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Hidden Agenda

The NCAA just made another big ruling in college football. Ohio State players Tyrelle Pryor, leading rusher Dan Herron, No. 2 wide receiver DeVier Posey, All-Big Ten offensive tackle Mike Adams and backup defensive end Solomon Thomas must sit out the first five games of the 2011 season for selling their Buckeye memorabilia to a Columbus, Ohio tattoo parlor for services. They must also repay money to a charity after some of the services they received at the parlor were found to be discounted. But after all these violations, all these players are still eligible to play in the Sugar Bowl.

After hearing the ruling, am I the only one trying to figure out how the NCAA came to their ruling? Am I the only one that thinks the punishment is selective? These guys broke the rules, but they can play in their bowl game? This signals to me that the NCAA is just about the money.

The NCAA is a big corporation that exposes kids to the media for their own gain. If Ohio State was playing in a lesser bowl game like the Beef O’ Brady’s Bowl or the Pinstripe Bowl, they would have definitely have been suspended for their bowl game. The Pinstripe Bowl doesn’t bring in the type of money these big bowls like the Sugar Bowl does.

Another point that I see in this decision is that the NCAA may have a bias. The reason I say that is because when Georgia WR AJ Green sold his jersey, he was punished right then and there and suspended immediately. He did the exact same thing that the 5 players in question did, sold his memorabilia for money. Now, is it just me or does it seem like the NCAA is ruling differently in this case because this school is a prominent Big 10 school and not an average to above average SEC school?
To me, the NCAA is an unjust organization that just does things with no rhyme or reason. They just do what they feel without any kind of explanations. That is just wrong and sad. I feel that these NCAA decision-makers should have to be accountable for their actions. They never are made accountable. Maybe its time for them to look in the mirror and do a little self-examination.


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2 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda

  1. James Rutherford on said:

    What’s the use in kicking a dead horse the NCAA is a joke the rules are the rules when it is beneficial to the NCAA it’s all about the money and the suits who governs the money. That’s why I didn’t consider Cam Newton’s father a bad guy like the media portrayed him to be, why not try to get a cut of the action ? If I was a betting man I’d bet Ohio State & the NCAA won’t stop selling those No.2 jerseys for the five weeks that Pryor is suspended.

    • I think this decision made it easy for Pryor to decide to go pro. They will be selling someone else’s jersey at Ohio State next year. Bad thing is Pryor isn’t ready for the NFL right now.

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