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Live The Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. was a person who changed the fabric of America. He fought for equality in a non-violent way and stood up for the rights of many who were not having their voice hear. He fought for equal rights so we could all live together in harmony. Fast forward to 2011. A lot of America just view the observance of King’s birthday as a day off from work, a day off from school or a 3 day weekend where we can go party, but do we really understand what sacrifices he made for us.

Most of us in America take for granted a lot of things that we’re able to do. Do you not ever realize that some rights and things never were in existence until King fought for them? Just look around at today’s America for a second with me. King’s fight for equality gave us the 1st Black General Manager in the NBA, paved the way for Bob Johnson to be the 1st African-American owner in the NBA and he also paved the way for people to make decisions based on the content of a person rather than the color of their skin. A lot of the players that play in the NBA, NFL and other sports wouldn’t even be where they are if it weren’t for him. The things that are taken for granted like the right to vote and the freedom of speech we have today may not have been here if it weren’t for King Jr.

I personally am going to take in today not as a holiday, but as a day to honor him. Without him, I may not have had this opportunity to even be writing this blog. He influenced all of us (Black, White, Hispanic) whether we want to recognize it or not, so today while you’re doing your everyday activities, remember that some of these things that we all are allowed to do could all be different if it weren’t for the power and the voice of one man.


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