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Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office- 10/7/2011

The doctor’s office is now open. Taking in all Fantasy Football patients. Let’s see who we have come in today for treatments and prescriptions!

Q: Should I start Philadelphia RB Shady Mccoy vs Bills this week?
-Mike S., Waldorf, MD

A: I would say yes. I think the Eagles will try to redeem themselves this week and give him more carries. He got too few opportunities last week.

Q: Who gets the call?Atlanta’s Roddy White or Julio Jones?
-Pop Fly Boys, Whereabouts Unknown

A: I would go with Julio Jones because Roddy White is going to draw the best CB and Julio will have a mismatch with any of the other DBs that Green Bay can throw out there. But none of that matters if ATL can’t protect Matt Ryan.

Q: What do you think of Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald? Top 5 WR in production by end of year?
-Steven H., Westbury, NY

A: I think that Fitz is an exceptional player and he is a Top 5 WR. If you have him, I would play him every weekend because he is one of the few WRs that will consistently put up numbers on anyone.

Q: Who should I go with after the bye week Hightower or Torain?
-Bobby B., Arnold, MO

A: I would go with Hightower. Torrain is still injury-prone and Hightower will be able to get it going, especially with the Redskins facing the Eagles next.

It was a slow day at the office, but I still helped some people. I wish my patients well this weekend. See you all next week! The doctor’s office is now closed.


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One thought on “Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office- 10/7/2011

  1. Larry Fitzgerald’s a top 5 receiver for sure now that he has a better QB.

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