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The Choice Is Yours

The season is now over and the playoff matches are set. All of the matchups are interesting. You have the Lions vs the Saints, the Giants play the Falcons, the Bengals play the Texans and the Steelers head to Denver. The matchup I’m focused on is the Denver/Pittsburgh matchup. I’m not interested in just the game here though, I’m interested in an important decision that has to be made by Ryan Clark.

For those that don’t know, Clark is the starting safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is known as a hard-hitter and an intelligent football player. But another thing he is known for is an incident that happened in 2007. Clark played in a game in Denver and he began to get sick after the game. Clark not only got sick, he almost lost his life. Clark has a sickle-cell trait that prevents oxygen from flowing into his spleen. He later needed operations to remove his spleen and gall bladder. Almost all people who suffer from sickle-cell don’t have any problems playing in Denver, but there is a small percentage who have problems when they exert themselves at high altitudes. I have one question: Is it worth it?

If I’m Clark, I sit out this game. In life, sometimes you have to make some tough decisions. But the thing is, when you’re making life decisions, your life comes first. Your health does come before the game. My advice for Clark is to make the best decision for himself, not the team. Your family is more important than the game and the team. Hopefully he will make the right decision and not put his family through any type of worries about whether or not he comes back home. What decision would you make if you were Ryan Clark sports fans?



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6 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours

  1. I completely agree Mike… You know I am a Steelers fan but I am human and I knew this coming into this matchup that this could happen… If he sits out of the game I completely understand. Life before anything and he deserve to make the decision to sit.

  2. Carlos Collazo on said:

    Agree. In the end it is just a game. Every one will understand why he isn’t playing if he chooses not too. Definitely not worth the risk of losing his life both for himself and his family.

  3. Kareem Howard on said:

    Sit this game out and get better. Life is too short and you do have family to look after.

  4. DallahSmith on said:

    Play the Game You Love Play the Game You Dreamed of Play the Game God Blessed You With To Experience our Dreams Coming Dream is the Bases of All True Believers of Gods Word Trust in the Lord with all your Heart he didn’t give you sickle cell Have Faith by his Stripes we are Healed Go Clark Enjoy your Life With No Fear All Faith

  5. Good call. He should not play. Anytime your life is at a risk, never put anything, anything ahead of it. It is too much of a risk, and the one thing you can never gamble on is life.

  6. I think Ryan Clark should play. Now before you say I’m selfish because I am a die-hard Steelers fan, let’s Me support my decision. Football is his career. It’s how he provides and makes a living. I live with a sickle cell trait and it’s hard to tell when a crisis may come on, but we can’t pick and chose when we THINK something may occur. If that’s the case, President Obama should not travel because there have been threats on his life. Teachers should teach from home because a principal was killed in a classroom. Venus Williams should not return to professional tennis because of her Sjogren’s disease. I said all of that to say this, people shouldn’t put their lives on hold for possibilities. We all know there are risks in each step we take just ad Clark knows his in playing in high altitudes. Are we aware of any precautionary steps he’s taken before the game? I’m sure he has now that he’s more aware of his condition. Now, I’m all for following doctors orders , so if the doctor/coaches suggest it, I wholeheartedly support it. Good topic!

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