteed. Merchandise of Kaepernick was even put on the clearance rack in the 49ers team store. But with the new hire of Chip Kelly, Kaepernick’s career in San Francisco gets new life. Chip had reportedly been keeping a close eye on Colin’s situation in San Francisco, thinking he would make a run at him if he was still the Philly head coach and general manager. Needless to say, Colin has been a guy that Chip wanted on his team. So with him being hired as the new 49ers head coach, he gets his wish to work with Kaepernick. Many forget that Colin ran a very similar style offense that Chip ran when he was at Oregon and the Eagles. And if he buys into Chip Kelly, then he may be able to reverse course on his career track. With Colin, Chip has the best running threat at quarterback he has ever had in the NFL. And the other great thing about this offense when it comes to Colin is quick decisions that can be made. Many times it looked like Colin was indecisive when dropping back to pass. And as a result, there were bad decisions made and there were throws missed. With Chip, there will be clear reads and that will allow for Colin to play with more confidence when on the field. And unlike in the past, the focus of this team will be on the offense, which has needed some adjusting for some time now.

There are some things that could turn into positives there in San Francisco, but there are some things that are still in question. One of those things is the ability to adjust offensively for Chip. Over his coaching career, Chip Kelly has been known for tempo offense. He likes to run as many plays as possible and tire out the opposing defenses. But what happens when his offense is not as efficient as he wants it to be? Well, the Eagles gave everyone a preview of that last year. The result was a tired defense in the second half of games. With this second chance in the NFL, Chip is going to have to mix the speeds with which he runs his offense. It is not known who will run his defense at this time. But with whoever Chip chooses to run the offense, he must allow his unit to have a chance to be successful. If he does not mix speeds and work in concert with his defensive coordinator, he runs the risk of burning this defense out halfway through the game. And that will end up making them less effective when the time comes to finish games. The running game with Carlos Hyde will be imperative in allowing Chip to slow down the game at certain times, but most of this is up to Kelly and his preferences. He must learn from the issues he had in Philly.

Another thing that has to be talked about is the issues that were reported between Kelly and some of the players there in Philly. Between the trades of players and them coming out and saying things about Chip to the reported cold way he was around players in the facilities, it seems like the relationship between Chip and his players was not the best. That only got highlighted even more when offensive tackle Jason Peters pulled himself out of a game and said “he was not going back in for that”. Although it was unclear what Peters meant by that, it was taken by some as a shot at the head coach. In San Francisco, he hopefully learns that there has to be a better relationship between he and his players. If he does not have a solid relationship with his players, then this will not work in San Francisco. The one thing that you always heard about Tomsula when players were talking about him is how much they liked him. Of course more than your players liking you is needed to be a good coach. But Kelly has to be able to relate to his players in order to get the best out of them. If he does not and has not learned that from his Philadelphia days, then he will not get the most out of his players there.

With $50 million projected in cap space and plenty of draft picks, the 49ers and Chip Kelly have much to work with to upgrade that roster. Whether many like it or not, Kelly got a second chance quicker than some expected. It will be interesting to see what he has learned since being fired in Philly. The 49ers are betting on him getting them back to competitiveness with the focus of this team switching to offense.

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The General’s New Year’s Resolutions In Sports

(photo courtesy of Kelly L Cox/USA Today Sports)

(photo courtesy of Kelly L Cox/USA Today Sports)

A new year is upon us and like usual, there are many that have made New Year’s Resolutions. You see some of the usual ones that involve working out posted everywhere, but what if teams and professional athletes had resolutions and we all had access to them? No one knows if some of these professional athletes made some resolutions for the year, but if they were to make them, this is what they could have been. Without further ado, here are some New Year’s Resolutions the General has for some people, teams and players.

Chicago Bulls-Remember Who You Are

A lot was made of Jimmy Butler’s comments in regards to his coach, Fred Hoiberg, and him needing to coach them harder. But one other thing the star guard spoke about was the team needing to play harder like they have in previous seasons. And he could not have been more correct. The Bulls have no identity at all this season and the effort seems to not be there on both ends consistently. For them to even compete in the East, they need to get back to the basics. Of course there is a new coach there, but the same pieces remain. For their sake, they better hope some things get better soon for them.

Markieff Morris- More Patience and Composure

The talented forward for Phoenix has had an interesting season. He watched his twin brother get traded to Detroit this offseason and it has seemingly had an adverse effect on him. He wanted to leave and demonstrated so during the offseason but that cooled down once the season started. But even now, he has had temper tantrums like throwing a towel at the coach. And like any player that has issues with a coach, he has been in and out of the doghouse. One thing he may want to realize is he is not making himself look any better with these tantrums. Other teams are watching. And eventually the talent-trouble formula will not be in his favor. Get it together Mr. Morris. Of you could be calling it a career quicker than you want.

Los Angeles Lakers-Atone for your mistakes

The Los Angeles Lakers have been employing Byron Scott for almost three years now. And with this team as young as they are, it seems like Scott hasn’t got the memo to play the young players so they can get better. So since he seems to not get the memo, why not let him go now? Kobe is about to exit Byron. Lou Williams is not a starting point guard in the NBA. Larry Nance Jr is not a starter in the NBA. The Lakers’ brass needs to end this science experiment with Byron as head coach and do so as soon as possible.

