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Is All Hope Lost?

Listening to the NBA talk today between the NBA players and the owners, it seems like all hope is fading away fast. The owners want the players to negotiate with them on the others issues, but only if they agree to a 50/50 revenue split. The players don’t want to do that at all. In fact, they’re looking for a 53/47 revenue split. It sounds like we are going to be losing a season, or at least most of it. As a fan of basketball, this saddens me. I know that the NFL and college football are in full swing, but I was looking forward to seeing that first drive by LeBron James to the rim for a dunk on someone. I was also ready to see the electrifying moves of Derrick Rose as he comes back to defend his MVP trophy.

  Once again, lost in the struggle between the rich and the wealthy that is the lockout, the everyday fan gets punished. It always seems like an innocent bystander has to be the one to suffer when an argument happens. My message for the fans of the NBA, you may as well find some more things to do for a while, because this is going to get ugly. The owners are going to try to strong-arm the players. This is obvious. The waiting game has now reached a new level. Will the players crack or will they continue to stand united? Well, I have some thoughts on how this thing is going to play out.

  The owners are wealthy people. They can afford to lose money in one business and make it up in another business. The average NBA player, on the other hand, does not have the other business ventures, or revenue streams, that a top superstar would have. Sure, there is the option for them of going overseas, but there are rules that go along with going over there. The most important one is that there is a limit of how many American players can be on a team. Because of the limitations of the average NBA player, I believe there will be a breakdown and the players will more than likely accept a deal that they really did not want. Now, that’s just my opinion, but I believe the wealthy will outlast the rich. Now I’m in no way condoning the owners and the way they are being right now, but the reality is that the owners hold all the power.

   The next question I have will be what will the reception be of the players be from the fans that have missed them playing? After all, we’ve already had 2 weeks of the season cancelled. Will we love them? Will we hate the owners? Will we hate Stern? Will we hate the players? It should be interesting to see what happens as this all pans out. Hopefully all will be settled sooner than later.

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7 thoughts on “Is All Hope Lost?

  1. Bobby Charts on said:

    agree. Stern is just acting like the owners are asking him to act. Stern is the voice FOR the owners, he takes the blame for what owners want somewhat. Both side are in control of ending it, problem is as you said no owners no NBA, players come and go year after year, the owners as you said have complete control. If I was a owner I would feel the same way! The players should be thankful there are billionaires to own teams that they can play sports for a living. Understand that would be my thinking IF I was a owner!

  2. Great post! The NBA needs to get it together. If weren’t for the owners then there would be no players. this is looking like a 50 game 1999 season =(

  3. Dallah Smith on said:

    The NBA Players are to Blame they Been Spoiled by the Owners with there salaries contract deal setups no other sports have there Power

    • Let me make this one point clear. In my opinion, the players can only do what the owners allow to happen. The owners allowed the players to have the deal that was in place before. The owners agreed to these max deals. The owners are the ones trying to strong-arm the players. I’m not saying that the players are completely innocent in this, but what I am saying is that the owners are wrong by trying to strong-arm the players. When you negotiate, you negotiate in good faith. The owners trying to force the players into something instead of just hashing it out and coming was wrong. Flat-out wrong. And that’s what has set these negotiations back. Now do I think the owners will win these negotiations? Yes. Do I think they went about it the right way? No. Absolutely not.

  4. Before we get too deep into handing out the value judgments here, consider the following….

    1) The only reason the players rejected the 50/50 revenue split is because it will drive down the value of “max” deals. This means the players are full of a giant load of fertilizer when they let you think this is exclusively about “greedy” owners. This is just as much about the top 5% highest-paid players and their agents protecting their incomes at the expense of guy 6-12 on the bench.

    2) This isn’t about right and wrong – this is about stupid. Like I’ve said before, the owners dug their own graves with the last CBA, and now the players are doing the same thing by engaging in a suicidal battle they can’t possibly win for the sake of the top few stars in the league.

    3) This surely isn’t about “strong-arming.” This is about the players being in a corner because they failed to capitalize on the one moment when the owner’s left their collective zippers down. The counter-offer to 50/50 was a two-prong attack on the owner’s position – first, behind closed doors (NEVER, and I mean NEVER negotiate in public) say the number is 53/47. At the same time you are having that closed-door meeting, send a few representatives out to have a very public press conference to say the players are banding together to form a fund to help the various league employees who are truly suffering during this labor stoppage. Say this is why you want 53/47 because you are the ones now helping the “greedy” owner’s employees. Its’ a complete illusion, but it wins the PR war, which is HUGE when you have nothing else to fight with, which is exactly the position the players are in.

  5. Another great post Mike! This disagreement is surely worse than the NFL’s. We found out tonight that the NBA canceled 2 more weeks. I hate labor battles, just get back to playing the game we love.

  6. Great post! The odds of a season happening have to be at an all-time low (since the lockout starting). Games canceled until December, and beyond that, there’s no guarantee of any NBA games happening.

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