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Bailed Out

The Ole’ Miss Rebels have their quarterback for this year. His name is Jeremiah Masoli. Some may remember him as the unconventional quarterback from Oregon who was a darkhorse candidate for the Heisman last year. Well, now after two arrests and a dismissal, he has found a second home in Mississippi.
Too many time I see this type of stuff. A guy gets in trouble a couple times over and gets dismissed. Next thing you know, he pops up at another school and they give him another chance. The only thing I agree with in regards to this whole matter with Jeremiah Masoli is that he should have to pay his own way to school.
This should be the standard way to handle things from here on out. I’m so tired of everytime turn around another athlete is given another scholarship after they blew the first one. To me, if a regular student who had an academic scholarship blew their full ride, their isn’t any way they would be able to go to another school and get another academic scholarship.
Which brings me to my main point. Masoli going to Ole’ Miss isn’t about giving him a second chance. It isn’t about him going to graduate school. Its all about money. To be honest, no one would even know one player on the Rebels football team unless they are an alumni that follows the school or just a big Ole’ Miss fan. Now that Ole’ Miss has someone with name recognition as their quarterback, they can now put more butts in seats. They may even get one more TV appearance. These kids are being rewarded for bad behavior just for the money they can bring in and that is a shame.
College football has a lot of things to examine and this issue with players and universities is definitely one of them.


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2 thoughts on “Bailed Out

  1. Eddie Jackson on said:

    Wow, I don’t even know where to start, but first, the facts:

    – Masoli was not arrested. He was charged with second degree burglary, basically being present at a fraternity party while someone he knew stole a laptop, and was given a citation for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana at a traffic stop.

    -As far as the “bail-out,” this transfer is completely legal under NCAA rules. Bail-out refers to when special privileges and/or unconventional allowances are conferred. In this case, the NCAA rule book openly states that a player may transfer to another school for one season if that player obtains an undergraduate degree and has remaining eligibility. So then, based on your argument, any player that redshirts is getting a “bail-out” because they are using an NCAA policy that provides an extra year of eligibility.

    -The comment that no one outside of alumni and people who follow the team closely could name one player on the Ole Miss team is a stretch; I understand this is the “Everyday Man’s Sports Blog” so that comment would be true if its someone who doesn’t really follow sports. Granted there are many people out there who are bandwagon type fans that only follow big schools like Alabama, Florida, Texas, USC, etc, but anyone who claims to be a follower of the SEC should know Jerrell Powe. He was voted 1st team all SEC by the coaches and media and is considered the top defensive tackle in the league and a 1st round draft pick. There are others that could be debated, but there’s no claim to being a fan of the SEC if you don’t know Jerrell Powe.

    Next, I think more than anything, this post reveals the hypocrisy and bias of college football. One of the big stories of SEC football this year is how Cam Newton is going to make a huge impact for Auburn this year. I’ve had conversations online with this blog’s author on how he feels that Cam Newton will give everyone in the SEC “the business” this fall. Rewind two years and Newton actually was arrested on felony counts of burglary, larceny, and obstruction of justice while a student-athlete at Florida. Newton was kicked off the team, went to JUCO, and found himself being courted by every major program that needed a quarterback. He signed with Auburn and everybody was happy. How is this any different? Its different because Auburn is considered a higher profile team than Ole Miss. Sports writers and media outlets gave Auburn a pass because all the Auburn fans won’t buy magazines, newspapers, or online subscriptions from outlets that bash Auburn. They won’t watch or listen to programs and improve ratings if they are saying what they don’t want to hear. There lies the hypocrisy, the whole system is about money; if you’re going to criticize Ole Miss for trying to put butts in the seats by improving their product, you’ve got to criticize every person involved in college athletics: the US government, the NCAA, the media, everybody. Focusing on one school and one player is not being realistic, its the whole system that’s flawed and everyone has blood on their hands.


    • Ask the average SEC fan and they don’t know who Jerrell Powe is. Ole Miss doesn’t have one name that stands out until now, which is Jeremiah Masoli. Masoli was the example that I used to make my point, so don’t think I haven’t thought about Cam Newton either.
      Don’t be over there thinking I’m pickin on Ole’ Miss. I’m just stating my opinions. And either way, he got in trouble with the law twice and got put off the team.
      Another point that I also said is that it is all about money, which it is. I know the rule is an NCAA rule, but most of the kids that use this rule do get scholarship money and I was saying that it was right that he had to pay his own way.
      And for my last point, I did say that it is all about money in the end. That is true. It isn’t about the education and I do agree that blood is on all hands.

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