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All Isn’t Good With The NFL’s Move Back To Los Angeles

The relocation of teams to Los Angeles has been talked about for a few years now. Teams that were mentioned over that time have been the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams. Well, we knew the Chargers were all but gone from San Diego after this year. But now we have word that three teams have applied to relocate to Los Angeles next season. Those three teams, the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, have applied to take their franchises to Los Angeles. A stadium is already in the works out in the Los Angeles area and there seems to be excitement in the air about the team being back in the area. There are still Rams fans out there on the West Coast and they play against teams that are on the West coast in the NFC West anyways. And as far as the Raiders and Chargers, they would be going back to where they originally came from (Chargers played in Los Angeles when they were first created in 1960). But even though there may be some that want the NFL in Los Angeles again, this move seems like it is one that is being forced.

The NFL is not wanting to bring a team back to Los Angeles because they feel bad for the Rams leaving. They are actually moving a team back there for business purposes. The NFL is all about the almighty dollar. And with them getting back into Los Angeles, it would mean they would not be in two of the biggest television markets out there. Being in a bigger market means that there are more televisions that have NFL games on them. And with the guarantee of having more televisions with football on them, that means more people will see the commercials that air during football. Having a piece of that market means that more sponsors will come to the NFL. And that means more money to flow in the pockets of owners across the league. The NFL just raised the salary cap because of some new deals they made with the folks that broadcast their games. But with this new development, this means that when that deal is up, the money will get even sillier as the NFL will have two major markets with a team. And along with the owners making more money, the salary cap will continue to climb higher and higher.

The money part of the scenario is huge for the NFL, but the other part of the scenario is one the NFL may not want to hear. Los Angeles really does not need an NFL team. In case the NFL missed the memo, Los Angeles has had teams come and go over the years. They have either not supported the team during the times in which they lose or refused to help finance a new stadium for them. The Rams originally moved to St. Louis because of waning support and the lack of funds for a new stadium for the team. When a team moves to Los Angeles again, there had better be some success that follows. There will be excitement over a new team just because Los Angeles has not had one for a while. But if one, both or all three of those teams are not any good over time, then the fans will do what happened in the past: find other things to do. Then the new stadium that was built will have been all in vain and the teams that moved there would be ready to move somewhere else yet again and leave the taxpayers holding the bag.

This move of a team to Los Angeles may be good for the short-term in regards to money for the league and access to a huge television market. But where it could hurt the NFL is if there is waning interest over time. In that case, the same story would end up playing out like in year’s past. If the NFL was thinking long-term, they would not be moving to Los Angeles again. But because of them wanting to get that extra dollar, they are ignoring the warning signs of moving back to Los Angeles. What makes this one even funnier is all three teams were once there, with two of them relocating because they could not get the new stadium they wanted. Now the reality is two teams will be sharing a stadium in a place that may or may not support them. And these teams will be leaving behind fans that actually cared to watch them play even though they disappointed them time and time again. Good luck to whatever teams end up moving to Los Angeles NFL. You had better hope the team(s) actually is successful this time around.

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One thought on “All Isn’t Good With The NFL’s Move Back To Los Angeles

  1. REGGIE on said:

    INDEED to ALL of Your VALID Points. I Feel it should be an NFC and an AFC Team moving to Los Angeles – NOT the Raiders AND Chargers, who are In the SAME Division on Top of That n RIVALS…SMDH!!!!!!!!! I HOPE that does NOT happen. I would like to see the Rams move back – remembering when they played in Anaheim as the L.A. Rams. As for the Raiders, they Need to Stay in Oakland – they are the OAKLAND Raiders. And, as for the Chargers, they Are the SAN DIEGO Chargers – Memorably, in Jack Murphy Stadium, Coached by the late, Great “Don ‘Air’ Coryell. The Giants & Jets should NOT be Sharing a Stadium, either…This is Big, Giant NEW YORK CITY – the #1 Media Market in the World!!! Furthermore, I HATED the Super Bowl being played in NEW JERSEY and in that Open Air Stadium…ETC.!!!!!!!!! St. Louis went from having the Cardinals to the Rams n Now the City is NOT going to have a Team Again n with NO future Team in sight. SAD. The Raiders have moved back n forth from Oakland to Los Angeles since the 80s under Al Davis vs. Pete Rozelle. The Raiders DON’T need to move to L.A., AT ALL…They have a Very Strong Fan Base & Following – even behind their Consistent Losing Seasons; they Need to Remain in Oakland…they have NO-business moving, Period!!!!!!!!! The Chargers have a Good Fan Base in San Diego – the City should Build them a New Stadium, which is the Main Catalyst behind them wanting to Move. SMDH. The Rams’ Fans have Fallen Off due to Consistent Losing. If they start Winning, their Fans will Return to Watching them and Following them. Them wanting to move to Los Angeles is NOT going to cure their Losing. Nor, is the Team going to automatically gain Fans and a Solid Following. What is going to become of the Cities in St. Louis, Oakland & San Diego and their Fans…??? The N.F.L. does NOT care about the Fans. The N.F.L. is about MONEY and the Owners.

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