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Chris Paul is in the pressure cooker again

This face has been familiar when Paul has exited the playoffs. Can he change it this season?

This face has been familiar when Paul has exited the playoffs. Can he change it this season?

When Chris Paul entered the NBA, many looked at him as a great point guard in the making. His vision was excellent, his defense frustrating as an opponent and his will to win was second to none as some viewed him. Some even thought that he would be this generation’s Isaiah Thomas with the skills he possessed. It was almost a no-brainer to some people that he would someday lead a team to the NBA title. It was just a matter of who would select him and benefit from his play to many scouts who watched and evaluated Paul. But things did not work out the way Paul wanted them to. Paul is now a 29 year old point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. His stint in New Orleans was not as successful as he would have thought. And even though he has brought more credibility to the Los Angeles Clippers since he was traded there before the 2011 season, there still seems to be something hanging over Paul’s head.

Chris Paul has been an excellent regular season point guard during his NBA career. Each year could count on Chris Paul to get buckets as well as dish the basketball to his teammates. Paul has the ability to make players around him better, which is not something that many can’t say they have in the NBA. During his career in New Orleans, he made Tyson Chandler an offensive weapon. And Chandler is not the only one that Paul has made look great on the court. During the regular season, it’s great to watch Paul shoot and pass his teams to wins on a consistent basis. But when it came to the playoffs, it seemed like it was a different story for Paul. He would put up the usual numbers in terms of assists and points, but it just seemed like he could not get over that hump of winning in the playoff consistently for whatever reason. It seems like Paul is always exiting the playoffs in the first or second round. As talented as he is, he has never made a Conference Finals at all. And with the playoffs starting today, it is not looking hopeful for the Clippers to beat the defending NBA Champions, the San Antonio Spurs. If they are to lose, you can expect the scrutiny to heighten on Chris Paul. Even though it may not be all on his shoulders, he will probably receive the lion’s share of the criticism because he was supposed to be the superstar that helped put the Clippers over the top. But instead, he is battling his own playoff demons while trying to be the best leader he can.

The outcome of this series for Paul versus the Spurs will tell us a lot about him going forward. To many, he has been an underachiever throughout his career. He has put up numbers but done nothing in the playoffs at all. Being that he turns 30 during the playoffs this season, time is running short on Paul and what he wants to be his defining legacy. As it stands right now, Paul is considered by many to be a great leader and player that has never done much when it counted. Paul will be counted on to make the big plays for the Clippers in this year’s playoffs. Even though he has another All-Star on his team in Blake Griffin, it has been shown time and time again that if the Clippers are to go anywhere, Paul has to be clutch down the stretch of games. And quite honestly, he has dropped the ball a few times and those situations have been blown up into bigger-than-life stories. Paul has done some good things in the playoffs, but the bad has completely shut many out to those things at all. If Paul is to change the narrative, this is the time. He is playing against the defending World Champions, the Spurs. If he is to lead the Clippers over the Spurs, then this Los Angeles team will have a confidence boost going forward that they can beat anyone in their way. But the key thing for Paul is time is running short. And as time is running short, the narrative is becoming a reality for all of us and likely a nightmare to Chris Paul. Until he can shake that narrative, then he will be known as a great regular season point guard that wilts in the big moments in the postseason. And it is realistic to think that he may not ever shake it before his career is over. It’s unfortunate for Paul, but those are the realities when most consider Paul to be the best point guard in the NBA. It should be interesting to see how he does when the pressure comes upon him. Welcome to the playoffs Chris Paul. Let’s see if you stay a while. The clock is ticking.

Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks contract dilemma

Russell Wilson is not only focused on the NFL, but on getting what he feels he deserves (photo courtesy of

Russell Wilson is not only focused on the NFL, but on getting what he feels he deserves (photo courtesy of

The Seattle Seahawks have been talked about for the last few years. The team has been on top of the world the last couple of years, making the Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons, although they lost the last one in thrilling fashion versus the New England Patriots. And the great thing for Seattle fans is they have kept the nucleus of the team together for the most part. Players like safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Richard Sherman and running back Marshawn Lynch have been retained by the organization while they have continued to add pieces, with New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham being the latest edition. It seems like all is going well with the team. But then comes the issue of quarterback Russell Wilson. The former 3rd round pick out of the University of Wisconsin has been excellent running their offense since he stepped foot in camp for Seattle. And the team has mirrored the success he has had. Wilson has been a bargain for the team over the last three years and will only be making about $1.7 million next season. For a quarterback with the success he has had, he should be getting paid more. And of course he is looking around at the guys that play the position and what they are getting paid and wanting to get his piece of the pie. Many believed his contract would be already taken care of at this point. After all, he is the future face of their franchise in the eyes of some. Well, the Seahawks and their management have some different ideas apparently.

When on KIRO radio in Seattle, Seahawks general manager John Schneider had this to say on the negotiations with Wilson: “He’s our quarterback. We would love him to be our quarterback. But the thing is we need to keep as many of these guys together as we possibly can. What I can tell you is that this is the ultimate team sport. We have a track record of rewarding players that we recognize as core players.” When reading the comments of Schneider and his philosophy, it seems the Seahawks are going to do what they feel is best to keep Wilson as their starter but they will not be busting the bank to keep him. In fact, it seems like they will draw their line in the sand for what they believe he is worth and put the decision in Russell’s hands. And in that regard, Russell has again attended some things with the Rangers this offseason. Russell even had this to say in regards to baseball and football and potentially playing them both at the same time: “You never want to kill the dream of playing two sports. I would honestly play two sports.” It seems that Russell Wilson is trying to up the ante. The seriousness of him really playing two sports at the same time is not likely. Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson did so, but neither one of them was the CEO of a football team on the football field. And the idea that Wilson would be able to play quarterback and potentially play major league baseball games during the year is not really that attainable due to the fact that he is not as good a baseball player as Sanders and Jackson were. If he was, then he would probably be more clamored for in professional baseball.

So where do the Seahawks and Wilson go from here at this point? The Seahawks will more than likely allow Wilson to play out his contract this season. Depending on the season that Wilson has, he could raise his value even more to some teams that see him as a star quarterback. If that is the case, then Seattle gets into a bidding war for his services. One of two things could happen if Wilson receives a huge offer. If Seattle truly values him as a core talent and wants to pay him, then the talents that Seattle may be asked to restructure their deals in order to keep him there. If that is the case, then Seattle will be locked and loaded for a while with their pieces still intact. But the other option is Seattle could let him go to the highest bidder on the open market. Honestly, it would be very interesting if Seattle were to do that. The sting would be felt from the fans because he is beloved by the franchise. But the team would have to have a plan in place that could keep them running smoothly. Whether it be a rookie quarterback or a veteran that is ready to step in, the Seahawks would probably be replacing him with a player that does not fit as well as Wilson did. And that is something the Seahawks would have to live with going forward.

In all actuality, Wilson and the Seahawks organization fit well together. And their union has produced some great success. But then this thing called money and the other thing called compensation has to come into play and mess that rhythm up. The reality is that Wilson has been underpaid for the duration of his contract and there will be some payback in this new deal. And if Seattle does not give him the money that he requests, there will be others step up and give him what he wants in hopes he can lead them like he led the Seattle Seahawks. Only time will tell what happens here, but it seems like both Wilson and the Seahawks organization have their Poker faces on. We shall see who flinches first or if anyone flinches at all.

