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TEM’s NFL Football Predictions- Week 13

This week has some good battles for division supremacy. Some teams will prove they are for real and some teams will show its time to get ready for next year. Without any further adieu, here are my predictions for Week 13 in the NFL.

Houston vs. Philadelphia
Houston travels to Philly to take on an angry Philly team. Houston QB Matt Schuab was better last week and he should be able to do some damage against the Eagle secondary as well, provided CB Asante Samuel doesn’t play ( decision hasn’t been made yet). If Samuel plays, Schuab may be in trouble because Samuel is a magnet for big plays. One thing that can be counted on is RB Arian Foster. He will be able to produce this week against a defense that has trouble stopping the run at times. Eagles QB Michael Vick had some issues last week against the Bears and still had a pretty good game. I expect him and WRs DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin to have a field day against the Texans. The Eagles will make too many big plays for the Texans to keep up with.
Prediction: Philadelphia 38, Houston 20

New Orleans vs. Cincinnati
New Orleans travels to the Queen City to take on one of the NFL’s biggest disappointments this year, the Cincinnati Bengals. QB Drew Brees has been dialed in the last few weeks and I expect him to come out and slice and dice the Bengals secondary. The Bengals will not create a pass rush, so Brees should have time to pick which one of his targets he hits downfield. Bengals QB Carson Palmer has been struggling to say the least. This week he faces another tough task in the Saints. WR Chad Ochocinco has been stirring up talk this week of him at S Darren Sharper this week on the field. I expect Ochocinco to definitely get quieted by the secondary of the Saints. Bengals, you can thank Ochocinco for the Saints defense whooping you all.
Prediction: New Orleans 31, Cincinnati 13

Chicago vs. Detroit
Chicago travels to Detroit to take on a Lions team that will be down to its 3rd QB. QB Drew Stanton will be starting against the Bears, so expect a lot of scrambling as Stanton tries to escape the grasp of Bears DE Julius Peppers. QB Jay Cutler was perfect last week against the Eagles. This week it will be interesting if he can put two good games together back to back. It will also be interesting to see if the Bears offense stays somewhat balanced as well. With whatever the Bears do on offense, I don’t expect the Lions to be able to stop it.
Prediction: Chicago 27, Detroit 10

San Francisco vs. Green Bay
The 49ers travel to Green Bay to take on a disappointed Packers team. San Francisco QB Troy Smith showed some mobility in the pocket and RB Bryan Westbrook filled in admirably for Frank Gore. Gore is out for the season now, so I expect that the offense will be on the shoulders of Smith, especially since the 49ers will not be able to run the ball as easily as they did last week. The Packers should expect more plays with Smith moving around. QB Aaron Rodgers should continue his mastery of defenses this week. The 49ers play hard on defense, but their pass rush isn’t where it needs to be to bother the Packers.
Prediction: Green Bay 30, San Francisco 14

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee
Jacksonville travels to Tennessee to take on a Titan team that is being questioned. Jacksonville QB David Garrard has been playing well lately, but the key to the Jaguar team is RB Maurice Jones-Drew. If the Titans are able to contain him, then Garrard will be forced to have to beat them with his arm. QB Kerry Collins should play for the Titans this week after battling a calf strain. He should bring the experience needed to drive this offense down the field. I expect him to attack Jacksonville’s sub-par safeties. I also don’t expect Chris Johnson to have a performance like he had last week (7 carries, 5 yards). I expect this game to be close, but the home crowd will be the difference.
Prediction: Tennessee 27, Jacksonville 24

Denver vs. Kansas City
Denver travels to Arrowhead Stadium to take on an explosive Chiefs team. In order for Denver to keep up with the Chiefs, QB Kyle Orton must be on his game. He has weapons in WRs Eddie Royal, Brandon Lloyd and Demarrius Thomas, but he must have time created for him by his offensive line. The Chiefs will come out fired up after they got embarrassed a couple weeks ago by the Broncos. I expect the Chiefs to line up and run the ball right at the Broncos and then use their passing game for the big plays. WR Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs is unstoppable right now. Chiefs get their revenge this week.
Prediction: Kansas City 34, Denver 20

Cleveland vs. Miami
Cleveland travels to South Beach to take on an up and down Miami team. QB Colt McCoy may play this game. If he does or doesn’t play, expect the Browns to hand the ball off over and over and over again to RB Peyton Hillis. He is the barometer of their offense. If the Dolphins improved run defense is able to stop Hillis, the Browns will have to then pass the ball. This is where McCoy makes a difference. He is more careful and dangerous when he has to scramble than his backup, Jake Delhomme. QB Chad Henne played well last week. He will need to come out again and lead this team through his play and his actions. He also will need the Dolphin running game to get cranked up. The Browns will play the Dolphins to the end, but the Dolphins will make the plays to win the game.
Prediction: Miami 23, Cleveland 20

