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The Right Call

Imagine a running back running through the line of scrimmage and, all of a sudden, a linebacker flashes through and lays a thunderous hit on the running back that knocks him down. He gets up, shakes his head and runs back to the huddle. Now imagine a referee going into the huddle and telling him that he is done playing for the rest of the game.

This is the situation that will now be happening in the California. The California High School football board has just made a rule that officials can now rule when players are not fit to play. I understand the reasons behind trying to do this, but ultimately, this isn’t the job of the official.

When officials are trained, officials are not trained to be doctors. That’s what trainers are there for. In no way are officials qualified to make that decision. If anything, they have enough on their hands during the game besides trying to pay attention to what every player looks like on the field.

Ultimately, I think that the issue should be taken up with the coaches of the teams and the trainers. If a coach sees someone looking like they are a little dinged up, then the coach should be able to pull him out and have the trainer take a look at him. Until their are doctors that are referees, there is no reason that a referee can tell a player he cannot get back in the game when the referee isn’t even a qualified doctor.

CJ 2K 2010?

Chris Johnson is a game-breaking back with a rare combination of speed and toughness. He can run between the tackles and out race anyone to any point on the field as well. He recently just said that he plans to run for 2,500 yards this year. Well, he better brace himself, this year could be a bumpy ride.

Historically, any running back that has run for 2,000 yards has two big enemies the following year: injuries and a target. Terrell Davis is the posterchild for injuries after great years. The year after TD got to and passed 2,000 yards, he started to suffer injuries to his knees and was never the same running back again. The reason why he didn’t make it back is because the wear and tear of the previous year broke down his body to where he couldn’t produce with the target on his back. Only OJ Simpson has had a highly successful year after rushing for 2,000 yards and he didn’t make it to 2,000 yards the next yeaer either.

Another back who wasn’t successful after 2,000 yards was Barry Sanders. Barry was a shifty, often magical runner who could shake any defender out of his shoes. The year he rushed for 2,000 yards, it seemed like no one could contain, let alone lay a finger on him. The following year, Barry was a marked man and every game he has to struggle to get his yardage. He later retired not ever getting close to the 2,000 yard mark.

A lot of things stand in the way of Chris Johnson getting to that magical milestone again. Injuries could happen and he is going to have a target on his back. If I were a betting man, I would not even bet on him getting close to 2,000. Maybe 1,500 yards for CJ this year. Johnson is a special back, but the numbers and the cases don’t lie.

AFC West Preview

Well, the AFC West looks like it may be down this year. Here is my breakdown of the division.

Denver Broncos

Well, to say it was a hard off-season in Denver is an understatement. First, we will start on offense. The Broncos traded Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler this off-season and replaced them with who? Exactly. The Broncos look like an offense that has no explosiveness or weapons that scare anyone( I really don’t think defenses are going to gameplan to stop Daniel Graham), and the few so-called weapons they did have, running backs Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter, are injured already. At the quarterback position, the big move was getting Brady Quinn to be a high-priced number 2 quarterback? Josh McDaniel is going to have to be a magician to make this offense appear to be anything.

On defense, the Broncos lost their main weapon in Elvis Dummervil. He may miss the entire season with a torn pectoral muscle. That’s a huge blow. The Broncos still have Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins, but other than that, there isn’t much more worth talking about with this defense.

On special teams, the kickers and punters should have good years as they will probably have a lot of attempts this year in the thin air in Denver.

Kansas City Chiefs

Well, the Chiefs biggest moves this off-season didn’t even involve players.

The Chiefs brought in Charlie Weis has their offensive coordinator this year. This means that the Chiefs will be a little more explosive, at least by the design of the plays by Weis. Matt Cassel should take another step forward this year in his 2nd year as the starting quarterback for the Chiefs. Cassel has some weapons around him as well. He has Dwayne Bowe, a monstrous wide receiver with speed, Chris Chambers, a speedy wide receiver with big-play ability, a home run hitter in the backfield in Jamal Charles and if Charles isn’t running well, the Chiefs have Thomas Jones to come in and provide his services. I expect this offense to be much improved this year.