Dwight Howard- Find out who you are

Dwight Howard has had the potential to be one of the best big men in the NBA for some time now. But he has never lived up to it. Instead, he has been known as an unhappy big man. Dwight has visions of himself being more involved in the offense in Houston just like he had in Los Angeles for his one year there. But in each situation, he has yet to realize that he is the not the focal point of his team. It was Kobe in LA and now it is Harden in Houston. He will not be the main weapon on this Houston team because he does not have a consistent offensive game. Maybe if he had that, he would have a gripe. But right now, Dwight may want to focus on just being a rebounder, dunker and defensive presence because that is what he is.

Cleveland Browns- Take control of your situation

The team seems to be in disarray yet again. There seems to be no direction there and the front office and management seem to be on two different pages. The talk has been that general manager Ray Farmer will be done after this last game. But with the Browns, you never know. This one reads like a soap opera, so maybe one day they will get some direction and move forward. But it all starts from ownership. Ownership here has never asserted itself and taken control of the situation. And this mess will continue if Haslam and company do not do so.

Detroit Lions- See things clearer

The Detroit Lions had a rough start to the season. They were 1-6 out of the gate and there were many disappointed fans of that team. But the team righted the ship and played well down the stretch after they fired their offensive coordinator and members of their front office. Some saw this optimism and have thought that it is time to give Jim Caldwell more time. Well, those that don’t want that better hope that does not happen. Detroit fans and ownership, don’t be fooled by the finish of that team up there. They still have a ton of issues there and keeping Caldwell is not going to help fix those issues at all.

Chip Kelly-Learn how to play well with others

Chip Kelly almost completed his third year of coaching the Philadelphia Eagles when the plug was pulled on him by the organization this week. Aside from some of the questionable moves he made as the general manager this season, it was his icy relationship with people around him that helped get him fired in Philly. He reportedly would not even speak to players in the building, often leaving them feeling uncomfortable. He more than likely will receive another shot at some point (at the college level or in the NFL). But in order for him to succeed, he has to learn to value the people around him. He apparently did not in Philly. If he is able to learn that along with other things, then he could be successful in his next go round.

San Francisco 49ers- Change your course

The team has had issues all season long. Of course most of those were linked to the departures of their head coach after the 2014 season and the loss of players to retirement. But even more than that, the team just seemed like it just could not get any form of consistency all year long. For them, the consistency needs to start with what direction they will be going in. This was obviously not what the 49ers expected and this was unacceptable in their eyes. The stability starts from the top and it will be interesting to see what they do to stabilize this team and get better.

Chicago Cubs-Seize the opportunity

The Chicago Cubs were a team that many expected to not be ready to achieve until the 2016 season. But they surprised everyone this past season and made it to the National League Championship Series. They lost the game, but they were ahead of schedule. And this offseason, they acquired a few pieces to help take them to the top. The thing that Cubs fans have been waiting on forever is a championship. And this year is their best chance to do it. The best thing for them to do is take advantage of this opportunity when it presents itself. If not, this chance could pass them by quickly.

Pete Rose and Major League Baseball-

Time and time again we hear about Pete Rose and whether or not he should be in the Hall Of Fame. Well, he was denied again and the argument ensued as to why he should or should not be in the Hall. Well, both sides need to come together and make this happen one way or the other. Rose has to come clean about everything and Major League Baseball has to value an all-time great before he passes away. At some point, Major League Baseball has to let him in. And while Major League Baseball is trying to take the moral ground, they may want to take a look at how they conveniently looked the other way during the Steriod era. I bet that would change some viewpoints there on all those taking that moral compass out involving Major League Baseball.


2015 has come to an end and 2016 is now upon us. And all of us have great dreams of making things happen in this new year. And some of us even made resolutions. Hopefully for these teams, players and people, they make some changes within themselves to make this year a great one for themselves.

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What’s Next For Chip Kelly?

(photo courtesy of Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports)

(photo courtesy of Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports)

The Chip Kelly era is over in Philly. The former University of Oregon coach took over there in Philadelphia three years ago after the team parted ways with longtime coach Andy Reid. When they hired him there, plenty wondered if he could make the transition from college to the professional ranks. Well, he answered those questions immediately with a 10 win season and a playoff berth in his first season. He followed that up with another 10 win season although he did not make the playoffs in his second campaign. But going into his third year, Kelly took on another role, controlling player personnel as well as being the head coach. That move led to Kelly moving his leading rusher (LeSean McCoy) and leading passer (Nick Foles) via trade. He replaced those two with quarterback Sam Bradford (whom he traded Nick Foles for) and free agent running back DeMarco Murray. Murray along with cornerback Byron Maxwell were the two big free agent acquisitions for Kelly and were expected to be bigtime contributors for the team. But instead of them being bigtime contributors, both seemed to not live up to the hype and the contracts they signed. And instead of being smart moves by Chip, those moves ended up looking pretty bad. Add in that the linebacker that Chip acquired in the LeSean McCoy trade (Kiko Alonso) was not as impactful as Chip thought he would be and the Eagles were not very thrilled with what he had created in this team. The team, coincidentally, did not do so well this season and was 6-9 going into the last game of the season. Eagles owner Chip Lurie decided he was going to take away his personnel power this offseason and Kelly decided he did not want to do so. So when Lurie got that response, he decided to let Kelly go. And now Kelly has gone from a mad scientist to an unemployed coach in the matter of three seasons. He is a talented coach, but there has been some question as to where does he fit. Does he stay at the professional level or does he go back to college? He has said that he wants to stay in the NFL, but there will be plenty of offers out there. So what does he do next?

