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Risk Versus Reward

The lockout ensues in the NBA as the owners and the players cannot come to an agreement on how to share the revenue. Now comes the news that New Jersey Nets PG Deron Williams plans to play in Turkey if the lockout continues. I understand how much Williams would like to play and make some money, but this is a bad idea.

Basketball is a game of competitiveness and skill. Basketball is also a game of chance. Like any sport, there’s always a chance of injury. In this unique circumstance, the players aren’t bound to their contracts and they can play, if they like, overseas at least until the lockout is over. Injuries are a part of any sport and I know they can happen at anytime, but I don’t think I would chance millions overseas.

Injuries are not the only thing going through some of these player’s minds. Players, whether they admit it or not, are thinking about the potential of missing a paycheck. For some players, that paycheck missed could mean foreclosure on their house or their car repossessed. They need the money. But for other players like Williams, money isn’t the issue. Williams does have a wife and kids here in America, so what if they don’t want to go to Turkey? Would he still go? Could he take being that far away from his wife and kids?

As Williams sits and thinks about the decision that needs to be made, all these thoughts must be going through his mind. The decision seemed pretty easy at first when glancing at the issue. But when you take a further examination of the decision, its harder than you could ever imagine. In my mind, because of the risk involved with injuries and family issues, I think going to Turkey to play is a bad idea for Deron Williams.



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13 thoughts on “Risk Versus Reward

  1. Mrdcsports on said:

    I think Deron made a knee-jerk reaction, he may regret it.

  2. Bobby Charts on said:

    These guys should just hang tight, i mean come on do you think they credit cards and bills they owe wouldnt mind frezzing stuff and have them back pay? it sounds stupid but come on the banks and all the poepl they owe money would have most likey no preoblem with them back paying once lock out is over, these guys are HUGE customers for them!

    great read Mike, might sound funny, but i didnt even thin about these guys getting hurt,wow. would that suck or what!

    • I honestly think that the reality of an extended lockout has to be creeping into some of the player’s minds. And as far as companies making deals with them, I don’t think all will be willing to do so. With the amount of money some of these guys have made, there should be no way they should be in any financial trouble. Unfortunately, some are though. And this is where going overseas creeps into their mind.

  3. I hear you Mike, you make some good points. In this situation though, Williams has all the leverage. The players can also use this as an example in getting the owners to soften their stance some. The owners need the players, the players don’t need the owners.

    • One point that you’re missing is that there is only a certain amount of Americans that can play on each team overseas. And another point that you’re missing is that the owners didn’t just get rich from being an NBA owner. They are businessmen and they are wealthy. Being wealthy and rich are two different things. The average NBA player is rich. Wealth is on a whole different level. In the grand scheme of things, the owners need the players, but the players need the owners more. I wish the owners weren’t so greedy and like they are, but in the end, they can hold out longer than the players. That’s just a fact.

  4. I don’t think the players need the owners as much as the owners need them. If the NBA says they are losing money, I don’t think losing players on their main source of income would help that at all.

    • Mike- I think that there will always be players that will want to play in the NBA over playing overseas. The players need the owners more. Without owners, how do they get paid. And the average salary in the NBA is better than the average salary overseas.

  5. Yeah man, I think I agree. I’m not sure why Williams is doing this. I guess he’s so desperate to play. During the NHL lockout several years back we saw tons of guys (not just Europeans) flock to Europe to play a season but it was much more normal than this. It makes a lot more sense if you are a borderline type player who wants to get better and/or prove yourself but not when you’re Deron Williams.

  6. 7Boss1 on said:

    On one hand I understand his desire to play and get that money. On the other hand I see the strain that it can and most likely will put on his family I truly hope he makes the right decision

  7. How awesome would it be if a large number of players bolted for Europe and left these idiot owners holding the bag?

  8. Playing overseas is a scare tactic don’t see any of the marquee players going anywhere taking that chance and risking injury..

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