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Farewell To The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog

The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog has been my gift to the writing world ever since it started back in July of 2010. I started as an inexperienced writer that was trying to get a voice out to everyone. And you better believe that I had no idea what my writing would turn into. But over time and practice, the writing has gotten stronger and the dynamic has been crafted through my work. And with that dynamic growing and the writing becoming stronger, I created a following of people that either liked what I was writing about or gave stiff opposition. Either way, people were starting to tune in. And as people were starting to tune in, there were people on different levels that were paying attention as well.

Over my time writing on The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog, I have had the opportunity to interview people and write for people as well. People like ESPN Radio’s Freddie Coleman and Warren Moon have been gracious enough to allow me to interview them. And I also had the opportunity to write for Free (106 And Park fame) and having the opportunity to write for City Sports Report and my writing friend Derrel Johnson. And with Derrel, I was afforded the opportunity to cover the Christmas Day Knicks game versus the Washington Wizards in 2014. I remember covering that game and being able to go into the locker rooms and see the reactions and the way everyone conducted interviews around us. I also remember having the opportunity to see how things are done on the big stage of media. These experiences have proven to be invaluable to me as I have grown as a writer and expanded my media presence.

I have thoroughly enjoyed running The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog over the 5 and a half years it has been up. But the time has come for change to happen. And that change is The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog coming to an end. I have enjoyed all of you that have visited, commented and shared my work in the many places that it has popped up. But I just feel that it is time for this site to come to an end. But never fear, I could pop up again when you least expect it. Maybe in another form or fashion. But as of right now, this is the last time this guy will appear here on this site. The run is over for this one. Time to move on to the next phase. Turn off the lights. The party is over.

Signing Off,


Mike Patton

The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog

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