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NFLPA Dercertifies, NFL Owners Now Locking Out The Players

They tried and tried to get it all worked out, but now, its lockout time. The owners opted out of this deal a few years ago with a lockout in mind. The NFLPA decided to decertify today and in turn the NFL owners are going to lockout the players. This isn’t looking good. The owners wouldn’t show the players their books so the players could understand why the owners wanted certain things.

This whole thing is about money. The owners want the players to play 18 games, make them more money all the while they want to cut down monies given to the players because of supposed funds that they are losing. But my question for the owners is where’s the proof of that? The NFL has been thriving for years and I haven’t seen any slowing of revenue. I personally think the owners just feel that they were giving too much to the players and they wanted to get that power back in the terms of money. Well, because of the shot they fired first with opting out of the deal, the NFLPA decided to decertify and now there’s a lockout.

Where the owners are wrong is they are putting their greed ahead of the product. The NFL is the most popular league in the world and they make more money than anyone. So, for the owners to think that the players are going to take a blind leap of faith that the owners are losing money and take the cut makes no sense. These rich owners got rich by spending less and saving more, not spending and not saving. But in this instance, they are dead wrong.

Now I’m sure that there may be some key points that I have missed, but the only thing I can say for sure is that I’m tired of this bickering back and forth and I wish that both sides would just come to an agreement and get this over with. The owners still haven’t realized that their greed is what has caused this lockout situation. Now with all that being said, I still think that we will not be missing any football at the beginning of the NFL football season. If there is football missed, then the NFL will incur serious damage to its popularity. Get it done for your fans NFL owners and players or this picture below will be what graces the cover of Madden 12.


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One thought on “NFLPA Dercertifies, NFL Owners Now Locking Out The Players

  1. Cant really find a side to take on this one. The owners are definitely asking for too much, but the players are also partially at fault for not investing money wisely. I know plenty of people who make $50,000 a year and have no trouble making house payments or living comfortably. But they also don’t put their bodies on the line and bring in as much revenue like the NFL players do, so the players deserve the money that they make. I just cant seem to pick a side, there are really no winners, only losers in the whole thing.

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