On defense, Romeo Crennel takes over as the defensive coordinator. He inherits a defense that has some underacheivers present. Glenn Dorsey has been a disappointment so far in the NFL. I look for the change of scheme(Chiefs will run a 3-4 this year), to really energize Dorsey. If not, then this may be the beginning of the end of Dorsey in Kansas City. At the linebacker spot, Crennel has one of his old favorites in Mike Vrabel to lead his linebacking corp. Hopefully Derek Johnson can become the linebacker everyone thought he would be when he came out of Texas. He has been a disappointment as well in his career. In the defensive secondary, I believe the Chiefs have and emerging shutdown corner in Brandon Flowers. The addition of Eric Berry and the presence of veteran Patrick Surtain add to what should be a solid secondary for the Chiefs.

On special teams, the Chiefs should be solid. A return man does need to be identified for them though. Is it just me or is this team trying to be New England of the Midwest?

Oakland Raiders

It pains me to say this, but Al Davis made a good move in ditching JaMarcus Russell and trading for Jason Campbell. I don’t know if he will be a Jim Plunkett type player like Al Davis said, but he will bring professionalism and leadership to a team starved for that on the offensive side of the ball. At the runing back position, its time for McFadden to prove his worth. He as shown glimpses from time to time, but he is being given the opportunity to be the lead guy with Justin Fargas being let go. If he falters, then Michael Bush will be there to pick up the carries. At the receiver position, the Raiders have JaVon Walker, Heyward-Bey and Louis Murphy. None of these guys scare me at all. The Raiders may be a grind-it-out team on offense this year and I know that makes Al Davis sad.

On defense, the Raiders should be better. A full training camp for Richard Seymour should make him even better in this defense. The addition of John Henderson also will provide a better run-stuffing lineman as well. At the linebacker position, the Raiders have a crown piece in McClain, but they traded away Morrison. It would have been scary to see what these two could have done together, but McClain should be the centerpiece of the revival at this position. In the secondary, the Raiders still have on e of the best corners in the league in Nnamdi Asomugha. Other than him, no one else really scares me in the Raiders secondary.

On special teams, the Raider should be pretty good with Johnny Lee Higgins returning kicks and punts and Sabastian Janikowski kicking field goals.

San Diego Chargers

This team is a team that is in a transition. LT is now gone to the Jets, so this team is Phillip River’s team. Expect the Chargers to pss the ball a lot more this year. Sure, it helps that you drafter a workhorse running back in Ryan Matthews to take the place of LT, but this team has been evolving into a passing team for some years now. But, their passing attack is going to take a huge hit if Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil do not sign their tenders from the club and get into camp and all indications are that they are willing to sit out until Week 10, when they have to play in order to be a free agent the next year. Antonio Gates still is a great tight end, but he needs some playmakers around him to make him even more effective. With all that being said, I still expect Rivers to take what he has and make it great. Also, watch for Darren Spoles on 3rd downs this year. He is explosive!!!!

On defense, the Chargers have some work to do. They let go off their anchor in the middle of their defense, Jamal Williams, and have yet to find a suitable replacement. This means that the Chargers will have to maybe stunt or run blitz a little more to compensate. At the linebacker position, a healthy Sean Phillips and Sean Merriman should make for some relentless pressure on the quarterback. Stephen Cooper and Kevin Burnette should make for a good combination at the inside linebacker position. In the secondary, the Chargers have a playmaking safety in Eric Weddle. The thing that has always been missing from the Charger defense has always been cornerbacks. The Chargers let go of a good one in Antonio Cromartie and really didn’t fill that position well, in my opinion, with Nathan Vasher. He could surprise me and flashback to the old Nathan Vasher, but for right now, he is an injury-plagued corner who can’t move the way he used to.

On special teams, the Chargers will have a dangerous weapon in Darren Sproles. He can take it to the house anytime he touches the ball. The kicking game is faily solid with Nick Kaeding.

Division Winner: San Diego Chargers
Best Rookie: Eric Berry
Division MVP: Phillip Rivers

More Isn’t Better

In the case of Elliot Porter, more isn’t necessarily better. Porter is a lineman that had committed to LSU the summer before his senior year. He then signed his letter-of-intent with LSU in February. Then he went to LSU to move in and get ready to compete for playing time. All of a sudden, he is summoned to Les Miles’ office. And then he is hit with some absolutely blind-siding news. Les Miles informs Porter that they do not have a scholarship available for him and he will have to pay his way this upcoming semester until a scholarship frees up in the spring.

