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Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office- 9/30/11

Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office is open for business. And we have a list of patients that need some healing of their fantasy football teams. Let’s see what patients we have this week!

Q: What should I do? Five of my starters or either injured of sick.
-Herman P., Nashville, TN

A: U should check the waiver wire and possibly try to swing some deals for steady players if you can.

Q: Should I drop Big Ben and pick up Jason Campbell?
-Jay, Afghanistan

A: I think this week would be a good week for that. Jason Campbell faces a New England defense who can’t stop anyone and Big Ben faces an improved Houston defense. Also, Campbell is protecting the football better this year. Which is good.

Q: Hey Dr. Patton, trade CJ2k yet? I wanted to trade him for Megatron so I’d have Mega, Fitz and Nicks.
-Steven H., Westbury, NY

A: I wouldn’t put so much stock in a WR. You need to have balance in your team. I wouldn’t let Chris Johnson go just yet, but it is tempting to trade him for Calvin “Megatron” Johnson though.

Q: Should i pick up Sanzebar from the Bears at WR?
-Vincent T., Tampa, FL

A: I wouldn’t do that. Reason being is the inconsistencies with the Bears offense.

Hopefully the treatments I’ve subscribed will leave to fantasy football health. Until next week, the doctor’s office is closed.

The Everyday Man’s College Football Predictions- Week 5

College football produced some exciting games last weekend. And looking at the games we have this weekend, more excitement could be coming. Here’s my predictions some big games this weekend in college football!

(16) Texas A & M vs (18) Arkansas
The Aggies try to rebound this weekend vs an Arkansas team fresh off a bad loss to Alabama. For the Aggies, they must come into this game focused. Last week, they were up big and let Oklahoma State come back and win the game. They should be able to run the ball against the Razorbacks, but then again, this is a Razorback defense that is embarrassed and trying to earn some respect back. I think that this game will come down to offense. I think QB Tyler Wilson will get it going this week and turn up the heat on the Aggie defense in Dallas.
Prediction: Arkansas 41, Texas A & M 31

Kentucky vs (1) LSU
This game could get ugly real quick. The Wildcats have looked awful offensively. And this week gets no easier with the Tiger defense coming in as the best defense in college football. Wildcat QB Morgan Newton could be running for his life all game. QB Jarrett Lee continues to be the starting QB despite the return of QB Jordan Jefferson. Lee will eventually shred the Wildcat defense as well as continue to watch the RB tandem of Spencer Ware and Michael Ford run defenses into submission. Cover your eyes Wildcat fans. This game could go behind the woodshed.
Prediction: LSU 45, Kentucky 7

Auburn vs (10) South Carolina
The Tigers head to Columbia to take on the best back in the SEC. Auburn got back in track with an easy win last week, but this week, QB Barrett Trotter has to look at freshman DE Jadeveon Clowney and crew every single play. Trotter has to hope RB Michael Dyer and crew get the run game going. The Gamecocks ride or die on the legs of RB Marcus Lattimore. Lattimore is exactly who the Tigers don’t want to see because they struggle against the run. If Gamecock QB Steven Garcia can focus, then this game will be a blowout. Unfortunately, he won’t and that will keep this game closer than most expect.
Prediction: South Carolina 27, Auburn 17

(15) Baylor vs Kansas State
The Robert Griffin show is headed to the Little Apple. Kansas State poses a little more of a threat for Baylor because their defense has been stingy all year. Expect the Bears to try and spread the Wildcats. That will create running and throwing lanes for Griffin to get loose. For Kansas State, they will need to have balance against Baylor. If they play balanced and limit the Baylor possessions, they can stay in this game, and they will stay in this game for a little while but in the end, just too much Baylor.
Prediction: Baylor 38, Kansas State 20

(13) Clemson vs (11) Virginia Tech
Clemson heads to Blacksburg for a huge showdown in the ACC. Clemson QB Tahj Boyd is playing out of his mind right now. With the Tigers spreading out Hokies, expect WR Sammie Watkins to go out and play well again as well. For Virginia Tech, this is their first true test of the year. It will be interesting to see how they respond to a tough challenge. I don’t know if they’re ready yet.
Prediction: Clemson 31, Virginia Tech 24

