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Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office- 10/7/2011

The doctor’s office is now open. Taking in all Fantasy Football patients. Let’s see who we have come in today for treatments and prescriptions!

Q: Should I start Philadelphia RB Shady Mccoy vs Bills this week?
-Mike S., Waldorf, MD

A: I would say yes. I think the Eagles will try to redeem themselves this week and give him more carries. He got too few opportunities last week.

Q: Who gets the call?Atlanta’s Roddy White or Julio Jones?
-Pop Fly Boys, Whereabouts Unknown

A: I would go with Julio Jones because Roddy White is going to draw the best CB and Julio will have a mismatch with any of the other DBs that Green Bay can throw out there. But none of that matters if ATL can’t protect Matt Ryan.

Q: What do you think of Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald? Top 5 WR in production by end of year?
-Steven H., Westbury, NY

A: I think that Fitz is an exceptional player and he is a Top 5 WR. If you have him, I would play him every weekend because he is one of the few WRs that will consistently put up numbers on anyone.

Q: Who should I go with after the bye week Hightower or Torain?
-Bobby B., Arnold, MO

A: I would go with Hightower. Torrain is still injury-prone and Hightower will be able to get it going, especially with the Redskins facing the Eagles next.

It was a slow day at the office, but I still helped some people. I wish my patients well this weekend. See you all next week! The doctor’s office is now closed.


Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office- 9/30/11

Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office is open for business. And we have a list of patients that need some healing of their fantasy football teams. Let’s see what patients we have this week!

Q: What should I do? Five of my starters or either injured of sick.
-Herman P., Nashville, TN

A: U should check the waiver wire and possibly try to swing some deals for steady players if you can.

Q: Should I drop Big Ben and pick up Jason Campbell?
-Jay, Afghanistan

A: I think this week would be a good week for that. Jason Campbell faces a New England defense who can’t stop anyone and Big Ben faces an improved Houston defense. Also, Campbell is protecting the football better this year. Which is good.

Q: Hey Dr. Patton, trade CJ2k yet? I wanted to trade him for Megatron so I’d have Mega, Fitz and Nicks.
-Steven H., Westbury, NY

A: I wouldn’t put so much stock in a WR. You need to have balance in your team. I wouldn’t let Chris Johnson go just yet, but it is tempting to trade him for Calvin “Megatron” Johnson though.

Q: Should i pick up Sanzebar from the Bears at WR?
-Vincent T., Tampa, FL

A: I wouldn’t do that. Reason being is the inconsistencies with the Bears offense.

Hopefully the treatments I’ve subscribed will leave to fantasy football health. Until next week, the doctor’s office is closed.

Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office- 9/23/11

Last week was a good week of business. I helped a lot of patients get healthy again. Hopefully this week is the same. The doctor’s office is now open.

Q: Would you take the Titans defense or Eagles defense this week?
-Herman P., Lavergne, TN

A: I would take the Titans defense this weekend. The Eagles are susceptible to the run and at the safety position and with Hakeem Nicks and RBs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, the Giants could pose problems for the Eagles.

Q: I need help with this one. Who would you go with at RB, CJ Spiller (Bills RB) or Benjarvis Green-Ellis (Pats RB)? Help.
-Bobby C., Sacramento, CA

A: I would go with Benjavis Green-Ellis. As good as Buffalo has been, they gave up a lot of rushing yards last weekend and I think that with the Patriots line, Green-Ellis will find his way into the endzone and have a bigger effect on the game.

Q: Should I sub Cam Newton for Michael Vick this week?
-Sharkeshia B., Jackson, MS

A: I would sub Cam for Vick this week. They are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are susceptible to the pass. And we aren’t sure what we are going to get out of Vick either.

Q: Fred Jackson at home vs. Patriots or Beanie Wells on the road @ Bengals? Tough Flex play? I’m 2-0 and both have been really showing out.
-Michael J., Nashville, TN

A: You’re right. That is a tough play, but I would go with Beanie Wells this weekend. Cincy hasn’t proven that they could stop the run and Beanie will get it going with an increased focus on the run.

