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The General’s NFL Proclamations-Week 2

Green Bay versus Seattle highlights the matchups in Week 2 (Photo Credit Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Green Bay versus Seattle highlights the matchups in Week 2 (Photo Credit Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

The first week of the NFL session is in the books. There were some great things that happened and some bad things as well, depending who you were rooting for. And there were also some teams and players that did some things no one expected them to do. And that is what makes the game so special and so fun to watch. Along with that, predicting things that happen makes it even more exciting to watch. With that being said, Week 2 bring the debut of The General’s Proclamations for Week 2 in the NFL!

Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs

  1. The Kansas City Chiefs will give up at least five sacks. The duo of DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller strike fear in every opponent. Giving them defensive coordinator extraordinaire Wade Phillips is almost illegal as he can dial it up from any angle. With that being said, Alex Smith may be spending a lot of time looking up at the sky on Thursday night.
  2. Peyton Manning will throw for three touchdowns. We have heard all week about how Peyton Manning does not look the same. And believe it or not, Manning has been hearing the talk surrounding him. Like many great players, he wants to respond and send a message. And unfortunately for the Kansas City Chiefs, they are standing in his way.
  3. The Kansas City Chiefs will not have a touchdown by a wide receiver. The Chiefs were known last season for their scoring futility from their wide receivers. Free agent Jeremy Maclin was productive last week but did not get in the endzone. And I expect this week to be the same with Maclin and crew going against the cornerback combination of Aqib Talib and Chris Harris. The Denver defense is tough!

Houston Texans at Carolina Panthers

  1. The Houston Texans will not score over 14 points. This team has issues at quarterback and running back. The uncertainty at both positions will make it a long day for them against a stingy Carolina defense.
  2. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton will score a touchdown passing and rushing this week. Look forward to seeing the Superman celebration at least once as Newton will guide his team to the endzone a few times.
  3. JJ Watt will have at least two sacks. Cam Newton is going to have some success against this defense. But there is no denying that Watt is the single most destructive force in football defensively. You can try to contain him, but he will always be there to make plays.

San Francisco 49ers at Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. The Steelers will give up three passing touchdowns to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick looked comfortable climbing the pocket and moving outside the pocket while making some nice throws. He still has some work to do, but he is looking as mechanically sound as he has in his career. Throw in that the Steelers secondary is having some issues and he could be in for a good day throwing the football.
  2. The 49ers defense will give up at least 24 points. For as impressive as the 49ers defense was last week, they face an upgraded offense this week in Big Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense. Antonio Brown will make some plays and so will tight end Heath Miller. And if the Steelers are able to block up the blitzes of the 49ers, there could be some big plays to be had.
  3. Carlos Hyde will again have over 100 yard rushing. The second-year back out of Ohio State showed more than many thought he would. Hyde’s ability along with the seemingly renewed focus on the 49ers to the running game could cause some issues for Pittsburgh defensively.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

  1. Tampa Bay will give up 40 points again this week. The Tampa 2 Lovie Smith still runs is outdated. It requires speed the Bucs do not have. With the speed New Orleans has offensively along with Drew Brees running the show for them, Tampa Bay fans may be looking for the Pepto Bismol for an upset stomach courtesy of Brees and the Saints’ offense.
  2. Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Jameis Winston will have a better game than last week. Winston looked less energetic and not very ready for the game last week versus the Tennessee Titans. This week he comes out with energy. It may not be enough to win, but he will look better against the Saints along with being more energetic.
  3. Mark Ingram will have over 100 yards rushing. The former University of Alabama running back is finally the feature back for the Saints. And against this defense, he should find plenty of creases to make some things happen.

Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings

  1. Lions quarterback Matt Stafford will have less than 300 yards passing and will throw two interceptions. The veteran signal-caller from Georgia seemed off toward the end of the game last weekend and this weekend he faces a Vikings defense that will be ready to rumble after the results in San Francisco Monday night. This one could get ugly for Stafford.
  2. Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will have at least 25 carries against the Lions. The Lions will not be let off the hook this week, as it is expected that Minnesota will give Peterson many chances to make things happen against the Lions. And with more carries, expect Peterson to eventually break off a big run.
  3. Blair Walsh will make all his field goal and extra point tries in this game. Walsh has been inconsistent at best for a while, but maybe this game is when he gets it back on track. For Minnesota, they better hope he does.