(8) Nebraska vs (7) Wisconsin
The Huskers make their Big 10 debut in Camp Randall at night against the Badgers. QB Taylor Martinez has improved this year. The question will be has he improved enough to beat teams passing. I expect Wisconsin to test that theory defensively. QB Russell Wilson has been the missing piece that was added to the puzzle in Wisconsin. Expect the Badgers to run the ball with RB Monte Ball and put the ball in the hands or WR Nick Toon when they decide to pass. Another factor is Camp Randall at night. The Badgers are almost unbeatable there at night.
Prediction: Wisconsin 34, Nebraska 21

Oregon State vs (25) Arizona State
The Oregon State Beavers have had a rough go of it so far this year. Well, it doesn’t get any easier heading into the desert. The Beavers must be effective on the ground to give themselves a chance. But this could be very difficult with the presence of All-America LB Vontaze Burfict on the field. As far as the offense, expect Arizona State to air the ball out and attack a Beaver defense that is undermanned. The heat is gonna get real hot in Arizona.
Prediction: Arizona State 48, Oregon 17

UCLA vs (6) Stanford
The Bruins head down to Palo Alto, CA to take on the reigning Heisman winner, QB Andrew Luck. Expect the Bruins to use the run to slow the game down. if successful, this game could be close for a while. If not, QB Andrew Luck will go to work against a defense that was shredded by a struggling Texas defense. I bet Luck is licking his chops. Another ugly one out West.
Prediction: Stanford 35, UCLA 10

(11) Texas vs Iowa State
Texas travels up to see a team that embarrassed them at home last year. Expect the Longhorns to remember that. The Longhorns will come out and attack the Cyclones in the run game. When that gets going, expect the combo of Ash and McCoy at QB to go to work. For Iowa State, they need Steel Janz to be spectacular. Unfortunately, I don’t think that happens this game against defensive coordinator Manny Diaz’s offense.
Prediction: Texas 27, Iowa State 14

(3) Alabama vs (12) Florida
The Crimson Tide head to the Swamp in what some see as a potential SEC Championship showdown. The Tide O-line has a big matchup against a veteran defensive line in Florida. If the Tide win this matchup, then there won’t be any pressure on QB AJ McCarron. If the Tide are unsuccessful running, McCarron must step up and get the job done. For Florida, they must get the ball in the hands of their playmakers, Demps and Chris Rainey. But even with these guys getting touches, none of the Florida receivers will threaten the Tide DBs. And because of that, expect the Tide to crowd the line of scrimmage and make Gator QB John Brantley beat them. The thing is, Brantley can’t do it.
Prediction: Alabama 27, Florida 23

These are my predictions for the weekend. Let the games begin!!!

Jose Reyes: Selfish and Scared

The Mets’ Jose Reyes has had an incredible year. Despite a few injuries, he has stolen bases, hit for power and became the menace on the basepaths that many thought he could still be. Now some may say that he only had a year like this because this was his contract year, but nonetheless, he had a great year. But as great of a year as he was having, he sure picked a peculiar way to end it.

With the Mets way out of contention, Joes Reyes was still in contention for the National League batting title. Reyes knew that if he won this title, he would be the first Met to ever win this title. So, before the last game of the season, he goes up to his manager and tells him that if he gets a hit in his first at-bat, he wants to be taken out of the game. Long story short, he gets a hit in his first at-bat and Mets Manager Terry Collins removes Reyes from the game. Now, I’m I the only one that has an issue with this?

Not only did Reyes basically put his own personal gain ahead of his team, but he cheated the fans as well. Fans spend their hard-earned money to see superstars go out and play and entertain because, above all, professional sports are entertainment. For him to leave the game and admit he left because he wanted a record is just flat-out selfish. I wish a teammate of mine would do something like that to me. That teammate, in my eyes, would be viewed as someone who is only about him and was never about the team.

And the insanity not only stops there. Reyes went on to say that he didn’t care what the people thought, but that he talked to many people that thought he should play and some that thought he shouldn’t play and that’s how he came to his decision. To me, that’s contradictory talk. If you did not care what other people thought, then why even admit you listened to their opinions? Why wouldn’t you just stand on your own two feet on your decision instead of trying to bring everyone else in?