The General’s Six Drafting Rules All NFL Teams Should Follow

The draft is coming and there is definitely some interesting things that could happen. (photo courtesy of

The draft is coming and there is definitely some interesting things that could happen. (photo courtesy of

The NFL Draft is nearing with each passing day and many rumors are out there. You hear of rumors of teams not wanting certain players because of character concerns and also because of the fear their abilities will not translate to the professional level. One thing that can be proven over the years is that drafting players to fit a team is an inexact science. The best player on the board could end up being a colossal mistake. And that draft pick you passed over that you did not put much into scouting could end up being the best player many looked over. All in all, there is high stakes at the draft that could make or break teams and also gets some general managers, coaches and scouts fired. There is a lot of trust in what you see. But there is also a lot of trust in some basic principles. Whether teams admit to it or not, there is a fundamental belief as to why they draft players when they do. And those fundamental beliefs have led some organizations to success and others to the depths of despair. Well, what if you were a general manager and you were building an organization? What would be your strategy or rules to go by? Well, since the draft is near, it’s time for the General’s six rules for drafting.

Rule 1: Never Take a Quarterback in the 1st Round

There have been great quarterbacks taken in the first round and they have put up good numbers and some have even won Super Bowls. But you don’t necessarily need a 1st round quarterback to win the championship. For example, in the last six years three 1st round quarterbacks have won title (Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers, Eli Manning with the New York Giants and Joe Flacco with the Ravens). But there were also three quarterbacks that were not drafted in the 1st round that won Super Bowls for their organizations. Drew Brees won the title in 2010 as his New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts. The former 2001 2nd round draft pick of San Diego led one of the most high-powered offenses in the NFL that season. Ironically, he left San Diego in free agency after a shoulder injury allowed the Chargers to replace Brees with former 1st round pick Phillip Rivers. The Chargers have won nothing while the Saints have some jewelry from the Drew Brees era. Russell Wilson was another quarterback that was not drafted in the first (3rd round pick of Seattle in the 2012 NFL Draft). The Seattle Seahawks were all ready to go with quarterback Matt Flynn the year they drafted Wilson, but they were wowed by the play of Wilson and decided to go with him as their starter. Good thing they did because he has helped lead them to two Super Bowl appearances in three years and has won one Super Bowl. But last but not least there is Tom Brady. The former University of Michigan quarterback was not even given the mere thought of as being a starting quarterback in the NFL, let alone a star. But with his last championship this past February, the former 2000 6th round pick now has three titles and six championship appearances. So with that, there is evidence that a 1st round quarterback is not needed, only good scouts that can actually understand quarterback play.

Rule 2: Only take a running back in the 1st round if you feel it’s necessary

Some of the same rules apply when it comes to taking a running back in the 1st round. If there is an absolute stud in the 1st round, then by all means take him if he fits your scheme. For example, when the Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson 7th overall in 2007, he fit seamlessly into what the Vikings wanted to do. And off-field issues aside, he is still one of the most solid running backs in the NFL and he is the focal point of that offense. But if you take a look around the league, teams are starting to go more to the passing game and less with drafting the bellcow running backs in the 1st round. Look at the starters of the past five NFL champions and you will notice that there was only one running back that was drafted in the first round started for their team (Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks). You can get better value for running backs later in the draft than you can in the 1st round. And time after time, many teams continue to prove that while teams like the Cleveland Browns swing and whiff at the supposed “stud running back” in the 1st round, only to be disappointed.

Rule #3: When an edge pass rusher is available, take him as soon as you can

The NFL has turned more and more into a passing league every single year. Gone are the days where you can put hands on wide receivers when they run down the field. It seems like all the rules are titled towards the offensive side of the ball. So, to even that out, you draft a pass rusher. There are some teams that are stout against the run, but they cannot put pressure on quarterbacks and that can cost them. For example, if the Dallas Cowboys would have had an elite pass rusher last season like they potentially have now in Greg Hardy, they would have beaten the Packers in Green Bay because Aaron Rodgers was limited in his mobility. The best thing a team that does not have stud defensive backs can do is draft a pass rusher to put pressure on the quarterback. The better a pass rush your team has, the more your defensive backs can be covered up and the less time quarterbacks have to find them and exploit them. Elite pass rushers are a very highly valued commodity and in the NFL, they can put your team over the top. Look at the Seahawks defense for example. They have the Legion Of Boom in their secondary, but they also have two great pass rushers in Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett and those two help make the Legion Of Boom look better while giving the quarterback less time. Drafting a pass rusher in the 1st round is not as huge a gamble for your franchise also.

