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The Everyday Mailbag- 12/14/10

This Tuesday brings another installment of The Everyday Mailbag. Check out who made the mailbag this week!

Q: What do u think the Titans need to do to improve?
-Marquez C., Nashville, TN

A: A lot of things. If Jeff Fisher stays, I think he may need to find a different defensive coordinator because Chuck Cecil’s scheme isn’t getting executed. Also on offense, they will need to be more explosive. They depend too much on explosive plays in the running game and not on explosive plays in all phases. Opening up the offense has to happen. And on defense they need to get a defensive tackle, through draft or trade, that’s explosive and a play-making linebacker and a new safety to go alongside Michael Griffin. Chris Hope is done.

Q: What do you think Urban Meyer is thinking right about now knowing he let Cam Newton get out of Gainesville ?
-James R. , Nashville, TN

A: To be honest, it was reported that Cam was having academic issues there, so there may have been issues out of Meyer’s hands. But, saying all that, I think his thinking was that no man is bigger than the team and I can’t fault him for that thinking.

Q: ‎​Who would you take in building your team. Darren Williams, D Rose, Rondo or Westbrook?
-Quinton T., Mufreesboro, TN

A: I would take D Rose. Reason being is now he has added a 3 point shot to go along with his explosive game. I would take Darren Williams if I couldn’t get D Rose because he can do everything but he isn’t as explosive as Rose. Rondo can’t score in the clutch so that knocks him down and I would take Westbrook next because the other guys have done it longer than him.

Q: ‎​Why do you think Gus changed his mind about coaching Vandy football?
-Tiffany P., Antioch, TN

A: To be honest, I think he looked at the situation and feels that he can command a better situation and a better job.

Q: With all the great players excelling in the league playing PG, do you believe that this is the season of the point guard?
-Kareem H., Nashville, TN

A: I believe you do have to have a good point guard. but in the end, you have to have a big man that can get you easy baskets inside. So as much as this year is about point guards, it takes a big man to win a championship.

Q: So how about those Celts? Any projections for them?
-Charissma M., Los Angeles, CA

A: They will finish in the Top 4 like they usually do in the East. The issue I have with the Celtics is that they are old and they have two O’Neals on their team that have a history of injuries. To be honest, they must stay away from a hard series in the first round of the playoffs. If they have a tough first round game, they could been in trouble in the next round because of the age of their team. Ultimately, I do not see them coming out of the East again this year.

Q: If Cam makes himself eligible for the NFL draft will he be the No. 1 pick ??
-James R., Nashville, TN

A: Newton is going to make himself available in the draft this year. I think that’s a forgone conclusion, but he will not be the first pick in the draft. Stanford QB Andrew Luck will if he comes out after this year. He is considered the most pro ready QB in college right now. If Luck doesn’t come out, then Cam could definitely be the first pick in the draft, but I think Luck will leave for the draft this year as well.

Q: ‎​Will the Packers make playoffs?
-Ken L., Newton, IA

A: Without Aaron Rodgers they won’t make it. But, the Bears give them a chance to win the division still with their inconsistencies. I think they will find their way into the playoffs.

Thanks to all who participated. And to all who have any sports questions and would like to ask me, feel free to e-mail them to me at


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