Well, I have the answer for that. In all actuality, he does care what people think of him. When people don’t care what people think of them, they don’t go out of their way to bring other people into what they were thinking. They make the decision on their own and accept the consequences on their own. To me, that’s just someone that sounds scared of what people may say about him.

Reyes is a free agent now and will be free to sign with whatever team he wants. But to all the teams considering him, I hope they paid attention to this display. It could be a one-in-a-lifetime, harmless display. But it also could be a deeper look into the real personality of Jose Reyes.

The Everyday Mailbag- 9/27/11

The NFL action has been great so far. And just like the NFL action, the Everyday Mailbag is a non-stop ride. Here’s what the Sports World wants to know!

Q: ‎​With all the early Buffalo and Detroit hype how do you think both will finish?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

Q: Is there ANY good reason why Manning should try to play this year?
-Michael C, Las Vegas, NV

A: I don’t see one. Neck injuries are nothing to play with. I would make sure I’m healthy before I ever consider coming back. His team sure misses him though.

A: ‎​Buffalo could be a wild card Participant. Bad thing is they are in the same division as the Patriots and Jets. I think they finish third in the division. ‎​As far as Detroit, I had them not making the playoffs this year, but looking at them now, they could make the playoffs. They are even better than I thought they would be, and I thought they would be much improved.

Q: Who is the best NFL RB of all time? I think Barry Sanders is because I believe he could have been the leagues all time rushing leader if he really, wanted it.
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I think the best back of all-time was Jim Brown. He was a man amongst boys. The only thing that stopped him was his desire to play. He left the game to become an actor.

Q: Whats up with Titans RB Chris Johnson?
-Kenny L., Newton, IA

A: Sure, Chris Johnson’s timing isn’t quite down yet from missing the preseason, but the offensive line isn’t holding blocks either. Nothing is wrong with him. All will come in due time.

Q: Which NFL team has surprised you the most so far this season?
-Jordan J., Memphis, TN

A: I think the team that has surprised me the most would be the Bills. I didn’t think they would be as explosive an offense this year. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is certainly trying to let us all know that last year wasn’t a fluke.

Q: Who do you think is the better receiver Greg Jennings or DeSean Jackson? And why?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: I believe that Greg Jennings is a better receiver. Sure, Jackson is more explosive, but he’s also more “boom or bust” as well. Jennings is a more consistent receiver. He makes the big play as well as the routine play.

Q: Will the Colts tank to get Stanford QB Andrew Luck?
-Lyorant T., Nashville, TN

A: I think the Colts might not be tanking to get the number one pick if they do get it. They are just that bad offensively without Peyton Manning. They wouldn’t be tanking, they would be getting outplayed.

Thanks for all the questions. And remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers.

Homerism vs Reality

Ever watch an NFL game and see the passion the players play with? With each play, explosions of emotions are released that can either play for or against you. Well, just like the NFL players, fans carry these emotions as well. And unfortunately, some fans take it overboard. Some fans feel their teams can do no wrong. And those fans are the fans that have fell prey to that disease called Homerism.

For those that don’t know what Homerism is, it’s when a fan of a team believes their team is God’s gift to the world and their team is just perfect. Let me give you an example of Homerism. I ran across a fan that I will allow to be nameless while on Twitter yesterday. She happened to be a big Steelers fan and she put up a comment about the Steelers and I threw a comment back at her telling her that the Steelers defense was good, but their weakness is their DBs, besides Troy Polamalu of course. She then responded with the following comment: ” You call yourself a sports blogger and you don’t know football? Ha Ha.” I went back at her and told her that the Steelers have always had a weakness at DBs. She then began to tell me that they had Ike Taylor. No offense to Ike Taylor, but he isn’t a top-flight corner in the NFL in my opinion. I left her comments at that and just disregarded the rest of the conversation.

The best way to handle a person who suffers from Homerism is to hit them with a dose of reality. The reality for this Steelers fan is that the CB position has been a huge weakness for the Steelers for years. The reason it doesn’t get exposed all the time is because of the strength of their front seven. And to all the Steelers fans that disagree with my comments. I have a couple questions for you: Who was the last Steelers CB to be a Pro Bowler? Do the Steelers, with Ike Taylor on the field, have a corner that strikes fear in the opposing team? The answers to these questions should tell you if you suffer from Homerism or not.

