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The Heat Strike Back In Game Two

Miami came out and was stunned the first game of the Eastern Conference Finals. They were embarrassed by the home-standing Bulls and plenty of people felt that this could be a foretelling of things to come. Well, the Heat showed some resolve and played their way back to tie the series. A few key things and changes happened to affect the outcome of game 2.

Udonis Haslem was a guy who was going to be depended on all year. I honestly thought that if he stayed healthy, the Heat would be at the NBA Finals at the beginning of the year. When he went down, he took all the toughness and grit of the Heat post players with him. I thought he may be lost for the season. But, low and behold, he comes back in the post-season. He had been largely ineffective so far in the playoffs, but when Miami needed him most, he showed up and showed out. Haslem outplayed the Bulls bench with his short jumpers, powerful dunks and great rebounding presence.

Dwyane Wade played a ton of minutes. In fact, at some point, I thought he would run out of gas. Wade played SG and backup PG the whole second half and they inserted Mike Miller at the SG position at times. Starting PG Mike Bibby also played better defensively than I thought he would be capable of, but in stretches, D Wade took over the task of guarding D Rose. Wade more than made up for his Game 1 performance and frustrated D Rose and the Bulls.

But by far the biggest change was the play of Miami Heat’s closer, LeBron James. James has been known to leave the door open for teams with his questionable shot selection down the stretch at times. Well, this game, he took over and took it to the Bulls. When the game was ties at 73, LeBron hit a huge 3 and then hit a mid-range jumper and then followed with another jump shot late to put the game out of reach. I have to give credit where credit is due. LeBron is turning the corner on being a closer right before our eyes.

For all the positives of the Miami Heat, there is one negative. I would watch the amount of minutes that D Wade and LeBron are starting to log. They both went 40+ minutes to get this win. Their stamina will be tested as the series goes on. And for the Bulls, they have to find more ways to generate offense. It seemed like they didn’t bring the energy they brought in Game 1. The Bulls must do that and make the hustle plays to win games.

In Game 3, I expect some more gamesmanship on both teams. It will be interesting to see what happens. But, until Sunday, Heat fans will be rejoicing and the Bulls fans will be searching for answers. It should be a great ride and a great site watching these two teams slug it out to the finish.


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6 thoughts on “The Heat Strike Back In Game Two

  1. Bobby Charts on said:

    Yeah Udonis was very good in game 2. I’m curois how wade and lebron will hold up. also bulls defense will get back on track and that should lead to easier offense, hopefully for them. this series is going 7 i feel and that where having home court really plays a big role. the 3 days rest is much needed for both teams. It’s going to be intresting to see what happens in game 3.

  2. BiGTooT on said:

    Too much to go on here the bulls D wasn’t effective down the stretch and D. Rose went MIA the final qtr plus, Boozer I’m not sure what to say about this guy needs to bring it every night Korver just can’t find his shot.. I think LBJ can be a closer but just like most we want it on a consistent basis and not once a month, this series will go 7 games with the bulls advancing..

  3. Lee Love on said:

    Bulls now know the Heat is in a game on mode, even though Udonis pulled some tricks out the bag and Heat picked up their defense in game#2 there were still times where the Big 2 were scoreless and flat and speaking of flat the Bulls where very flat, shooting bad and missing alot of chippy shots that should have been made. We already Boozer has no defense and if Korver isn’t hitting 3’s he’s a liability, but they have enough other weapons that were just bad in game #2…they make adjustments – I see Bulls in 6

  4. I thought before the year that these 2 teams would meet in the Conference Finals, I’m still taking Miami in 6 only because of the return of Haslem. Just his presence on offense means the Heat have 5 players capable of scoring on the floor, the Bulls don’t. UD and Bosh have range out to 19-20 ft where Boozer and Gibson have range out to 15 ft maybe. UD is not a defensive liability and Boozer is, I don’t think the Bulls will go quietly, but this will be the series where not having another scorer that can create their own shot will hurt Chicago. Rose can’t do what he usually does with Wade dogging him all around the court. As for the minutes played by Wade and Bron, the Big 3 hardly played 35 min a game all year so I’m sure they can manage. These guys are in their primes, that’s why I’m not worried about the minutes….it’s the playoffs!!

    • I think that fatigue will come into the equation because of the Heat’s lack of depth. I believe the Heat’s lack of depth will cost them eventually. The question remains can Wade and James play 40-45 minutes every game in a very physical series against a physical defense. And as far as Haslem, I think if he were healthy all season, then Miami would be the prohibited favorite in this series, but there is a question as to whether he can keep this up because, after all, he has been out all year. Should be interesting to see the answers to these questions as well as the questions about the Bulls. The Bulls have to beat Miami with execution, which they did the first game. I expect their execution will be better next game and that Chicago will be better defensively down the stretch.

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