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My Father, My Friend

Every year that Father’s Day rolls around, I realize more and more how lucky I am. Some people weren’t blessed with fathers in their lives. Well, I thank God I was blessed with a father in mine. He truly has been a blessing.

From a young age, my dad was into everything I did. He started my love for sports as a five year old. He introduced me to youth football, youth basketball and he also introduced me to youth baseball. But not only did he introduce me to these sports, he taught me about the games as well. My dad coached me for most of my life in basketball growing up and he was always present at every game, helping me with little hints on how to get better. My dad was at pretty much every single game I played. Me and my dad would definitely bump heads at times, but looking back in retrospect, he knew what he was talking about and I should have listened more.

As I grew older, my dad became more than just a coach and a help to my aspirations as an athlete. He began to give me life lessons. He would tell me how to handle certain things or situations and would always be an open book that I could ask for advice. Every year I realize more that I’m truly blessed to have a father who is not only looking out for me, but is one of my best friends. I don’t think I could have made it this far in life without some of the lessons that I learned from him.

But what makes my dad so special isn’t what all he’s done for me. My dad has been a youth coach for 20+ years in football and basketball. He still, to this day, takes time to give back to the kids in the Nashville area. But he not only coaches these kids, he tries to instill life lessons in them to help them along their way.

My dad is an inspiration to me. He not only raised me, but he helped raise a community of children. His toughness on me made me into the man I am today. And the plan and guidance that he gave me helped balance out the support that my mother gave me. I’m forever thankful for God blessing me with my dad. Without him, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I want to challenge all who view this post to take time out to call or speak to your father or spend some time with your father this weekend. But don’t limit that time to this weekend. Make everyday count. I love you Dad!


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12 thoughts on “My Father, My Friend

  1. Hosie Holomon III on said:

    Good post, Mike. I remember back in the day when you daddy was doing all those things with you. You’re blessed to have had him, because as you said, a lot of us didn’t. Present company included.

    • The funny thing is sometimes you don’t understand the blessing at that time. I can honestly say that I didn’t understand how blessed I am with my dad until I got older.

  2. footballnutz17 on said:

    Wow mike, great post

    Very touching, my dad also introduced me to sports, glad to still have him by my side

  3. Great post,
    Today is a day to be thankful for and remind our Dad’s how much they mean to us. I miss my Dad every day, its been almost ten years now and on days like today, I remember all the fun stuff we did together.

  4. Bobby Charts on said:

    nice read Mike, reading it made me think about my Dad. Thank You, and as always good work!
    We are Blessed in many ways, as you said be thankful for everyday!

  5. 7Boss1 on said:

    My dad wasn’t there for me at all but his absence inspired me to be the best father I could be when the time came and according to my kids I’m doing pretty good. I thank you for writing this piece because real fathers deserve real props good work

  6. Butt heads?! Really?! Naaah! Haha! Ya funny when I when I try to show my son proper QB mechanics he scoffs at me,but when Mike Vick shows him, hey well then he listens! Boyz will b boyz right?! Great article, I was raised close to my father too

  7. Coach Patton is a great guy good blog MP21

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