Homerism must be combated with reality. Heck, I’m a 49ers fan and I’m happy my team is 2-1, but I know that we still lack strength at the QB position and we aren’t exactly a team that everyone fears. My message is simple. When you see someone suffering from Homerism, a dose of reality goes a long way, so hit them with that. After a while, it will sink in. And for all Steeler fans, I don’t hate you all, I just used this fan as a test case for a sickening disease that is suffered by a lot of fans of NFL teams, not just fans of your team. Its cool to love your team, but don’t be blinded to the truth fans.

Dr. Patton’s Fantasy Football Office- 9/23/11

Last week was a good week of business. I helped a lot of patients get healthy again. Hopefully this week is the same. The doctor’s office is now open.

Q: Would you take the Titans defense or Eagles defense this week?
-Herman P., Lavergne, TN

A: I would take the Titans defense this weekend. The Eagles are susceptible to the run and at the safety position and with Hakeem Nicks and RBs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs, the Giants could pose problems for the Eagles.

Q: I need help with this one. Who would you go with at RB, CJ Spiller (Bills RB) or Benjarvis Green-Ellis (Pats RB)? Help.
-Bobby C., Sacramento, CA

A: I would go with Benjavis Green-Ellis. As good as Buffalo has been, they gave up a lot of rushing yards last weekend and I think that with the Patriots line, Green-Ellis will find his way into the endzone and have a bigger effect on the game.

Q: Should I sub Cam Newton for Michael Vick this week?
-Sharkeshia B., Jackson, MS

A: I would sub Cam for Vick this week. They are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are susceptible to the pass. And we aren’t sure what we are going to get out of Vick either.

Q: Fred Jackson at home vs. Patriots or Beanie Wells on the road @ Bengals? Tough Flex play? I’m 2-0 and both have been really showing out.
-Michael J., Nashville, TN

A: You’re right. That is a tough play, but I would go with Beanie Wells this weekend. Cincy hasn’t proven that they could stop the run and Beanie will get it going with an increased focus on the run.

Q: Rex Grossman or Matt Shaub this week? Rex is hot and Shaub’s gonna have the shootout in New Orleans.
-Steven H., Westbury, NY

A: I would go with Matt Schuab this weekend. It seems like he’s got the better matchup this weekend. Rex is going against a better pass rush than what he’s seen all season long, so I think we could see him struggle some this weekend.

Q: Should I drop Kansas City RB Jamal Charles because of the injury? Should I drop Redskins TE Chris Cooley? He isn’t doing anything?
-Jay, Afghanistan

A: You should definitely drop Charles because he is out for the season. I would give Cooley one more weekend to prove himself. If after this weekend, then I would scour the wire for a good TE to replace him.

Q: Would you pick up Bengal RB Bernard Scott after this Sunday?
-Ricky M., Nashville, TN

A: I wouldn’t. I would get RB Fred Jackson if he’s available or even take a shot at getting Ben Tate of the Houston Texans. I don’t think Scott will get enough carries to even produce numbers worthy of a pick up.

Another productive day at the office. Hope all my patients can get healthy this week. The doctor’s office is now closed.

The Everyday Man’s College Football Predictions-Week 4

Its nearing to Saturday and you know what that means. College football time! Here are my Predictions for my Select 10 games for this weekend in college football!

(7) Oklahoma State vs (8) Texas A & M
The Cowboys head down to Aggieland in this huge matchup. Oklahoma State is led by star QB Brandon Weeden and WR Justin Blackmon. Expect them to put the ball in the air early and often. The Aggies will need to play their best game in the secondary. If they keep the Cowboys in front of them and force them to have to work for everything, the there is more opportunity for Oklahoma State to make a mistake. For the Aggies, expect them to use RB Cyrus Gray and WR Jeff Fuller a lot. If the Aggies stay balanced and control the time of possession, they should be able to take care of business at home. It should be an entertaining game.
Prediction: Texas A & M 45, Oklahoma State 38

