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TEM’s College Bowl Game Predictions ( BSC Bowls )

Now that I’ve predicted all the smaller bowl games, its time to predict the big games.

Rose Bowl ( TCU vs. Wisconsin )
TCU is coming in after destroying the competition all year. QB Andy Dalton hasn’t done it all by himself though. He has a stable of young RBs that can cause problems for Wisconsin. The bad thing for TCU is they are about to play the hottest team in the Big 10. Wisconsin is the most physical team in the BIg 10 and they are going to try to outphysical TCU. They will run the ball at TCU all day with James White, Monte Ball and company. Can TCU step up to the challenge? I don’t think so.
Prediction: Wisconsin 34, TCU 24

Fiesta Bowl ( Oklahoma vs. Connecticut )
This should be the least exciting of the BCS games. Oklahoma has tremendous firepower at RB and WR. The task for the Huskies will be to keep all these playmakers in check. The main assignment for the Sooners will be to keep RB Jordan Todman in check. If they are able to do that, QB Zach Fraser cannot beat them.
Prediction: Oklahoma 38, Connecticut 13

Orange Bowl ( Stanford vs. Virginia Tech )
The Cardinal travel to South Beach t take on The Hokies in what should be a competitive game. Stanford QB Andrew Luck is the straw that stirs the drink for the Cardinal. He must be effective and precise against Bud Foster’s Hokie defense. If he is patient and takes what they give him, he should be able to eventually hit them with the big play. Virginia Tech must get the running game going with RBs Ryan Williams and Darren Evans. If they do, then that makes QB Tyrod Taylor even more dangerous. Taylor is an elusive runner and a dangerous passer at times and the running game would also open up the play-action passing game for him. Expect some big plays this game.
Prediction: Stanford 31, Virginia Tech 24

Sugar Bowl ( Ohio State vs. Arkansas )
The Buckeyes head to New Orleans to meet a fired up Arkansas team. The Buckeyes must have balance on offense. If they have to depend on QB Tyrelle Pryor running and throwing all day, then there could be problems for them. Arkansas has one of the most explosive offenses in the nation. They must be able to run the football against Ohio State’s front seven so QB Ryan Mallette can hit the big plays for Arkansas. WR Joe Adams will be a player to watch this game.
Prediction: Arkansas 34, Ohio State 23

BCS National Championship Game ( Oregon vs. Auburn )
Oregon and Auburn come into this game as two of the most explosive offenses in America. The Ducks must be physical with Auburn in order to win. They run a spread offense, but they are a very physical team. RB LaMichael James and WR Jeff Maehl must be productive for QB Darren Thomas. The tempo of the Oregon offense won’t be a factor because Auburn’s offense runs the same tempo with their offense. Thomas will be key this game because he must win the matchups against the Aburn secondary. QB Cam Newton has carried the Auburn offense, but he has had help shouldering the load. RBs Michael Dyer and Ontario McCaleb will have to be effective against the Oregon front seven. In the end, it all comes down to who can withstand the other’s initial surge. In my estimation, Auburn is more equipped to do that. They have been behind this year before and know how to come back from any deficit. Auburn is your National Champion.
Prediction: Auburn 42, Oregon 31

These are the championship round predictions for the Bowl season. Let the games begin!!!


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