Rule 4: Draft for depth for your defensive lines

The middle of your defense should be solid. With the speed of the NFL, teams should not be able to beat you running sideways. If you have a defense that is getting beat by a East/West runner, then the defense is not very good to begin with. The good defenses over the years like the Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals have all been stout up front. And consequently, those teams have all been very successful over the last few years. You can never have too much depth up to keep guys as fresh as possible inside. From the 1st round to the 7th round, there are always players that are found that can plug a hole on your defense and fit the scheme with which you decide to run. And with that depth, you can wear down an offensive line and then really let loose when it is winning time. The Seattle Seahawks have been using that formula for the last three seasons and no one seems to have an answer for it at all. They tend to find piece after piece throughout the draft and just plug those guys into their system. And in the NFL, it’s a copycat league and many are beginning to learn the value of having depth along the defensive line.

Rule 5: Get as many offensive weapons as possible offensively

Like was mentioned before, the league has turned into an offensive explosion for the most part. Many teams are putting up numbers each and every week. And if you look around offenses in the NFL, there are many teams that are following the same formula. Even though some teams may have had weapons the previous season, they are going out and drafting more weapons at the same position or another position. The more weapons a team has that complement each other, the more chances you can put defenses in compromising positions. Draft for need, but also draft a little for depth with weapons offensively because things like injuries and suspensions can happen unexpectedly and you have to be prepared as much as possible for that to happen. If you are not prepared, then the lack of depth at a position and the lack of weapons offensively could come back to haunt an offense and be the difference between a playoff spot and an early vacation.

Rule 6: Draft offensive lineman with very athletic backgrounds

This may seem like a dumb statement, but there are actually some lineman in the NFL that are not very athletic. You need lineman that are athletic for things like pulling, blocking guys in space and also making that one last incredible block to free your running back for a touchdown. And example of a team drafting athletic lineman is the San Francisco 49ers.If you look at their offensive tackles, Anthony Davis and Joe Staley, both can move in space and can maul the defensive lineman in front of them. And because of these two and the other pieces that surround them up front, the 49ers were known as one of the best run-blocking offensive lines in football over the last couple of years. Athleticism is a key ingredient for lineman to be able to keep up with the speed of the defensive lineman. And with a good offensive lineman doing their assignment well, the quarterback has time to make plays through the air and the running back will have holes to run through.

These are the General’s six rules for drafting and with these strategies, you would have a stout defensive team with a value pick at running back and quarterback that could cost less but be effective on the field. You would also have a team that has an athletic offensive line and depth on the defensive line that can be the lynchpin to what you need to win a title. Building from the inside out is a key essential in making a team that not only is good but has staying power.

