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Chris Paul: Still One Of The Best PGs In The NBA

When people mention the best PGs in the NBA, you always hear people say Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Darren Williams and Russell Westbrook. But, where is Chris Paul in this argument? Well, after today’s game, CP3 made everyone think about the pecking order of NBA PGs.

The New Orleans Hornets were just considered a speed bump on the way to the 2nd round for the Lakers. The Hornets are missing their leading scorer and rebounder (PF David West) and they have had issues with consistency on the offensive end of the court. Someone forgot to tell Chris Paul and the Hornets that they weren’t supposed to win because they came out and shocked the world by beating the Lakers in LA 109-100.

Paul was outstanding. He had 33 points, 7 rebounds, 14 assists and 4 steals and he controlled the tempo of the game. He punished the Lakers when they switched the pick-and-roll. He made C Aaron Gray, yes I said Aaron Gray, a weapon. Gray had averaged 3.1 points per game before erupting for 12 points in Game 1 against the Lakers. Besides Paul, there really isn’t any other weapons that you have to fear on this team. The Lakers knew that and they still couldn’t stop Paul.

The main thing that makes Paul so good isn’t his quickness or his shooting ability. What makes Paul great is his understanding of the PG position. After the game, he was asked about his play. He said he picked his spots to be aggressive offensively. That’s what a true PG does. A PG has to pick spots to be aggressive and also know when to get teammates going. Chris Paul does that perfectly and that’s what makes him one of the best.

My advice for the Lakers would be to not switch the pick-and-roll next game. Another suggestion would be to put someone other than PG Derek Fisher on Paul. But even with the adjustments that I just suggested, Paul still will be a factor and will be a major headache for the Lakers for the rest of the series. Good luck figuring him out LA.


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One thought on “Chris Paul: Still One Of The Best PGs In The NBA

  1. quez clar on said:

    This is very true. even though i had been cheering 4the Lakers, i can not deny that chris put on 1 hell of a show. awesome post!!

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