One place that has been mentioned numerous times is the Tennessee Titans. Even before he was fired, there had been mention of the Titans taking a look at him because of him being the former coach of the Titans 2015 1st round pick, quarterback Marcus Mariota. Before the 2015 NFL Draft, Kelly tried to put a deal together to get the talented quarterback to Phily. But that deal was balked at by the Titans and they drafted him to be their franchise quarterback. If Kelly comes here, he would get probably the most talented quarterback he has had in his NFL coaching career and someone he is very familiar with from his Oregon days. And along with him being the coach, he more than likely would be able to come in with a new general manager in Tennessee that fits more with his personality. If that happens, then we can see if Chip has learned from his mistakes in Philly in terms of player relationships. One thing he would be wise to do is keep the defensive coaching personnel he has here now, which includes Hall Of Famer Dick LeBeau. The good thing about coming to Nashville would be he would be coming to a team that needs many things and that would buy him at least three years or more to get it right here.

But Tennessee is not the only option for Chip Kelly. Cleveland is another place that is on shaky ground right now. Head coach Mike Pettine and management seem not to be on the same page and that relationship seems to be heading towards an end after this season. Back when Kelly was hired as the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles three years ago, he had a choice between heading to Philly and going to Cleveland. He took the Philly job and the Browns decided to hire Rob Chudzinski, who was the Carolina Panthers offensive coordinator at the time. Chudzinski was fired after one season and the Browns then hired former Buffalo defensive coordinator Mike Pettine to follow him. And ever since he has been there, there just seems to be some kind of issue with him and management, mainly general manager Ray Farmer. Both have things they want to get done and players they want to see on the field and their agendas just don’t seem to be the same. So what more than likely will happen is Pettine will get fired in Cleveland as soon as Monday. And if that happens, the Browns will likely pursue Kelly. In going there, Kelly would have a team that is in worse shape than the Tennessee Titans are. The team still does not have a solid quarterback they can depend on and the defense is not very good either. Chip would be walking into something that could take a while to get back to respectability. But the challenge would be something that Chip could like. He could come in there and potentially make Johnny Manziel a solid quarterback in his system. But in terms of winning, he would be in a worse position than he would be if he came to Tennessee. And if he signs there, he would be facing the possibility of being unemployed again very soon based on the disarray there.

Those two options could be there, but there is also the option of Chip to sit out a season. After all that has happened in Philly with him, that could be something that he does. The Tennessee and Cleveland jobs are not something that are guaranteed and all the colleges that may have been interested in him have hired their coaches already or decided to keep their current coach. So taking a year off may make him even more in demand, especially at the college level, which is where he could land next. For example, his name was mentioned as a potential replacement for Les Miles at LSU if he would have gotten fired. But Miles is safe heading into next season per the athletic director there. If Miles is to stumble next season there, then the noise will start again for Kelly to be brought in. And with his style of offense and the athletes that LSU has, Kelly would be right back to his winning ways at the college level that he was in Oregon. Of course, Kelly has said that he wants to remain at the professional level, but that does not mean he will balk at a collegiate job that opens up if the fit is good for him.

Chip Kelly learned hopefully learned some lessons in his three years in Philly. One thing he has to do is make sure he does not fill his plate with too many things like he did in Philly. If he focuses on just the coaching aspect of the team should he stay in the NFL, he will set himself up for success better than he did in Philly. But if he wants more power over things, then he needs to go back to college where he can be given what he wants. And in that instance, he would have to wait until next season. We shall see what Chip decides to do next. But for now, he is an unemployed mad scientist.

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The General’s Top Three Candidates To Replace Chip Kelly

(photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

The Philadelphia Eagles entered this year under total control of Chip Kelly. The former University of Oregon head coach took over the general manager duties in his third year with the Eagles after back-to-back ten win seasons. But after some head-scratching trades and signings along with some underwhelming play, the Eagles now sit at 6-9 going into the last game of the season. The Chip Kelly experiment did not turn out as it was expected going into year three and with that, there was some blowback. Per ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, Eagles president Jeffrey Lurie wanted to strip Kelly of his personnel control. After all, Chip traded away running back LaSean “Shady” McCoy for banged up linebacker Kiko Alonso, let dynamic wide receiver Jeremy Maclin walk in free agency and signed cornerbacks Byron Maxwell and running back DeMarco Murray. Besides the trade of quarterback Nick Foles for quarterback Sam Bradford (which was somewhat successful), all of his other moves were not successful. Chip apparently did not want to give up the personnel control. And when he did not do that, Lurie called his bluff. Chip Kelly is now out as the head coach of the Eagles and the team that thought they had their successor to Andy Reid is looking for a head coach again. There are many candidates that are out there, but here are three that could be on their radar.

The first call Lurie could make is to Cincinnati. No, he is not going to be speaking to Marvin Lewis and trying to bring him to Philly. The man he should be looking to speak to there is offensive coordinator Hue Jackson. Under Jackson’s tutelage, the Bengals are averaging 26 points per game this year. And each year he has been there, they have gotten better and better offensively. The good thing about Hue is he has head coaching experience and his offenses have been known to be versatile. His addition in Philly would be huge for DeMarco Murray. Hue likes to run traditional running formations with a fullback and that would allow Murray to run more downhill like he is accustomed to. But along with the traditional formations, Hue can also bring in the explosive formations with three or four wide receivers and is also used to having wide receivers that he can flex out in the slot (Philadelphia has Zach Ertz that he can use that way). Whatever he has offensively, he makes it work and gets the most out of it. And most of all, he would cut out some of the empty possessions that the Eagles had all this season. The one question mark about Hue would be who he would bring in as defensive coordinator. That would be huge for the Eagles due to them being in a 3-4 for the last three seasons.