Arizona Cardinals at Chicago Bears

  1. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer was solid last weekend in his first regular season game after tearing his ACL last season. This week he continues his big return against a hapless Bears secondary that is ripe for the picks. He will pile up three touchdown passes against the Bears.
  2. Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is one that is hard to read. But what isn’t hard to read is his inconsistent play. Expect that to continue as he throws at least three interceptions and helps the Bears to their second loss of the season.

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

  1. Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor will have 2 touchdown passes and have 275 total yards of offense. Taylor was the man last week for the Bills at quarterback. And this week it will continue as the Bills will be flooring it down the field with Taylor at the helm. And the backup-turned-starter will be the point guard of this offense, distributing while also taking some things upon himself.
  2. New England quarterback Tom Brady will throw for two touchdowns but also will be sacked at least four times. The Buffalo Bills have one of the most feared pass rushes in football. Expect the Bills to unleash a little bit more of that and then some when the Pats come to Orchard Park.
  3. Rob Gronkowski will have under five catches in this game. Although one of his less than five completions will be for a touchdown, there will also be some well-defended plays by the Buffalo defense.

San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals

  1. San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers will have at least 3 touchdown passes and 300 yards passing versus Cincinnati. The veteran quarterback led a good comeback last weekend and this week he faces the Bengals, who beat up on another California team, the Oakland Raiders. It may seem like a tall order considering the Bengals’ defense, but Rivers is that talented when it comes to regular season play.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill will be a 100 yard rusher with a touchdown this Sunday. The former LSU product runs tough and with speed and that can cause defenses headaches. And on Sunday, there may be a migraine waiting called Jeremy for the Chargers.
  3. Jacoby Jones will have a special teams touchdown. The former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver/ returner still has speed to burn and can make the best of any return. Look for him to electrify this crowd in Cincy when he gets his hands on the football.

Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns

  1. Cleveland’s Joe Haden will have an interception of Marcus Mariota in this game. The rookie quarterback out of Oregon was sensational in his first game. But when facing one of the best in the NFL at the cornerback position, Haden may give him a welcome to the NFL.
  2. Tennessee running back Bishop Sankey will get to the 100 yard mark this weekend. If he can hit the hole quick and be decisive in his cuts, he will benefit from all the attention Mariota will get. And he just might break a long run to go along with his 100 yard performance. And to throw the icing on the cake, he will also score a touchdown this weekend.
  3. Johnny Manziel will throw and run for a touchdown versus the Titans. Of course that does not mean he will not have any turnovers, but with a full game, he will have some time to make some things happen. Whether he can make more positive things happen than negative will be the question in this one.

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

  1. Rookie defensive end Vic Beasley will get two sacks in this game. With a hobbled Ereck Flowers vowing to start this weekend, this battle will be one that takes both Beasley and Flowers back to college (Flowers went to Miami and Beasley went to Clemson).  Beasley is fast off the corner and that means he will definitely be giving Flowers issues. Manning may be looking at the sky a few times in this one.
  2. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will be better in this game. He will get 100 yards receiving along with one touchdown. And to top that off, he will make that one spectacular play that will have all of us talking after this one. And just for good measure, he will be dancing into the endzone at least once.
  3. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones will combine for at least two touchdowns. This duo has been torching defenses for a while now and this week will be no exception. Jones has the advantage against any defensive back from the Giants.

St. Louis Rams at Washington Redskins

  1. Rams wide receiver Tavon Austin will have one touchdown through the air and one touchdown rushing the football as well. The former 1st round pick out of West Virginia is finally starting to realize his potential and this week his progress will continue.
  2. Washington running back Alfred Morris will not get over 70 yards. Morris played well against the Dolphins last week, but this isn’t the Dolphins. The Rams have a physical front seven and two young physical defensive tackles in Michael Brockers and Aaron Donald. That combination spells trouble for Morris.
  3. The Redskins and Rams will combine for under 40 points this weekend. Both teams were very solid defensively last weekend and both offenses aren’t exactly great either. That should make for a game that becomes a defensive battle for the most part.

Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars running back TJ Yeldon will rush for over 100 yards. The former Alabama running back will more than likely get more opportunities this week after averaging four yards per carry when his number was called. And with what Alfred Morris did to the Dolphins last weekend, I expect this rookie to make some noise as well.
  2. Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry is obviously the best playmaker for this team. But this week, he will take a backseat to the veteran wide receiver that flanks him, Greg Jennings. The vet wide receiver will not make the flashy plays that many have known him for over his career, but he will be solid and give the Dolphins at least 1 touchdown along with around 75 yards receiving. If Jericho Cotchery can get some decent numbers against the Jags, then Jennings can as well.
  3. Neither quarterback will throw for more than one touchdown. Tannehill and Bortles are both going to be solid, but don’t expect anything spectacular from them in this one.

Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders

  1. The Baltimore Ravens did not do well offensively last weekend. Well, the Raiders are a sight for sore eyes and their offense. Baltimore will follow up on what Cincinnati did to the Raiders last week and put up at least 30 points. It may take a while for head coach Jack Del Rio to implement what he wants out of his defense and the obliteration of their defense will be a byproduct of that until otherwise.
  2. Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will throw for at least two touchdowns this weekend. The Raiders looked deplorable offensively last week and some of that can be attributed to Carr getting hurt. But Del Rio said he expects him to be in there this weekend and that will be a welcomed sign for the Raiders.
  3. Ravens running back Justin Forsett will continue to struggle this weekend. Although the Raiders defense is totally different than the Broncos, the Ravens’ offensive line seemingly has not got it together just yet. And that does not spell success for Forsett at all. He will barely get 60 yards rushing. And he will not reach the endzone either.

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will throw the ball 40 times in this game. The Cowboys came out last week and went away from what they did all last season to be successful: run the football. But in doing so, they won. I expect them to come out trying to do the same thing they did in Week One since they don’t have a dependable running game and Romo is their best offensive weapon. One way or the other, he will throw for over 300 yards and will have at least two touchdowns.
  2.  Philadelphia running back DeMarco Murray will have 100 yards rushing this weekend. He struggled mightily last weekend versus the Atlanta Falcons. I don’t expect Murray and the Eagles offensive line to have another subpar one in the running game. Murray also collects on one more touchdown this week to run his season total to three.
  3. The Philadelphia Eagles will have at least two turnovers this week. Last week they forced some action defensively despite some issues they were having. And with Romo having to throw the ball more again for the Cowboys to win, some interesting things can happen for them once again.

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

  1. Running back Eddie Lacy will get 100 yards and one touchdown this week versus the Seahawks. The former Alabama running back has been electric since he first arrived in the NFL and this week he gets to test his skills against one of the best defenses over the last few seasons.
  2. Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch will not get 100 yards rushing this game. The issue is not Seattle’s veteran running back but his offensive line. They have not been the greatest up front and it will take some time for them to gel. This may gel as the season goes on, but they will not get it together in this game.
  3. Dion Bailey will play a little better than last week. Kam Chancellor’s understudy was pretty bad last week and some say he could have been nervous. Well, this is the week he has to prove it must have been nerves and although he will play better this week, his better performance may not be to the level Bailey needs.

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts

  1. The New York Jets will not be as dominant as they were last weekend. In the end, we have to remember they played a Cleveland Browns team that lost their starter at quarterback early and looked shellshocked ever since then. They are playing against one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in this one and they will be looking to rebound from the awful performance they had in Buffalo last weekend.
  2. Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick made just one mistake through the air last weekend. Although the Colts were not very good defensively versus the Bills, the desperation of not wanting to face an 0-2 record will make them play better on that side of the ball and create havoc around Fitzpatrick. And when that happens, expect Fitzpatrick to have his hand in at least 3 turnovers.
  3. But as Ryan Fitzpatrick struggles, running back Chris Ivory will continue his success in green and white. Ivory runs hard and with purpose and that should lead him to at least 100 yards and one touchdown.

Week Two is upon us and the General’s Proclamations have been made. Let’s see how they all turn out.

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