Buffalo vs. Minnesota
Buffalo travels to Minnesota to take on a Viking team that seems to be playing more at ease since the firing of head coach Brad Childress. QB Brett Farve may have a limited Adrian Peterson to hand the ball to, so he may have to do more in the passing game this week. Buffalo’s pass defense should be up for the challenge after last week’s near win. Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has been on fire the last few weeks and I expect him to continue his hot streak in Minnesota. Minnesota hasn’t been able to create a pass rush all year, which plays right into what Buffalo wants to do: pass the ball. I expect WR Stevie Johnson to rebound this week and lead the charge as the Bills get back in the winning column.
Prediction: Buffalo 24, Minnesota 20

Washington vs. New York Giants
Washington travels to New York to take on a Giants team that is beat up. WRs Hakeem Nicks won’t play and its not certain whether WR Steve Smith will be able to play this week either. Expect Manning to lean heavily on TE Kevin Boss and his running back tandem of Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. The Redskins should be able to move the ball a little against the Giants, but only is they are able to run the ball. If the Redskins can’t run the ball, the Giants then get to unleash their pass rush, which is one the best in the league. I don’t see McNabb getting the help he needs this game.
Prediction: NY Giants 27, Washington 17

Oakland vs. San Diego
Oakland travels to San Diego to take on a surging San Diego team. QB Jason Campbell will be back starting for the Raiders this week as Brice Gradkowski suffered what may be a season-ending injury last week. Expect the Raiders to try to run the ball at the Chargers so they can set up easy down and distances for Campbell to pass. For the Chargers, they just have to come out and play their game. QB Phillip Rivers has been carrying them offensively and I expect him to continue his carnage against the Raiders defense. Plus, the Chargers owe the Raiders for the loss earlier in the season.
Prediction: San Diego 31, Oakland 17

Dallas vs. Indianapolis
Dallas travels to Indianapolis in this NFC vs. AFC battle. QB Peyton Manning should be able to attack this defense down the field because the secondary play of the Cowboys is still shaky. The key will be can the Colts at least attempt to run the ball this game. If they are able, Manning will have more time to complete passes. If not, Mr. Manning will be seeing Mr. Ware all game long. QB Jon Kitna has been playing well, but the key to Dallas and their recent play has been the running game. If they are able to run on the Colts, they will be able to stay in the game. This game should go down to the wire and in that instance, I will take Manning over Kitna.
Prediction: Indianapolis 24, Dallas 20

St. Louis vs. Arizona
St. Louis travels to Arizona to take on a pitiful Arizona team. Arizona QB Derek Anderson will struggle again unless the Cardinal running game is effective. If they are effective, that should help the Cardinals gain first downs and stay on schedule. If they get into 3rd and medium-to-long situations, the Rams will punish them because the Rams rank in the top 10 on 3rd down efficiency as a defense. QB Sam Bradford is playing great, but this game won’t be about him. If I’m the Rams, I run RB Stephen Jackson all game long because the Cardinals can’t stop the run. Could be a long day for the Cardinals Sunday.
Prediction: St. Louis 30, Arizona 10

Carolina vs. Seattle
Carolina travels to Seattle to take on a weak Seahawk team. Seattle was dominated by the Chiefs last week, so I expect them to come out with some fire. QB Matt Hasselbeck has to carry this offense because the running game has been non-existent. He should be able to make some big plays against this defense. For Carolina, QB Jimmy Clausen will be running for his life unless the running game of the Panthers shows up. This game will be boring to watch, but someone has to win it.
Prediction: Seattle 23, Carolina 17

Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay
Atlanta travels to Tampa to take on the young Buccaneers. QB Josh Freeman and the offense are coming off a game where they struggled. Expect them to come out and hit Atlanta in the mouth early. If Atlanta is able to withstand the early surge from the Bucs, expect them to grind out the game with RB Michael Turner and expect QB Matt Ryan and WR Roddy White to continue to make the big plays they have made all season. This game will come down to the wire.
Prediction: Atlanta 26, Tampa 23

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore
Pittsburgh travels to Baltimore in what should be a very physical game. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger comes into this game hobbled by a sprain foot, so expect him to be a little less than full strength in terms of his scrambling ability. Because of Ben’s injury, expect the Steelers to depend on RB Rashard Mendenhall to carry the offense against a Raven defense that has been known to give up some yards on the ground this year. Ben must also know where S Ed Reed is at all times. QB Joe Flacco must come through in the clutch again for the Ravens to win. RB Ray Rice will be more effective in the passing game than the running game because the Steelers don’t allow many yards on the ground. This game will come down to defenses and which team can make more plays.
Prediction: Baltimore 23, Pittsburgh 20

New York Jets vs. New England
The Jets travel to New England to take on the Patriots in this huge AFC East battle. QB Mark Sanchez has been Mr. Clutch the last few weeks. He must come out this game playing well from the beginning because the Jets cannot afford to fall behind by a lot early. Also, the running game of the Jets must re-emerge. QB Tom Brady has been as focused as any QB the last few weeks and this week poses his biggest challenge. WR Deon Branch could be visiting Revis Island, so I expect WR Wes Welker and the trio of Patriot TEs to be very effective attacking this defense. Expect a physical football game.
Prediction: New England 27, NY Jets 23

These are my predictions for the week. If you feel you want to challenge my picks, then place your picks in the comment box. Let the games begin!


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