(14) Arkansas vs (3) Alabama

The Razorbacks head to Bryant Denny Stadium to take on the Crimson Tide in a big matchup in the SEC West. The Razorbacks are led by QB Tyler Wilson. He must keep his poise against this fearsome defense, led by LB Donta Hightower and CB Dre Kilpatrick. If he’s able to hold his composure in the pocker, expect him to test the Crimson Tide secondary with weapons like WR Greg Childs and Joe Adams. For the Crimson Tide, they must establish the run with RB Trent Richardson. If not, QB AJ McCarron could be in trouble with the improved Razorback defense on his heels. In the end, the more physical team will win. And that team is the Alabama Crimson Tide.
Prediction: Alabama 31, Arkansas 24

(11) Florida State vs (21) Clemson

Florida State comes off a heartbreaking loss to Oklahoma and heads to Death Valley to face the surging Clemson Tigers. Seminole QB EJ Manuel could be out for this game, but don’t expect any change in the tempo the Seminoles set. Expect them to give the Tigers multiple formations and expect them to be as balanced as possible, considering EJ Manuel is their best runner. For Clemson, this game is another game that could be huge for QB Tahj Boyd. He must continue to build on the confidence he obtained last weekend vs Auburn. Expect the Tigers to spread the Seminoles out and test their secondary. The Seminoles will be up for challenge.
Prediction: Florida State 27, Clemson 21

Vanderbilt vs (12) South Carolina

The Commodores head to Gamecock territory to take on a talented South Carolina team. For Vandy to stay in this game, they must control the tempo and the offense must sustain drives. If QB Larry Smith is able to manage this offense, the ‘Dores will have a good shot to pull off the upset. If the talented South Carolina defense has anything to say about it, the ‘Dores will be unsettled all game. For South Carolina offensively, they must impose their will on the smaller Vandy defense. If South Carolina and RB Marcus Lattimore get it going on the ground, then this game could get ugly. I expect Vandy to fight and play hard, but in the end, Lattimore will be too much.
Prediction: South Carolina 27, Vanderbilt 17

(23) USC vs Arizona State

The Men of Troy head to the Desert to take on the Sun Devils. Star QB Matt Barkley has been putting up numbers. Expect this game to be more of a challenge for him with the with the likes of All-America LB Vontaze Burfict putting pressure on him. If Barkley has time, expect him to look for WR Robert Woods early and often. For Arizona State, expect them to put the ball up early and often as well. The only difference is USC doesn’t have enough defense to stop Arizona State.
Prediction: Arizona State 31, USC 21

(10) Oregon vs Arizona

The Oregon Ducks head to down to Arizona to take on the Wildcats. For Oregon, expect them to use speed, speed and more speed against the Wildcats. QB Darren Thomas and crew will rev up the tempo. The question will be can the Arizona defense respond? As far as the Arizona offense, expect them to air it out. But the difference is the Oregon defense will eventually cause the Wildcats to crumble.
Prediction: Oregon 48, Arizona 27

(15) Florida vs Kentucky

The Gators head to the Commonwealth to take on a Wildcat team that has been largely unimpressive this year. Kentucky must find RB/WR Chris Rainey everytime he is in the game. He is by far the best weapon that Florida has. He also has to be accounted for on special teams as well. If I were Kentucky, I wouldn’t kick to him. For Kentucky, their offense will have a tough time generating offense vs Florida DL Jay Howard and crew. The best way for Kentucky to attack the Gators will be to go at their young corners. They are talented, but they tend to try to be a little too overzealous in being physical, which leads to pass interference penalties. It could be a long day for the Wildcats.
Prediction: Florida 45, Kentucky 17

San Diego State vs (22) Michigan

The Aztecs travel to the Big House to take on the Wolverines. Expect the Aztecs to attack the Wolverines with multiple formations. Michigan must be ready for that and they must play more sound defensively. If they come correct defensively, then they should be fine. As far as offense, the Wolverines must take the reins off QB Denard Robinson and let him be himself. And that means letting him run the ball. He is not a pocket passer and I think he’s better when he’s on the move. Expect Robinson to make some plays this game to carry Michigan to victory.
Prediction: Michigan 37, San Diego State 21