But Hue is not the only offensive coordinator out there that people are going to be looking at. Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Adam Gase was the hot name on the coaching circuit last season when he was calling plays for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos’ offense. But unfortunately for him, he did not land a head coaching gig and ended up following John Fox to Chicago. Some thought some of the shine would wear off, but he has still been solid as an offensive coordinator in Chicago. The best thing he has done in Chicago is coaching Jay Cutler. The veteran out of Vanderbilt is having one of his best seasons (interception-wise) in four years. Gase would instill an offense that would be similar to the one that Chip Kelly ran in terms of pace and getting rid of the ball quickly. But the one difference is he uses the running game better than Chip does. That would help utilize DeMarco Murray more and also help the offense and whoever is quarterbacking that team next season. And the defense more than likely would stay in a 3-4 since that is what he is used to having. The one question always about Gase is how smart is he and did the quarterbacks he had make him look better than what he is? Are the Eagles willing to hedge their bet financially that he is the creator of the system? Only time will tell.

The Eagles had problems offensively this season, but they did have some issues defensively, especially with their defensive backs. Teryl Austin is a former defensive backs coach in his career and he also is the defensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions. The defense was excellent last season under him when he had defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and crew running wild up front. This season, they got off to a rough start, but they were able to get it going this season down the stretch. One thing that Austin would bring to the Eagles was a sense of urgency at all times. His defenses always hustle and play at breakneck speed. Adding him to this organization would mean a switch of defenses (from the 3-4 to the 4-3), but it would also mean that there would be a former defensive backs coach there to maybe help bring the Eagles defensive backfield, which has struggled the last two seasons. If he could solve that and then keep the rest of the defense on par, then the Eagles may be solid there. The one question (along with who will be playing quarterback next season in Philly) will be what will the offense look like? Will he run more of a power offense to support a physical defense or will the offense be something of a wide-open offense. The offensive ideas that he could potentially tell the Eagles brass (should he get the call for an interview) could make or break his candidacy for the Philadelphia job. But either way, he would be a solid hire due to his infectious energy and his accountability he holds players to.

These three candidates would fit in Philly. Of course there are some question marks about them, but there are also some positives that they will bring to the Eagles organization. And most of all, each hire has something that will help the prized free agents the Eagles signed last offseason. The reality is Murray and Maxwell are not going anywhere anytime soon. You may as well bring in a coach that can help maximize their abilities instead of letting them waste away and having to eat all that guaranteed money. It should be interesting to see who they hire next. But as far as the Chip Kelly experiment, it all went horribly wrong once they gave a man that had won nothing absolute power.

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Maybe Media Isn’t For Herm Edwards Anymore

(photo courtesy of Deadspin)

(photo courtesy of Deadspin)

Herm Edwards is one of the best out there at giving you his honest opinion. He is often passionate and poignant in his statements when given the opportunity to express his opinions on subjects. The former NFL player and coach who many remember for his “You play to win the game” speech he made as coach of the Jets is currently an NFL analyst for ESPN. Recently, he was on ESPN’s NFL Live show speaking in regards to an issue that has come up this week. The Buffalo Bills play the Philadelphia Eagles this week and that means LeSean “Shady” McCoy returns to Philadelphia for the first time as an opponent. The talented running back was traded to the Bills for linebacker Kiko Alonzo this past offseason and he was not happy about it. He said a few choice words at the time and had a few statements about Philadelphia personnel man and head coach Chip Kelly. Going into this week, we all knew the trade would be brought up again. And in a conference call that coaches have with opposing media, Kelly said he tried to reach out to Shady after the trade many times but got no return call and that after the game he would try to shake his hand. Of course news of that reached McCoy and he emphatically said he would not shake his hand at all. He did not go into specifics, but it was clear that he was not fond of Kelly. Click here to view Herm’s reaction. Herm lost his cool and lit into the generation of players that we have out there today being more about themselves than the game of football and about the media eating this stuff up. But this speech also made me think of a few things in regards to Edwards and his position.

Edwards has been at ESPN for a long time. He has covered a lot of different things over time and not all of them had to do with the play on the football field. So this explosion by him could have been an accumulation of things. But he also said one things that made him look a little hypocritical. He said that “the media eats this stuff up” when speaking on the Shady McCoy/Chip Kelly beef. He said it hurts him to talk about this type of stuff and that he was done going into it. Well, the thing Edwards may want to understand is that in this social media world, there is going to be things surrounding the game that he will have to talk about. I’m sure he is aware of that. And if he is not feeling doing this anymore, he may want to find another place to do this or just avoid it altogether. Herm is a great analyst of the game and is very entertaining and insightful, but this is part of the business he decided to get into. And no matter how much he may not want to talk about things off the field, he will have to because that is now part of the landscape. Social media is bigger than it has ever been and talking about these types of things are going to happen on a continuous basis.