This practice is called “grayshirting”. The reason that this happens is that college football teams have 25 scholarships available each year. Most colleges over-sign that amount. The reason colleges do this is because they fear that some players may not qualify and have to go to prep school or junior college. But, what happens when all qualify?

In the case of Elliot Porter, he was considered the low man on the totem pole and LSU left the decision in his hands as to whether he would like to “greyshirt” or go to another school. In my opinion, they shouldn’t of signed him if they didn’t think they would have the scholarships available.

LSU may be the newest case of this “grayshirting” issue, but they are certainly not the first and will not be the last. I think that the schools that do this should be on the hook to pay for these kids to go to school. Either they do that or these schools should get a scholarship lost for every scholarship they over-sign. But, this has to stop. This is a terrible practice and the kids that are trying to go to college to better themselves are getting hurt in the process.

Icy Blue

Well, I guess when it rains, it pours at North Carolina. Just when you were thinking there was only one incident, a few more pop up. First it was Agent Gate with Mario Austin. Now, we are finding out that former Tar Heel and 2008 first round draft pick Ketwaun Palmer paid for Austin and Cam Thomas to attend some summer training in California.
And the story gets even deeper than this. The agent for Palmer is good friends with a member of the coaching staff for North Carolina. The agent and the coach are such good friends that the coach is on the agent’s board for his agency. Can you smell the nasty stench here? I even heard he does the workouts for his athletes as well.
This, to me, seems like its time for the athletic director to step in and make some decisions. If he doesn’t, then things could spiral out of control for this up-and-coming football team.

If I were the director, I would fire that coach and take a hard look at what Butch Davis is doing. The reason I include Butch Davis in this is because he more than likely knew of what this coach did and he should of handled it. This program, like so many others, needs to have an internal examination of what is really going on within the walls of that program.
After all, the two things you want to happen to your school are the NCAA to call and for them to stay that they are going to stay a while.

All About The Benjamins

And so the stalemate ensues. Darrelle Revis and the Jets are still worlds apart on what the All-Pro cornerback should be paid. In my mind, Revis is the best corner in the league right now and to be paid $1 million for this season is a joke. He should and I think he will get a raise. But the point that everyone is missing is that it isn’t about having the highest paying contract, its about getting guaranteed money.

Darrelle Revis is looking to be the highest paid cornerback in the league, but not just that, he wants some guaranteed money. The thing that a lot of people miss is that when players sign a big contract, the player rarely sees all that money. The reason why is because of incentive clauses, roster bonuses and things like that are what make up most of the money that is written in the contract language. But, the main thing that a player sees are his paycheck per game and the signing bonus. And in the language, the biggest words are signing bonus and guaranteed money.

I don’t blame Dareele Revis for going for the big money. If he didn’t strike now while the iron was hot, he may not maximize his worth, or he could eventually get cut. After all, if he didn’t perform, he would have been cut by now.

So, in the end, the Jets and Revis will stay in a stalemate until Revis gets his guaranteed money. And all that is lost is the game that he is supposed to love, football. in case u haven’t realized about this whole blog entry, I haven’t once mentioned Revis and his stats. That’s because the NFL isn’t about the game anymore, its about the money. Show Revis the Benjamins please.

NFC East Preview

Well, I did save what I think is the best division in the NFC for last. Well, here we go with the rundown of the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys

Well, a lot of people are jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon. The Cowboys return all their key pieces from last year. In the backfield, you have the three-headed rushing attack of Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tarshard Choice. This should make for a fresh Marion Barber down the stretch to close games, but each running back is a playmaker. At the receiver position, the Cowboys welcome in a new weapon in Dez Bryant. He should be a good addition to a receiving core that is looking for a receiver opposite of Miles Austin. I think that Roy Williams got lucky that Bryant got hurt in the training camp. His playing time could reduce significantly if he does not produce, as I think the lineup at receiver should be Austin and Bryant on the outside with Patrick Crayton in the slot and Roy Williams as the odd man out. But, I’m not the coach, so I don’t make these decisions. Also, u must account for Jason Witten. He is the most important piece on the offense, as he is Tony Romo’s security blanket. I look for Romo to continue his progress from last year.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Cowboys are pretty good. On the defensive line, Jay Ratliff is the guy to keep your eye on this year, but the main force on this team is the linebackers, and in particular DeMarcus Ware. As he goes, so goes the defense. In the secondary, the Cowboys are ok, but not spectacular. I personally think that Terrance Newman as your best corner doesn’t bode well, but maybe the Cowboys know something I don’t know. The secondary is the weak link of the defense.