Louisiana Tech vs Mississippi State

The Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech head down to Starkville to take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Louisiana Tech spreads the field, so expect them to try to find creative ways to get the ball to their playmakers, RB Lennon Creer and WR Quinton Patton. These two could give Mississippi State problems if they don’t come prepared. Patton vs the Mississippi State DBs should be a good matchup. On defense, the Bulldogs better be ready for the Mississippi State to run right at them with QB Chris Relf and crew. This game will be close for a little while, but in the end, the more physical team should win out.
Prediction: Mississippi State 35, Louisiana Tech 24

(2) LSU vs (16) West Virginia
The Tigers head to Morgantown to take on the Mountaineers of West Virginia. Expect the Mountaineers to try to spread the field and try to use the strength of their passing game behind their veteran QB Geno Smith. LSU should be game with the wide array of athletes they have on the defensive side of the ball. Offensively, expect the Tigers to run right at the Mountaineers. The question will be if the Mountaineers can stop them. I don’t think they can. LSU wins in a close one.
Prediction: LSU 24, West Virginia 20

These are my predictions for the weekend’s big games. Let the games begin!!!!

Superconferences: The Money Is The Motive

This weekend Syracuse and Pittsburgh became the newest contestants on “Let’s Change A Conference”. The Orange and the Panthers both filed their papers to leave the Big East and join the Atlantic Coastal Conference as early as next year. Seems like the ACC is the newest conference trying to get in on the “superconference” talk. Some may like all this talk, but for me, I detest it.

The idea of all these teams in one conference is sickening to me. Now don’t get me wrong, its ok to add people to a conference. I’m not saying that’s wrong. But what I’m saying is that when the amount of teams per conference gets to 16, then that’s way too much. The traditional rivalries that we’re used to seeing won’t happen as much because of the large number of teams. It may make the conference stronger, but it will destroy tradition.

This fad of a superconference has taken over the talk of college football. But, let’s be honest. This is all about money. Money is at the root of all of this. And money will be at the end of all this as well. I believe that super-conferences will happen. I’m not disputing that. But what I will say is that they will eventually dissolve as well.

Let’s use Texas as an example. Texas is currently a member of the Big 12, but is flirting with becoming a member of the PAC-12 as the Big 12 disintegrates. Texas has its own network and has a boatload of money that its athletics department makes for the school. They could go independent, if the Big 12 disintegrates, and make all the money and keep it for themselves. But because of superconferences, it will be very hard for an independent to survive because of scheduling issues. The superconferences would have too many games to play against each other and no space for an independent. Texas would have to join a conference. In joining one of the supposed superconferences, Texas would have to sacrifice some money. I’m sure whatever conference they join will assure them that it will be made up in another area, but after a few years, it does not happen. Then, due to the large size of the super-conferences, expect Texas to be the disgruntled member who stirs up trouble. Eventually, another member in the same superconference or another superconference becomes disgruntled and this feeling spreads. All it takes is ten teams to feel disgruntled. Those ten teams could go and form their own conference and then the cycle of going back to regular conferences starts back again.

In my estimation, superconferences are just a fad that will fade eventually and then we will return to the same normalcy that we’re used to.

The Everyday Mailbag- 9/20/11

College football and the NFL are starting to get into full swing! And with that, the Everyday Mailbag is starting to pick up more steam. Here’s what the Sports World wants to know!

Q: Is it time to trade Peyton Manning?
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: No. It isn’t time to trade Peyton Manning. Besides, who is gonna take an injured QB via trade. He has to prove he’s healthy before a trade can even be considered.

Q: What do you think of the Washington Redskins so far this season and Rex Grossman? Real football or real fluke?
-Ryan J., Henning, TN

A: I think the Redskins are doing better than expected. Grossman has impressed me so far. But we will see how good they are when they get into the meat of their schedule.

Q: With a 2-0 start will the Lions make playoffs?
-Bobby C., Sacramento, CA

A: Its looking more and more like it. They still have to play the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears this year but they’re playing like a house on fire right now. It all depends on Stafford. If he stays healthy, they just might get in there. I didn’t think it would be possible, but it just might not be “wait until next year” in Detroit.

Q: What explanation do you have for the Chiefs losing 48-3 and 41-7?
-Sam B., Highland Park, IL

A: I have no explanation for this poor showing by them. The only thing that I can say is that by Head Coach Todd Haley resting his players all preseason and not getting them work, he has hurt his team. They are all out of rhythm and look like they’re stuck in preseason mode still.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Titans game versus the Ravens on Sunday?
-Herman P., LaVergne, TN

A: The run game is still not getting it going, but with Matt Hasselbeck taking advantage of one-on-one matchups in the passing game, it doesn’t matter as much. The Titans will need to figure out a way to run against a stacked box eventually, but for right now, the veteran Hasselbeck is picking thru defenses.

