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Airing Out Dirty Laundry

Well, as if college football didn’t have enough scandal and improprieties to deal with, another one has been brewing under our noises for a long time. Nevin Shapiro came forth and blew the whistle on his exploits as a booster for the University of Miami. Shapiro went into intricate detail as to what all he did for players. Shapiro, or Little Luke as he was called by some players, did everything from giving players money, ordering prostitutes, paying for expensive meals and also putting bounties on players such as QB Chris Rix and QB Tim Tebow, who played for Florida State and Florida respectively. Before I read the story, I was for sure it couldn’t be as bad as it sounds, but after reading the story, one thing can be concluded: the University of Miami is in trouble. And the funny thing about all of this is that he did all this while it seemed like Miami turned a blind eye to him.

But before everyone throws the book at Nevin and the Miami players, one thing we all need to realize is that, big or small, a lot of these things happen at many of our colleges and universities. Rules will get broken. Now I’m not condoning any of the activities that happened during the time span of Nevin and I’m not saying that things happen to this extent everywhere. The kids and the booster deserve the blame, but it seems like the University of Miami as a school dropped the ball.

In this day and age, when everything done is monitored, there should have been no way the Miami hierarchy, mainly the University President, should have missed any of this going on. I can understand why some of the coaches and athletic department members “missed it”. After all, they were allegedly getting paid as well and bringing recruits to Shapiro to entice them to come to Miami. But for the President to let all this go by for as many years as it did is inexcusable. But unfortunately, this is what athletics has come down to. Some people turn a blind eye to things for success. Its unfortunate, but its true.

Another thing that struck me about this situation are the things I’ve heard about it. Some people are screaming the NCAA are a joke. I agree with that assessment. Some people are screaming that Miami is a dirty program and has always been one. I got news for those folks: every program, small or big, does something. So, whoever thinks that an NCAA program is completely clean, they’re kidding themselves. The NCAA rulebook is thick. I repeat. The NCAA rulebook is THICK! There’s no possible way that you can know any and every rule and amendment. You can break a rule everyday and not even know it. I believe that all of the teams break rules. Its just a matter of who gets caught and who doesn’t.

This is a dark day in Miami football. There will undoubtedly be a lot of punishment handed down. But we all need to keep two things in mind: the university is the biggest culprit and this will not be the last time that rules are broken at a college or university. Heck, everybody breaks the rules in some way or another.

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8 thoughts on “Airing Out Dirty Laundry

  1. I ain’t mad at anybody for taking what they were given. That’s the name of the game. Junior Mafia said it best when they said, “Get Money”

  2. Lee Love on said:

    You said it best in your post “this will not be the last time that rules are broken at a college or university”.
    There are culprits at all levels, university, coaches, and most of all players…these guys are smart enough to know what’s right and wrong, they have to realize that at some point it’s gonna come out, it always does. On the other hand a lot of these guys don’t have much or anything and will take the money when it’s given…doesn’t change the fact that it’s wrong and you can’t tell me they don’t know.

  3. This sort of stuff will continue as long as the punishments both do not match the potential gains and are aimed at the wrong people. Imagine how coaches would act if a guy like Jim Tressel could be charged criminally and tossed into the slammer? Same with boosters and players…Just think about it….

  4. scotty rachel on said:

    U said it all my man U.Miami is in a lot of trouble.From the players,coaches,all the way up 2 the faculty members.Every1 was benefiting from Shapiros money.& i agree the NCAA’s rule book is so thick ppl break the rules all the time.U.Miami just was rubing it in the NCAA’s face.& even though the NCAA said they would never put the death penalty on another school,they have no other choice in this case.

    • I don’t think they will get hit with the Death Penalty. The reason I don’t believe they will is because in SMU’s case, they got hit with a supposed “Death penalty” and they violated again and that’s why they got the death penalty and had to vacate wins and shut down their team pretty much. Now if Miami does something back to back while their on probation, then the Death Penalty will happen.

  5. Dwayne W on said:

    There won’t be the Death Penalty nor should there be. The people who allegedly knew and participated have since left or been fired. Also, if Miami is punished then the coaches need to be punished in spite of the fact that they are working in other places.

  6. 7Boss1 on said:

    I’ve never been a fan of rule breaking but in this case I’m good with it. These guys make these schools and the ncaa tons of money and they don’t get much in return

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