Where do we start with the special teams? The Cowboys had the worst kicking in the NFL last year. This also will be an Achilles’ heel for the Cowboys. Other than that, the Cowboys should be solid in the return game with Patrick Crayton.

New York Giants

The New York Giants on offense will need to have a renewed focus on the running game this year. The tandem of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs played pretty banged up last year, so the start of a new year should bring a return to form for these two. At the quarterback position,Eli should be pretty steady in the pocket and should be aided by the running game. Eli has plenty of toys to play with in his receiving corps. The trio of Hakeem Nicks, Steve Smith and Mario Manningham will provide explosiveness as well as consistency. Also, look for Kevin Boss to continue to be Eli Manning’s security blanket.

On defense, the Giants post the deepest core of pass rushers in the NFL. With Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora leading the charge, the front four should be vicious. In the linebacking core, the Giants welcomed in Keith Bullock this year. With Bullock to go along with Goff and Michael Boley, the Giants have a bery athletic starting trio. In the secondary, the Giant may have the best secondary. The Giants go three deep at cornerback with Tyrelle Thomas, Aaron Ross and Corey Webster. The Giants also boast a young and ultra-talented safety core with Kenny Phillips and newly aquired Antrel Rolle. The Giants also brought in Deon Grant as insurance just in case Kenny Phillips isn’t ready to go or has a setback with his knee. The Giants defense will be the most feared defense in this division.

On special teams, the Giants will need more consistent kicking and also a spark in the return game.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles start this year with a new quarterback in Kevin Kolb. is it just me or do u already hear Eagles fans screaming for Vick to come in the game already. At the running back position, LeSean McCoy is the new Brian Westbrook with more size. He should do even more this year and will be depended on to help ease Kolb in, or try at least. At the receiver position, the Eagles are very talented with the combination of Maclin and Jackson. Kevin Curtis is the lone proven veteran presence on the offense and he will be leaned on to guide these young guys. Brent Celek will also be another weapon that will be depended on to help Kolb. The Eagles will be young on offense, but they could be exciting if they can put it all together. It all depends on Kolb.

On the defense, the Eagles are led by the playmaking skills of Trent Cole on the defensive line. The Eagles must get a consistent compliment to Cole. In the linebacking core, the return of Stewart Bradley and the pickup of Ernie Sims have some thinking that the Eagles will be strong here. I think that the Eagles have so work to do at this position. In the secondary, the Eagles have their bellcow in Asante Samuel. Macho Harris should be better this year in his second full year of playing safety. Other than these two, the Eagles need another cornerback to step up because they traded Sheldon Brown to the Browns.

On special teams, the Eagles will continue to be special. David Akers is still a very good kicker and the return ability of DeSean Jackson is a big bonus and weapon.

Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins should be a pretty interesting team this year. The trade of Jason Campbell to the Raiders and the trade for Donovan McNabb were good moves. Donovan will bring exactly what Shanahan needs to the offense, professionalism and big-play ability. In the backfield, I thought the Redskins were collecting a running back nursery home in the off-season. The Redskins picked up Larry Johnson, Brian Westbook and Willie Parker to go along with their aging running back Clinton Portis. I personally think they should have drafted a back to eventually be Portis’ replacement, but maybe Shanahan knows something I don’t know. Either way, the jury is out on the running back position in DC. At the receiver position, the Redskins made a great move in getting rid of dead weight in Antwaan Randle-El. This move clears the way for young guys like Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas to show what they can do. Santana Moss is still the best receiver, but he is now the veteran presence and voice for this young receiving core. Chris Cooley should be more utilized in the Shanahan’s offense this year.

On the defense, the Redskins are switching to a 3-4 defense. The defensive line depends on one person and one person alone, Albert Haynesworth. As he goes, so goes the defensive line. In the linebacking core, London Fletcher is still getting it done. Hopefully the veteran can be the voice for this defense and lead them on and off the field. Rocky McIntosh will also be another guy in the linebacking core that will be depended on to make plays. In the secondary, Carlos Rogers has to step up and be the guy that they need him to be, a shutdown corner. At the safety position, Chris Hortin should still be the ball-hawking safety that he was last year.

