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The Everyday Mailbag-10/18/2011

The weekend that was in sports was great! Lots of excitement. Lots of big plays. And like always, lots of questions as well. Let’s see what the Sports World wants to know!

Q: ‎​Who is the best team in the NFL?
-Dallah S., Manhattan, NY

A: ‎​Without a doubt, its the Green Bay Packers. And the scary thing is they have room for improvement.

Q: Would you consider Devin Hester to be an MVP candidate should Chicago will a lot of games?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: I think that Hester is a play-maker, but as far as I’m concerned, he isn’t considered an MVP candidate. Not enough touches to put up stats comparable to MVP candidates.

Q: Will Roddy White break out if his slump?
-Bobby C., Sacramento, CA

A: With the injuries he is fighting thru and the renewed focus on the running game, he may be due for a down season this year.

Q: Who do you think is the best team in the AFC?
-Jeremy W., Winnipeg, Canada
A: I think that right now, you have to say the Ravens are the best team in the AFC. They are solid on offense and still a very good defense.

Q: Do you think the Georgia Bulldogs will win the SEC East?
-Jordan J., Memphis, TN

A: As the SEC East stands right now, I think that the Bulldogs will win the East. South Carolina lost pretty much all hope when they lost Marcus Lattimore for the season.

Q: ‎​Who will win coach of the year?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

A: I think that the two guys who were involved in “Handshakegate” will be the two lead candidates. But ultimately, between Schwartz and Harbaugh, I think that Harbaugh will win the award based on what all he’s done with practically the same roster from last year’s team.

Thanks for all the questions! And remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!

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6 thoughts on “The Everyday Mailbag-10/18/2011

  1. Dallah Smith on said:

    Coach of the Year Mike McCharty for the Job he’s Done with the Target on the Packers Back! Niners will win most improved team

  2. footballnutz17 on said:

    I agreed 100% with you when you said Roddy won’t break out of his slump. With Julio Jones now there to throw to, why should Matty Ice throw into double coverage?

  3. Bobby Charts on said:

    I NEED Roddy White to break out of it, come on now…
    Fantasy Football reasons.

  4. J.B. Knox on said:

    Agreed that Hester is not an MVP, but if he played in just Sunday and Monday Night games, he may just score every week. White seems slower this year and with the Falcons awful pass protection I also don’t see Roddy breaking out. I

    I have to put my vote in for Chan Gailey fo the Bills as COY as well. They have a QB from an Ivy League school starting for them and weren’t projected to do anything, whereas the Lions had hopes this year as their experience has grown and the Niners just needed a real Coach and one that is smart enough to not rely soo much on Smith.

    I’m a huge Pats fan, but I have to agree that its a close race with the Ravens this year.

  5. Another great mailbag Mike. I agree with you about the Hester answer. How on earth could he be an MVP candidate? Just because he gets return touchdowns doesn’t erase the face that he’s a lousy receiver. Compared to Rodgers, Brees, and Brady, Hester’s a man amongst boys.

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