Herm is upset at the selfish attitudes of players today. And it is understandable the anger he has there. If you look around, social media and things like that seem to highlight the person instead of the team. And more and more things that happen inside the locker room between men are talked about. But Herm may want to remember that there were players that were considered to seek attention and be selfish even when he played. We all remember Joe Namath strutting around in his mink coats and calling himself “Broadway Joe”. The only difference between then and now is that there was no social media around to broadcast the “me’ players. If Herm is completely honest with himself, he will admit that there is a little bit of a “me” player in everyone because in the end, you have to look out for you first. No one can say that a player back in the day, especially a star, did not look out for themselves now like they do in this day and age. And if Herman disagrees to that, then he is not telling the truth.

The appearance by Herm Edwards on NFL Live on ESPN is one that will go down in history with all of his other rants he has had. And many will agree with what he said. There is no argument there from many, but what he may want to think about is that this is the generation that we are in now. And this is not going away anytime soon. If it bothers him that much to talk about stuff outside the field, then maybe he needs to find a new job other than being an analyst at ESPN or even being part of the media. Like it or not, social media has brought all things to light and consequently brought all things into discussion. The question now is will Herm Edwards deal with what media is now or will he leave, never to return again?

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The General’s Top Three Candidates To Be The Next Coach At The U

Al's out at Miami. Who's up next? (photo courtesy of Wilfredo Lee/AP)

Al’s out at Miami. Who’s up next? (photo courtesy of Wilfredo Lee/AP)

When the Miami Hurricanes hired Al Golden away from the Temple Owls, many considered it a slam dunk of a hire. The young coach was spirted and had made Temple a better squad. And with the history of the Miami program and his knowledge of it, many thought they would be competing for a national title under him in three years. Well, things did not work out as planned. Golden recently lost embarrassingly to the Clemson Tigers 58-0 and was officially fired Sunday. In his stead, the Hurricanes will have tight ends coach/run game coordinator Larry Scott take over on an interim basis. Over his four plus years at Miami, Golden was 32-35(17-18 in the ACC), 0-5 against rival Florida State, 0-2 in bowl games and 3-11 against ranked opponents. In the end, he just could not get the job done. He brought in some talent, but not to the level that was expected there. And with the talent he got, he just could not get them to perform at a high level all the time. What was once one of the most sought after positions in football is open yet again. But the question there isn’t who they will bring in next but who is interested in the position? While it is yet to be established who Miami wants and who wants the Miami job, there is three coaches that would fit perfectly at Miami to succeed Golden in my opinion.

One candidate that could make it happen at Miami is current Texas head coach Charlie Strong. He is a no-nonsense coach that is trying to revive the Texas program. And although he has struggled mightily for most of his time at Texas, he has always had a good history with the state of Florida. Even when he was at the University of Louisville, he was pulling players right and left out of Florida. For example, he plucked Teddy Bridgewater out of the backyard of Miami. And Teddy was a star at Louisville. Strong has tremendous ties to coaches in Florida and with him at Miami, that would open those floodgates once again. And as he has shown at Louisville once before, he can make it happen when he can get who he needs from Florida. But of course things would not be easy to get Strong to Miami. The one big hurdle for Miami will be the buyout in Texas Strong has. Strong is being paid at Texas $5 million per season. After this season, he would have completed two of the five year deal he signed with Texas and have three years left. That would be $15 million left over from the contract that he would be breaking to sign with the University of Miami. Surely Miami would probably negotiate it down some, but that would still be a hefty price to pay for a coach. Would Miami be so desperate for his services that they would pay a huge buyout for him? Only time will tell what will happen there.

Strong is an interesting name for the Miami job, but so is currently Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Of course many have had thoughts that he would be back in college shortly and with the history of the University of Miami, Chip could be looking a job that he just could not turn down. Another thing that may make him jump back to the college game is the results of his current team. Kelly had two back-to-back 10 win seasons and a playoff appearance in his first year. But this year, the team has struggled to find consistency. Couple that with the many changes he made as the new general manager of the Eagles and Chip could be looking at a mess when this season ends. The Eagles are 3-4 and still in the running in the NFC East, but that could easily change in a few weeks. And if it happens that the Eagles fall out of the running for the playoffs and winning the division, the Eagles will have missed the playoffs two years straight. Along with missing the playoffs, the fans of the Eagles would be unmerciful in their criticism of Kelly and the job he has done. And with that being said, leaving Philly for a sunny state and a historic program does not seem so bad. Chip would be a hit there in Miami because he has had success at the professional and college ranks. He has produced plenty of professional players at Oregon and he has also been very good at coaching players up at the collegiate ranks. But what is even better than Strong is that he does not require a buyout from his current job. With him being there, the recruits in Florida would have his undivided attention. But the thoughts of Kelly at Miami are null and void should the Eagles turn it around. It would be highly unlikely Kelly would leave should the Eagles make the playoffs again. If he were to make that move after turning this season into a success, then it would surprise a lot of people. But there is still the thought that he will go back to college eventually. You just have to wonder if the time for him to go back is now.