On special teams, the Redskins are pretty average here. They really need Devin Thomas to step up in the return game this year.

Division Winner: New York Giants
Best Rookie: Jason Pierre Paul
Division MVP: Tony Romo

NFC North Preview

Well, the preview bus moves to the north, where an interesting battle ensues.

Chicago Bears

For the Chicago Bears, there is new optimism in the hiring of Mike Martz . He may try to bring the fasest show on turf to Chicago, but he hardly has the weapons to do it. At WR, the only really viable weapon is Devin Hester. And to be honest, Devin Hester is more of a slot receiver than a number 1 receiver. At QB, the Bears better hope last year was an abiration and not reality for Jay Cutler. He endured his worst year as a quarterback last year. If Matrz can somehow rein Cutler in, then Cutler could make the receiving core look like something. Other than that, all hopes lie on Matt Forte. He is a good receiving and running threat, but everything hinges on Jay Cutler. Also, Greg Olsen started to produce last year, but from what I’m hearing out of training camp, he is struggling to even hold on to the starting job and that’s not good news either. I expect the Bears to struggle on offense.

On defense, the strength will be the linebackers. Lance Briggs and Brian Ulracher have to lead this team. In the secondary, the Bears are led by Charles ” Peanut” Tillman. He will have to be the main voice of the secondary in order for pass coverage to be solid. And on the defensive line Adewale Ogunleye and Tommie Harris have to be tremendous forces. At first glance at this defense, there are some holes to fill, but with the leadership of the veterans Briggs and Ulracher, the defense should carry the offense as usual.

On special teams, there is always excitement everytime Devin Hester steps back there, but there is also another weapon in the return game. Johnny Knox will also be returning some punts and kicks. These two will be instrumental in the gameplan on special teams.

Detroit Lions

For the Lions, I think that this will be a better year this year. Matthew Stafford showed courage and heart last year, playing through pain and injuries to lead the team. The offense has a very viable weapon at the wide receiver position in Calvin Johson and they aquired a couple good weapons in Tony Scheffler and Nate Burleson. But, like I always say, the best thing for an offense is a running game. Jahvid Best should provide a much-needed boost to an offense that lacks explosiveness from the running back position. I think that the offense will be better this year, but there is still a good ways to go.

On defense, the Lions drafted an anchor for their line this year in Suh. He will provide what Albert Haynesworth provided for the Titan for Jim Schwartz. Suh, along with Kyle Vanden Bosch, will make things interesting for opposing quarterbacks. At the linebacker position, the Lions will be pretty young. I look for one of the veterans like Julian Peterson to porvide some veteran presence to show the young guys the way. In the secondary, the Lions are not extremely experienced, but they will play hard. Good luck with that because they don’t have a cover corner that strikes fear in anyone.

On special teams, I don’t see anyone that strikes any fear in me personally. But, Lion fans, there is reason for optimism for your team. I think the Lions will maybe surprise some people this year.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers return almost everyone from a squad that returned to the playoffs last year. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in this division. He has lots of weapons at his disposal as well. James Jones, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and company are explosive and can make a big play at anytime. DonaLd Lee also has to be accounted for in the passing game as well, as he is dangerous in the re d zone. In the running game, Ryan Grant had a down year last year, but I think a return to form is in order with the health of the offensive line being a big key there. I think this offense will be as explosive as ever, putting up tremendous numbers.

On defense, the Packers lose Johnny Jolly due to off-the-field issues, but the cupboard is not bare as long as Cullen Jenkins is in there. The Packers also have B.J. Raji as well and he can clog up the middle in the Packers’ 3-4 defensive scheme. At the linebacker position, the Packers are young and talented. Clay Matthews is due for a breakout year and A.J. Hawk and the rest of the crew are solid tackling machines. In the secondary, Charles Woodson leads this crew. Woodson has to be accounted for in the passing game at all times, as he is an adept blitzer out of the slot and a great cover corner as well. Nick Collins is a very good safety and. Once Atari Bigby returns, the Packers’ safety duo will be one of the best in football.

On special teams, the Packers are solid in all phases. The Packers need a good kickoff or punt returner to step up immediately.

