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The Everyday Mailbag-8/30/11

Another week. Another round of sports questions!! Let’s see what the sports world wants to know!

Q: Do you think that the Spread offense will work in the NFL?
-Jason J., Memphis, TN

A: I do not think that the spread will work in the NFL because there’s too much speed on defense in the NFL for that to work. The QB wouldn’t survive either because of how quick the pressure would get there.

Q: ‎​Who do you think will be starting for the Redskins in the opener?
-Joey K., Los Angeles, CA

A: Interesting. Its a dead heat, but I will say Rex will be making the start opening day.

Q: Do you think that RBs are becoming extinct in the NFL??
-Jason J., Memphis, TN

A: As far as NFL running backs becoming extinct, that will not happen. Running backs will always be needed in the NFL. A balanced offense or a 60/40 passing offense will always be better than a 100% passing offense. Balance is key on offense.

Q: Do you think the Lions are ready to challenge for their division this season?
-Russ G., Walpole, MA

A: I think that the Lions have the potential to be the second-best team in the NFC North. Now as far as them winning the division, they still don’t have the defensive backs to contend with the Packers and if Cutler gets on a roll, it could be trouble for them too. I think next year will be the year they really challenge for the division.

Q: Granderson really stepped it up for the Yankees. Does he have a decent shot at MVP?
-Lee L., Chicago, IL

A: I really think he does have a good shot to be the MVP. I think between him and Boston’s Jacoby Ellisbury, it could be close for who wins it.

Q: Alex Smith still at QB for the San Francisco 49ers. Why?
-Joseph W, Alexandria, VA

A: That’s the question the world wants to know. I don’t understand how someone can underachieve so much and still be believed to have finally got it. I know that he’s had a lot of different offensive coordinators, but in the end, if you have talent and you’re a player, your skills we come thru and your worth will be proven. He hasn’t come thru in this long and I find it hard to believe that he will come thru now.

Thanks to everyone who asked questions this week!!! And remember, if you have sports questions, I have answers!!!

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One thought on “The Everyday Mailbag-8/30/11

  1. 7Boss1 on said:

    I like Alex Smith and I’m glad he’s getting another shot with the 49ers

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