Strong and Kelly are big-name candidates, but there is always a candidate that no one thinks about. Memphis head coach Justin Fuente inherited a Memphis football program that was struggling mightily. And through his first two seasons, he 7-17 as a head coach there. But in the last two seasons, Fuente has turned it around. He has a record of 17-3 in his last 20 games, including a perfect 7-0 record this season. And with the win over Ole Miss recently, his team finally made it into college football’s Top 25. The job he has done isn’t getting unnoticed because there are several programs probably looking his way. And one of those teams that may be looking his way is Miami. With the hire of Fuente, the Miami offense would definitely get a boost. He currently has constructed a Top 10 offense that puts up 48.9 points per game. Of course his defense gives up its fair share of points, but with a good defensive coordinator hire, that could all be resolved there. But the questions come with Fuente and his recruiting. At Memphis, he has gotten many players that people have overlooked. And to his credit, he has coached them up and made them better. But he has never really recruited at a bigtime level throughout his coaching career. And another thing that may bother University of Miami fans is that Fuente is not a big-name coach. The Hurricanes are used to getting guys that are brand names in households or that are connected to the program. Fuente is neither and that could have some questioning what he is even doing there and if he can get the job done.

All three potential candidates have things they could add to the University of Miami. But all three potential candidates could turn a cold shoulder or not even hear from Miami as well. A lot can happen between now and the end of Miami’s season. It should be interesting to see who is the next coach to try and revive The U.

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Philadelphia Or Seattle: Who Can Recover From Their 0-2 Start To Make The Playoffs?

Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks are in some unfamiliar territory this season, as they are 0-2 to start the season. (photo courtesy of

Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks are in some unfamiliar territory this season, as they are 0-2 to start the season. (photo courtesy of

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Seattle Seahawks were the two teams that were mentioned as playoff contenders. Philly with their brand new quarterback, wide receiver and cornerback were a team that many bought into as the one to take over the NFC East potentially. And with the Seattle Seahawks, they returned a lot of their pieces and added tight end Jimmy Graham via trade from the New Orleans Saints. But unfortunately for both teams, the season has not gone as they both thought through two games. The Eagles have been suspect offensively and cornerback Byron Maxwell has not been as advertised. As far as the Seahawks, they have been physically handled the first two games of the season by St. Louis and Green Bay. Both teams are in positions they have not been in the last couple of years. And amongst their fans and fans of the game, there have been some rumblings as to what is going on. There are some even asking can they make the playoffs. Both are heading into Week 3, but there is already trepidation in regards to the way things have gone so far. The percentages are really low for both teams to make the playoffs based on teams coming back from 0-2 starts to make the playoffs. But these teams are definitely talented enough to make it happen. But which one has the better chance of doing so?

The Eagles are definitely being talked about a lot in the City of Brother Love. They thought this team would be 2-0 to start the year and not 0-2. But here they are and they have to come back from this shocking start to make a run to the playoffs. The troubling thing about this team is the way their offense is sputtering. The quarterback, Sam Bradford, just never seems to be on the same page as his wide receivers all the time. The result is passes that are thrown in the wrong spots and passes that look like they are thrown to no one but the other team. The result is four interceptions for Bradford, an ugly passing game and Chip Kelly not being able to run his pace on offense. Another issue offensively has been the offensive line. Last season they were sporadic at best, but this year they look really bad. The biggest issue is they let go of a Todd Herremans and Evan Mathis as their starting guards. Those two were solid when they were healthy and made LeSean McCoy look good last season. Now they are gone and Philly has gone with young guys that have not proven they can get it done at this point in the season. The result: a running game that looks awful. Free agent acquisition DeMarco Murray has not looked very good at all behind them, not even having 20 yards rushing on the season. For a guy that wanted all his own people there, Chip Kelly has to be disappointed in what his offense has produced so far. And for his sake, he better hope they get it together as the season goes along. But even with how bad the offense has been, the defense showed some strides from game one to game two. In the first game, the Eagles were getting lit up by wide receiver Julio Jones. Byron Maxwell was getting burnt early and often by Jones and veteran wide receiver Roddy White. He got burnt a few times today, most notably on a slant to seal the game by wide receiver Terrance Williams. But he did actually make a play today on the defensive side. He forced a fumble that put Philly in great position to score (although they did not score at all). The front seven of the Eagles will be the strength of this defense. They played well today, but eventually they ran out of gas up front. Sadly, their effort went in vain. But the Eagles can hang their hat on their defense despite what they offense is doing. And that is something they can build on.

The Eagles have been ugly so far, but there is some hope there for them. The good thing is there is 14 games. The Cowboys are leading the division but they will be without wide receiver Dez Bryant (foot injury) and quarterback Tony Romo (broken clavicle) for an extended amount of time. Those injuries to Dallas’ bigtime players will cause them to lose some games this season that they may not normally lose. And if the Eagles can start getting it together, then they will be able to make up some ground. The other team the Eagles are looking up to in their division is the Washington Redskins. Although they won today, there is always the thought that the circus there could cause issues at anytime. Kirk Cousins played well as the starting quarterback today, but he could easily go back to the way he played against the Miami Dolphins. Both of those teams are vulnerable and can allow the Eagles to catch up. The Eagles also have to face the Giants in this division, who so happen to be having their own set of issues closing out games. So essentially, the Eagles have a chance due to the things going on around him. The division and its setup allows for all hope to not be lost.