Kevin Garnett’s sequel in Minnesota could be longer than expected

KG is back in Minnesota, where it all began. (photo courtesy of

KG is back in Minnesota, where it all began. (photo courtesy of

In 1995, the Minnesota Timberwolves had no face of their franchise. They were a franchise that had no semblance of success and no one could see anything happening in their future. A decision had to be made. What were the Timberwolves to do? Who would lead them forward in their quest to become more relevant? The Timberwolves had plenty of talents to choose from, but they went with probably the most unproven player in the NBA Draft. Coming out of high school, Kevin Garnett was a monster. He was very slight of build, but he could run the court like a guard and he could finish at the rim. He just oozed talent from his pores. Garnett would take advantage of the early entry rule where he could leave out of high school and enter the draft. And his talent caught the eye of the Timberwolves as the one to lead them into the future. The Timberwolves selected Garnett with their fifth pick in the draft and the franchise then was changed. Although some were not sure of what Kevin would be, he came in and showed them what he could be. Garnett would go on to make Minnesota a perennial playoff for a stretch of time (from the 1996-1997 season to the 2003-2004 season). But towards the end of his time in Minnesota, it seemed as if the Timberwolves were struggling to put anything around him and they were not winning basketball games. And as they struggled to win games, it seemed that Garnett became frustrated with his situation in Minnesota. Although never confirmed, it was rumored behind the scenes that Garnett was not happy and wanted to leave. And after missing the playoffs for three years in Minnesota, it finally happened. He was traded to Minnesota in offseason before the 2007 season and the Garnett era was over just like that. And along with the trade of Garnett, so also left the chances of Minnesota ever having a chance to make the playoffs anytime soon.

As of right now, the Timberwolves have not made the playoffs since Garnett was traded in the 2007 season. Although the Timberwolves have tried to make it happen with players like Kevin Love, Al Jefferson, Kevin Martin and countless others over the past eight years, they just have never seemed to make it happen. Meanwhile, Kevin Garnett has had some success in his career after Minnesota. Garnett won a title in his first season in Boston and Doc Rivers always had his team, which consisted of Garnett being teamed with two other Hall Of Famers, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, consistently in the thick of things in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Eventually the Celtics broke up the team and Garnett was traded with Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets. And as time went on in Brooklyn, it was evident that age was catching up to Garnett. The Nets began to cut his minutes last season and this season as well. The young players like big man Mason Plumlee were the ones taking the majority of the time on the court while Garnett was getting token starts and sitting most of the game. The Nets were in contention to make the playoffs potentially in the East this season, but Garnett and the Nets got wind of a trade that could send him back to Minnesota. And of course Garnett accepted the trade. The deal sent Garnett back to Minnesota and sent Minnesota forward Thaddeus Young to the Nets. Garnett was back home and it was thought that he would retire after this season and end his great career. But Garnett, despite only playing five games for the Timberwolves after the trade, has other plans.

It is being reported that Garnett is leaning towards being active for the 2015-2016 season, making it 21 years he has been in the NBA. That is an incredible achievement and should be applauded. But looking at Garnett, you have to wonder what he even has left in the tank. He was out with injuries most of this season with the Nets and Timberwolves and even when he did play he was not playing that many minutes. The veteran forward should go out the way he wants to go out, but there has to be concern as to him playing another season in Minnesota. Although he is a free agent after this season, it is assumed that he will be in Minnesota next season. The Timberwolves need a veteran presence, but not one that will be counterproductive to helping their current big men grow. As it looks in their rotation, you have big men like Gorgui Dieng, Anthony Bennett and Adreian Payne along with veteran Nikola Pekovic there. Adding Garnett to that rotation would mean a crowded frontcourt and that’s not even factoring in the Timberwolves adding another big man potentially if they get the 1st or 2nd pick in this draft. It’s nice that Garnett is coming back, but that will create more issues for this team if Garnett is starting and takes minutes from the youngsters developing. This Minnesota team needs more developing and there are young. That means that no winning will be happening anytime soon and that is what Garnett must get used to. He has been a great player over his career, but now he can look forward to ending his career in obscurity and with a losing team at that.

The best ending for Garnett would have been to retire after this season and potentially become an assistant coach or take a front office job with the Timberwolves. His head coach currently, Flip Saunders, is also a member of the front office and almost assuredly would give the franchise’s greatest player a job with the team. And besides a job with the front office, he could be the guy that helps get these young Timberwolves ready and work with them everyday in practice. That would go a long way in helping the team get back to the playoffs or at least in contention. But instead, Garnett is going to play again and further damage his legacy. He is worn down and the tread on his tires is thin. The end has come for Garnett and he has earned the right to go out on his own terms. But he also has to be mindful that his skills are diminished and he is not the same as he used to be. The Big Ticket is no more and maybe the The Big Mentor should be his nickname because that will be his best contribution for this team next season.