Minnesota Vikings

Well, we all know the Brett Farve situation. I’m going to assume that he is retiring. In this case, the Vikings’ title chances take a tremendous hit. Tavarus Jackson is good enough to get the Vikings to the playoffs, but he isn’t Brett Farve and that spells doom for the Super Bowl. At the running back position, Adrian Peterson has been doing some drills to work on ball security this year. I’m anxious to see how well he does, but seeing is believing when it comes to him correcting his ball security issues. I expect to see Toby Gearhardt get some carries in tough yardage situations. At the wide receiver position, Sidney Rice is the leader here. He must show up big again this year for the offense to be successful because Bernard Berrian has proved to be an over-priced deep threat that can’t catch deep passes so far. Visante Shancoe also has to be accounted for in the passing game as well. And Percy Harvin will be the game-changing force that he was last year.

On defense, the defensive line is the obvious anchor here. Jared Allen and the Williams boys should cause serious problems for teams in the run and pass game. At the linebacker position, getting E.J. Henderson back will boost the linebacker core. In the secondary, I expect Antione Winfield to rebound from and injury-plagued year last year. I think that this defense will cause a lot of fits and make things very hard on opposing offenses.

On special teams, the dome has been a huge advantage for kicker Ryan Longwell. He is steady and proven and will help when the offense stalls. Also, Percy Harvin is the most dangerous returner in the division, maybe even the league. He must be accounted for at all times.

Division Winner: Green Bay Packers
Best Rookie: Ndamukong Suh
Division MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Where’s The U?

Here is the list of the top 20 teams in the country based off the new preseason poll(I see the last 5 teams as throw-in teams that’s why they are not included):

1) Alabama
2) Ohio State
3) Florida
4) Texas
5) Boise State
6) Virginia Tech
7) TCU
8) Oklahoma
9) Nebraska
10) Iowa
11) Oregon
12) Wisconsin
13) Miami(FL)
14) Penn State
15) Pittsburgh
16) LSU
17) Georgia Tech
18) North Carolina
19) Arkansas
20) Florida State

Am I the only one noticing the most glaring mistake in this preseason poll. Why in the world is Miami ranked #13? Look at their team. They didn’t lose much at all. They may have lost a couple lineman, but look at the rest of the team.
Jacory Harris, a darkhorse candidate for the Heisman trophy, returns with almost all of his weapons back at his disposal. The only weapon that was lost was Javaris James. Other than that, Cooper is back at tailback and all of the playmaking wide receivers are back. The line also gets a big boost with the late signing of the most recent USC defect, OT and incoming all-america freshman tackle Sentrell Henderson.
On defense, all of the playmakers return. The ‘Canes didn’t lose much at all there. Brandon Harris will prove himself to be one of the best cornerbacks in college football this year and Sam Shields has another year under his belt at cornerback, a position he just started playing last year after moving from wide receiver. On the defensive line, the ‘Canes are go 8 deep and can run lineman at you in waves, creating relentless pressure on the quarterback. At the linebacker spot, the ‘Canes are still young, but all of the linebackers played last year and played well.
I’m not sure what the preseason poll was thinking in regards to 12 other teams that were better set up for a championship run this year, but I can honestly say that the ‘Canes will definitely have something to say about who holds the trophy at the end of the year.

The Greatest

I was recently listening to the radio and plenty people were having the debate of who is the greatest quarterback of all-time. Well, one person has definitely taken the throne of the greatest of all-time to me and he hasn’t even hit the back end of his career yet, Peyton Manning.

I must admit, I not the biggest Peyton Manning fan, but every challenge that has been put in front of him in the NFL, he has passed. He basically has one a lot of games over the years by himself. After all, do you all really think that Tom Moore is calling the plays on the sideline?
I can’t give this title to Brett Farve because he has always had some sort of running game or surrounding cast to help him in his greatness. He is up there, but just not to the same level of Manning.
I also can’t say Johnny Unitas is better than Manning. Johnny Unitas may have been the original quarterback that invented the air attack, but Peyton took it to another level.
I could keep going on and on, but you get the point. No matter how you slice it, Peyton’s precision, football mind and leadership at the position is the best we have seen at the quarterback position. As much as it kills me to say it, when it is all said and done, he will be considered the greatest quarterback of all time. So, enjoy watching his greatness. We will never see another quarterback like him ever again.

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