The Seattle Seahawks are fresh off their second loss of the year and they did not look particularly good in losing. The team seems to be trying to sort through things as they go along. Sometimes you can win while doing so, but they cannot do so. Like the Eagles, one of their biggest issues is their offensive line. They are not as solid in run blocking and they also have had issues keeping Russell Wilson upright and giving him time to pass the football. The result has been an inconsistent offense led by a quarterback that is starting to hear footsteps that make him leave the pocket a little sooner than he really needs to sometimes. And the other thing that has happened is the nasty physical edge the team had up front has been lost, causing Marshawn Lynch to have to make plays on his own. Lynch is talented and one of the best players in the NFL at making yards after contract, but that is asking a lot of him to do that every single play. Defensively, it seems like the team is not the same in the secondary. They are still talented and good back there, but their leader is missing and that is hurting them. Safety Kam Chancellor is out right now as he and the team are in a contract dispute. The dispute stems from Chancellor wanting the money on the end of his contract brought up a year or so. The team refuses to do so and that left Chancellor the option of negotiating while being away from the team. Some call that selfish, but what if the team was to cut him or try to renegotiate with him so he does not get that money? Selfish or not, Chancellor is not in camp and the secondary is missing him. The biggest thing they miss from him is the communication. Some think that Earl Thomas is the communication guy, but that guy is Chancellor. He always makes sure to get everyone in the right position and also brings an edge to their defense. Seattle is still a good secondary and a good defense, but they are not lights out without Chancellor.

The good thing for the Seahawks is they played better than they did the first week versus St. Louis. The defense had it together a little bit more and the offense got it going more on the ground than they had before. But in terms of making the playoffs, the division will be tough on them. The Cardinals are a tough team and the Seahawks have definitely experienced the Rams already in St. Louis. And even though the 49ers are not the same team, they are still a team that Seattle has to take seriously due to the nature of the rivalry that has been there. But on the bright side for Seattle, they have faced their toughest opponent in the NFC North. They still get to see the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears, which are very winnable games seeing how back all of them are. Add in they are facing the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8 potentially without Dez Bryant and Tony Romo and facing the Cleveland Browns in Week 15 and the Seahawks have some games that should allow them to be right there in their conference. The good thing as well is that their division is one that is tough. That works to their favor because anyone can beat anyone at any given time. If they can handle their business in the division, then they will surely get some unexpected help in the division. The Seahawks have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and they will surely get all or most of their issues on both sides of the ball worked out. But the question remains will they get all things worked out in time. And another question that remains is will Kam Chancellor be there to be a part of them turning it around? It should be interesting to see if they can pull it together to make another run at a title.

Both Seattle and Philadelphia have uphill battles going forward. But along with all the doom and gloom so far, they both also have some things that go in their favor. It will be interesting to see the adjustments and how they do going forward. And it will be great to see which team gets it together enough to make it to the playoffs and cause some problems.

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The Heat Is On The Philadelphia Eagles Already

The look of consternation was all over Sam Bradford's face during Week 1 (photo courtesy of Brynn Anderson/AP)

The look of consternation was all over Sam Bradford’s face during Week 1 (photo courtesy of Brynn Anderson/AP)

The Philadelphia Eagles were a team to watch to start the 2015 NFL season. After a couple of ten win seasons, Chip Kelly decided to make some changes to his team. He decided to either trade, cut or let go running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy, quarterback Nick Foles, offensive lineman Evan Mathis, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and others and replaced them with either someone younger pieces or players that he felt fit what he wanted to do. A few of those players he brought in were quarterback Sam Bradford (traded Nick Foles to St. Louis in order to obtain him) running back DeMarco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys and defensive back Byron Maxwell from the Seattle Seahawks. Those additions along with the buzz around Chip Kelly and his relationship with his former players put the attention squarely on this team. Would the Eagles come out and wreck shop or would they come out and not justify the hype?

After one game, it looks like the Eagles did not meet the hype. Bradford was lackadaisical in the first half. He began to get it going in the second half and ended the night throwing for 336 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. As far as Murray, his debut did not go as well as he would have wanted. He ended up scoring two touchdowns (one rushing and one receiving), but the nine yards on eight carries was something that even he had to be shocked by. But what may have shocked some was the performance of Maxwell. He was going against one of the top receivers in the NFL, Julio Jones. But with that being said, he was signed to be the top corner for this team and main deterrent to top receivers. Instead, he was taken advantage of numerous time by Julio Jones along with veteran wide receiver Roddy White. He had some bright moments, but the play of Maxwell was not what some fans expected of him. The Eagles would go on to lose the game to the Falcons in Atlanta and it definitely surprised some people. All of sudden, the Eagles went from being the most talked about to potentially being one of the most desperate teams out there. And heading into Week 2, one of their biggest rivals comes to town. The Dallas Cowboys are riding some momentum after their thrilling victory against the New York Giants. And if they are able to come into Philadelphia and beat the Eagles, that will give them the upper hand on both the Eagles and the Giants to start the season. So with that being said, there is a level of pressure on the Eagles already this season.

The Eagles have a level of expectation that was created by Chip Kelly. He has reinvigorated the fanbase with his refreshing style of play and he also has some Eagles fans believing that he will take them to a title. Whether that is true or not lies in the heads of those fans and the actions of the team. But what can be said is true is the fact that teams that fall to 0-2 to start the season don’t make the playoffs much. There have been some that have bucked the trend, most notably the New York Giants when they defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl during their undefeated season. But the reality is only 13.75% of teams make it to the playoffs after starting 0-2. For the Eagles, they don’t want to add more pressure than they have to, so Sunday is almost a must-win for them if they plan on making the playoffs. They must learn from the game in Atlanta last week and come out with a sense of urgency from the beginning of the game. It was evident that the Eagles offense came out in a malaise last week and that is something that cannot happen for them. DeMarco Murray has probably looked back at his first game as an Eagle and is chomping at the bit to get back out there. But what makes the game even sweeter for him is that he is going against a team that used to employ him. If that does not fire him up and make him run even harder, then I don’t know what will. And if he comes out and runs like he can, then the rest of the Eagles offense will follow and things will come easier for them. That will also make Bradford more comfortable as well, and open up the field for him to take advantage of the playmakers he has at the receiver and tight end positions. Another thing to take a look at is the performance of the defensive backs. They caught a break in regards to not facing Dez Bryant due to injury. But that does not mean the job gets easier. The Cowboys will still be making some plays in the air with quarterback Tony Romo and he can make you look silly at times as a defensive back. Byron Maxwell may want to pay attention this week and he also may want to atone for the first regular season game he had in Atlanta for the Eagles. If he comes out and plays like they paid him to, the Eagles secondary will be better and the confidence will permeate throughout the team. And with the big guys they have up front, this team could cause some problems and make some things happen.