Q: What do you thing of Florida’s new offense? Pretty impressive huh?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: I think that its a better offense. More conventional and less gimmicky. And with the speed merchants they have and the mind of Charlie Weis running the offense, they could be dangerous.

Q: ‎​Which starting QB will be the first one to be benched?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA
A: I think Seattle’s Tavaris Jackson will be the first QB benched in the NFL. He doesn’t look very impressive in the first week and then he goes into Pittsburgh and didn’t produce anything. I see Charlie Whitehurst warming up real soon in Seattle.

Thanks for all the questions. And remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!!!

Ballers And Wankstas Of The Week- Week 2

There was plenty of excitement in this week’s games. And always, there’s top performances and top duds as well. Without further adieu, here are the Ballers and Wankstas of the week!

Ballers of the Week

QB Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys (20/33, 345 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INTs)
Tony Romo was getting blasted each and every single play vs San Francisco. In fact, the third play of the game, he was hit so hard by Carlos Rogers that he had a rib fractured and punctured a lung. We all thought that Romo was done for the day after that he didn’t start the third quarter but he decided to give it one last go. And he proceeded to go 12/15 in the fourth quarter and lead his team to the victory in overtime. He answered the bell for his team.

WR Kenny Britt, Tennessee Titans (9 receptions, 135 yards, 1 TD)
Kenny Britt was tremendous against a Baltimore Raven defense that shut down Pittsburgh in Week 1. He just owned their DBs. Maybe this is the game that propels him to the next level of his career. Or maybe he just exposed a weakness for the Ravens. Only time will tell, but he sure handled his business on Sunday.

RB Fred Jackson, Buffalo Bills (15 carries, 117 yards, 2 TDs)
Jackson was spectacular in a big-time comeback for the Bills against the Raiders. He, just like Ryan Fitzpatrick, is a guy that no one expected this from. But he is proving that with an opportunity, he can produce. He is a key cog in this explosive Bills offense.

Detroit Lions Offense
The Lions have started out like a house of fire. They went to 2-0 in style as they amassed 411 total yards(322 passing) and 23 first downs in their 48-3 dismantaling of Kansas City Sunday. There should be more of this to come if QB Matt Stafford can stay healthy.

Wankstas of The Week

QB Luke McCown, Jacksonville Jaguars (6/19, 59 yards, 0 TDs, 4 INTs)
The New York Jet defense made McCown cry tears of a clown. His performance was one of the most painful performances of the day. I actually double-taked when I looked at his stat line. If this keeps up, we may see Jack Del Rio handed the pink slip real soon.

RB Reggie Bush, Miami Dolphins (6 carries, 18 yards; 1 reception, 3 yards)
Miami is supposedly the perfect scenario for Bush. He gets to have the backfield to himself and live up to the billing he had coming out of college. Then he drops this game on us. He was so bad that Dolphins rookie RB Daniel Thomas came in and took his carries. Thomas also ran for 107 yards. Maybe its just time for us all to realize that Reggie is a high-priced third down back.

S Donte Whitner, San Francisco 49ers
Whitner is a safety. And for those who have played football, you know that the safety is the last line of defense. And the safety also plays the pass first. So, can someone explain to me why Whitner is flying up to the line of scrimmage to play the run in overtime vs. Dallas? Because he didn’t do his job and got sucked up on the run, Dallas WR Jesse Holley gets behind him and essentially Whitner gave up the play to win the game. Whitner, if you want to play LB, then put on some weight and change positions. If you want to play safety, then do what you are supposed to do and play the pass first.

I got a special Wanksta of the Week award for all the Atlanta fans that cheered when Michael Vick was concussed Sunday night. That’s not cool at all. As a fan, I never cheer for a player to get injured or cheer when a player gets injured. And if you’re cheering when a player gets injured, then that’s classless.

If anyone has someone they feel was a Baller or Wanksta this week, feel free to drop a comment.

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