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Let The Madness Begin!!!!

Have you all out there been waiting on a blog that you could get on and discuss sports with the everyday man that may be the guy next door or the guy across the country? Well, sports fans, now we have it. THIS IS THE EVERYDAY MAN’S SPORTS BLOG. Every week I will be updating this blog and talking about things from who are the top teams in college and pro football to what are the issues affecting sports.  This will be a year-round blog, unlike other blogs that focus on a specific sport. I will be addressing as many sports as possible, starting with football obviously, because its about to be football season.

I will also be taking suggestions on what you would like to see on the blog as well, so also feel free to put your suggestions as to what you would like to see written or talked about on the blog and I will do my best to address that topic.

Now, to the houserules of the blog.

1) There will be no use of profanity on this blog. You should be able to express your sports views without using the “s”, “b”, “d” or “f” words on this site. You got to remember, not everyone is an adult that can see this site.

2) There will be no place for the “n” or “c” words on this blog.  I am trying to create a platform for all races and creeds and there will be none of that tolerated. PERIOD!

3) If you are not bringing an opinion on here and bringing it in general on here, then stay away. There will be some strong opinions voiced on this blog. If you feel as if you cannot bring your opinions as some of the other visitors of the blog can, then just stand on the sideline because it won’t be pretty.

4) Remember that this is just for fun. I don’t want people threatening each other and things like that on this blog. If you get offended that easily, then maybe you should not be on here.

Now that the houserules are out of the way, you can now look forward to plenty more fun discussions.


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4 thoughts on “Let The Madness Begin!!!!

  1. Roland on said:

    Hey Mike! Congratulations on getting the blog up! It looks good.

  2. Shellee on said:

    Good idea!

  3. Look forward to checking it out Mike

  4. G Best on said:

    I look forward to reading and supporting your venture!

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