The Eagles surely have some questions to answer in this game and there are some for Dallas to answer as well. But there is no doubt that this team wants to atone for the performance in Week One. And unlike the first game, the pressure has picked up. The question is will they respond or have to fight that uphill battle to make the playoffs after an 0-2 start? We shall know the answer Sunday night.

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The Element Of Control Surrounding Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly has control. But is his control good for everyone? (photo courtesy of

Chip Kelly has control. But is his control good for everyone? (photo courtesy of

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off a season where they fell back to earth. They made the playoffs in their first year under Chip Kelly, but the second year yielded different results. The team did not make the playoffs despite a record of 10-6. And as a result of that loss, it seemed like there were some questionable changes that were made. Gone are LeSean “Shady” McCoy and in are former Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray and former San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Matthews. Out is wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and in comes rookie wide receiver Nelson Agholor. And most recently, the Eagles traded defensive back Brandon Boykin to the Pittsburgh Steelers for a conditional 2016 draft pick. But along with some of these moves, there have been some issues with players saying a few things while on the way out. Shady McCoy had some things to say that were interesting and drew the attention of the media. He said that Chip Kelly was racist and was getting rid of all the good Black players. And when Boykin was shipped out, he definitely had some things to say. One thing that struck a chord with a lot of people was when Boykin was said to text Comcast SportsNet’s Derrick Gunn and say that Chip Kelly is “uncomfortable around men of our culture”. Now these comments recently riled up more fans that have an issue with what Kelly is doing with the team. Boykin never said he was racist at all, but the implication that some took from it was that was what he was saying. Now later on, Boykin clarified his statements in regards to what he was saying about Chip and his style. He said he likes to be in control of everything. But what can we expect from a college coach in the NFL?

Kelly came to Philly from the University of Oregon. And up to that point in his coaching career, he had only been a head coach on the collegiate level. Many coaches on the collegiate level are eager to prove themselves when they step up to the professional level. But along with trying to prove themselves, the collegiate idea of control follows them as well. Many coaches that have made the leap to the next level are used to dealing with kids they have control over. They can basically control everything from what position they play to what classes they take. When they reach the professional level, it is hard to keep that element of control. It allows them to be able to keep their hands on everything instead of allowing grown men to be just what they are and deal with the personalities. In some cases, the control aspect has worked well. But in other cases, like the case of Steve Spurrier when he went to coach the Washington Redskins, it fails miserably. Chip Kelly has taken sole control of the organization in a sense. He picks the players and basically puts them where they want him to be. And from the words of Boykin, he does not try to relate to the players at all. Trading away a player like Boykin when he did does not seem like something that is smart to do. He is arguably their best cornerback and a playmaker they need. Trading him away wreaks more of a control move rather than a confident move in who the Eagles have in their secondary. And this move could eventually be something that costs the team in the 2015 season as they depend on free-agent acquisition Byron Maxwell and a cast of other defensive backs.

Chip may have some control issues, but what also rang louder is that Boykin made the accusation that he does not listen to his players. At the collegiate level, Chip definitely did not have to listen to his players. He was the adult with a bunch of kids playing for him. So in that aspect, what he said went and the kids either listened, sat on the bench or transferred. At the professional level, he is dealing with adults and not kids. You can definitely speak to them and bark out orders, but you also have to listen to your players. The biggest thing that Boykin said is that Kelly would almost isolate himself from his players on purpose. That kind of action will not endure players to want to play for you. And unlike the NFL, there are more players that talk to others than do at the collegiate level. Word can get around about the type of action Kelly takes and that could cause people to turn away from coming to Philly. At this point, many are looking at Boykin like he is just spiteful for being traded when he was. But in all actuality, there are elements of the complaints that sound similar to the ones that McCoy and former Eagles assistant Tra Thomas made as well. And even though Boykin did not go as far as to call Chip a racist, it reached to that tone to some.

Is Chip Kelly a racist? That is pushing it way too far. But is he a control freak? That can be founded in his actions and his mannerisms. And even though he has had early success, it could all come crashing down as fast as he built it up. Chip Kelly has the control of his team, but there also comes a point where that control turns into alienation. Chip is teetering on that line. Boykin is not the only one to say some comments about Kelly and the way he runs the team and he probably isn’t the only one that has this on their mind to say about Kelly in Philly. If some bumps come along the way this season, expect more to come out in regards to Kelly. Over time we will see if this talk about Kelly is true or if it is fabricated. But true or not, there has to be some concern amongst Eagles ownership about what is coming out of this locker room in the media, albeit players saying this when they are on their way out.

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