Q: Rex Grossman or Matt Shaub this week? Rex is hot and Shaub’s gonna have the shootout in New Orleans.
-Steven H., Westbury, NY

A: I would go with Matt Schuab this weekend. It seems like he’s got the better matchup this weekend. Rex is going against a better pass rush than what he’s seen all season long, so I think we could see him struggle some this weekend.

Q: Should I drop Kansas City RB Jamal Charles because of the injury? Should I drop Redskins TE Chris Cooley? He isn’t doing anything?
-Jay, Afghanistan

A: You should definitely drop Charles because he is out for the season. I would give Cooley one more weekend to prove himself. If after this weekend, then I would scour the wire for a good TE to replace him.

Q: Would you pick up Bengal RB Bernard Scott after this Sunday?
-Ricky M., Nashville, TN

A: I wouldn’t. I would get RB Fred Jackson if he’s available or even take a shot at getting Ben Tate of the Houston Texans. I don’t think Scott will get enough carries to even produce numbers worthy of a pick up.

Another productive day at the office. Hope all my patients can get healthy this week. The doctor’s office is now closed.

Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office-9/16/11

Dr. Patton’s office is now open. Each week I will be answering your fantasy football questions in hopes of helping you nurse your fantasy football teams to greatness. Let’s see what patient’s teams need treatment this week.

Q: Gotta question for you. Should I start Big Ben or Hasselback?
-Jay, Afghanistan

A: You should go with Big Ben. Hasselbeck has to go against a ball-hawking Ravens D, so it will be tough sledding for him.

Q: Henne and Bradford are available as a replacement for Peyton Manning, which would you chose?
-Bobby B., St. Louis, MO

A: I think that Bradford would be the better replacement. Bradford has a finger injury that bears watching, but he does play against the Giants depleted defense this Monday night and is a QB in the NFC West, where defenses aren’t near as difficult as in the AFC East for Henne.

Q: Start I start Plaxico this week? Should I cut Mendenhall and the Giants defense? I have Greg Jennings, Santana Moss, Brandon Marshall and Nate Burleson. I can only use 3. RB’s.
-Lyorant T., Nashville, TN

A: I don’t know if I would start Plaxico against the Jags. Reason being is that the Jets are a primarily run team, meaning he won’t get a ton of chances to put up numbers. Moss or Jennings would be the better pick. As far as Mendenhall, I wouldn’t give up on him just yet. He will get on track.

Q: Pick three between these four RBs for this week…LeSean McCoy, Peyton Hillis, Felix Jones, Mike Tolbert.
-PFB, Whereabouts Unknown

A: I would pick Peyton Hillis, LeSean McCoy and Felix Jones out of these four RBs. These three all have more favorable matchups that Tolbert does. Besides, Tolbert and Matthews will be splitting carries and Tolbert is a little dinged up heading into this game against the Patriots.

Q: Julio Jones or Devin Hester. Who would you go with this weekend?
-Delonte M., Largo, MD

A: I would go with Hester this weekend. He has a very favorable matchup against a porous Saints secondary. Jones has to go against the Eagles secondary. Jones could be in for a long day.

Q: Was Cam a one game wonder? Manning and Bradford were my original QBs and both are hurt so Cam was the best available – based on Week 1. Other QBs available are Buffalo’s Ruan Fitzpatrick, Washington’s Rex Grossman and Miami’s Chad Henne. Who would you go with?
-Adrian H., Park Ridge, IL

A: Out of all these QBs, I would go with Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has been sound and productive. With Grossman and Henne, they both are erratic. I wouldn’t be so quick to pick one of them up. But I also wanted to let you know that Bradford’s finger injury is not going to keep him out of the lineup. He will still be productive for you.

Well, it was a long day at the office. I’ve issued my treatments for all my patients. Time will tell if these treatments work. Until next week. The doctors office is now closed.

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