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Division Of Mediocrity

The San Francisco 49ers play the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football tonight. It should be a highly competitive game because both teams could be 1 game out of first place with a win. There’s only one problem with this statement and this thought. Both of these teams could be 6-10 to finish the season and end up finishing 2nd to a division winner with 7 wins. I believe that this would be the first time in recent NFL history that a team with a below .500 record made the playoffs.

With Seattle’s home loss to Kansas City, the NFC West sealed its fate as the most mediocre division in football history. Mediocre is putting it nicely. This division is bad.

Let me give you a few examples of how bad this division is. The combined win/loss record of all the teams in the West is 16-26. Another example would be that a rookie QB( Sam Bradford ) on a bad team(St. Louis Rams ) is quite possibly the best QB in the division by a long shot.

Due to this terrible football being played in the West, I think the NFL should make some special circumstances. A winning record should be a requirement to make the playoffs. The NFL should not let a team get into the playoffs with 7 wins while teams like Green Bay or Tampa Bay could possibly not make the playoffs with 10 wins.

I want all of you to watch the game tonight. After you watch the game, think about if you would like to see either of these teams in the playoffs over a team like Green Bay or Tampa Bay or even the New York Giants.


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One thought on “Division Of Mediocrity

  1. The Sports Man's Wife on said:

    I agree. Teams with losing records should not be in the playoffs.

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