Thabo Sefolosha Gets A Dose Of Police Brutality

Thabo Sefolosha arrested by the New York Police (photo courtesy of

Thabo Sefolosha arrested by the New York Police (photo courtesy of

Police brutality has been a boiling point over the last few years. From the incident in Ferguson, Missouri involving police officer Darren Wilson killing teenager Michael Brown to the incident of Eric Garner getting choked out by the police after claiming that he could not breathe, trust in the police is declining at a fast rate, especially in the African-American community. Everytime we turn around, there is another incident where police conveniently forget they are here to protect and serve not kill and judge. And in every instance, there are those that defend the actions by shaming the victim, view the situation for what it is, or take the point somewhere that makes entirely no sense at all. But in almost all the instances, the victim seems to be the one that takes the worse public beating than the actual one who did the harming of the victim. In New York City, it seemed like another case was heading in that direction recently. Atlanta Hawks basketball player Thabo Sefolosha had just arrived in town with his team after a 96-69 win over the Phoenix Suns in Atlanta. Although it is not clear if the team gave them a curfew or not, the players were allowed to do what they wanted to do when they touched down in the city. Sefolosha, along with teammate Pero Antic, headed out that night and went to a club called 1Oak in Manhattan. Who would know that Sefolosha’s season would be coming to an end that night?

Sefolosha was there with Antic and there was another NBA player present as well. The Hawks were in town to take on the Nets the next day, but the Pacers were also in town as well. Indiana was set to take on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden the next day and former Knicks Chris Copeland was out enjoying the nightlife also. But apparently his enjoyment of the nightlife ended abruptly with Copeland getting in an argument and being stabbed. Copeland was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and has since been said to be well on his way to recovery. But that was only the beginning of the interesting incident that happened at 1Oak. Sefolosha and Antic, who were not there with Copeland, were outside when police showed up and were trying to clear things up. From what was originally reported, Sefolosha and Antic were in the way and were arrested for resisting arrest and trying to prevent the authorities from setting up a crime scene. Both players were taken in and released and missed their game versus the Nets in Brooklyn the next day. But that was not the end of the news for Sefolosha on the events of that night. When he was arrested, it was reported that he had to be wrestled to the ground because he came at the police aggressively. And in being wrestled to the ground, Sefolosha suffered a broken leg. Because of the injury, he is now out for the rest of the season. A key reserve, Sefolosha would have been a good piece the Hawks could have had at their disposal come playoff time. But now that is all a dream after this incident at 1Oak.

The way the incident was originally painted, the police made it seem like Sefolosha was way out of order the entire time and they had to take him down the way he did. But little did they know that there was film out there that proved Sefolosha was not being aggressive towards the police at all: Here is the actual link to the video obtained by TMZ:

The first question in regards to this video is where is the aggression that was reported that Sefolosha had towards the police officers? In the entire incident, there was no aggression by him, only aggression by the police officers towards him. And secondly, there was a swing at Sefolosha’s leg by an officer (the one that consequently is injured and requires surgery now) with a club. The police already had him down on the ground and he was not resisting, so was the swing at his legs really necessary at all? In this instance, the police tried to paint a picture of something that did not happen. It does not appear that Sefolosha was disturbing the scene of the incident at all. It appears he was calm when the police approached him. And the police, in turn, were very rough and threw him to the ground and cuffed him. After viewing that video, what does that make you feel? The sense of anger and frustration definitely seems to come to mind. But imagine what Sefolosha is feeling at this time. His season has been ended by the New York Police Department and now he has to deal with legal issues that seemingly were instigated by the New York Police Department.

Going forward in this case, Sefolosha and teammate Pero Antic have said that the police are lying about their account of the incident and they will be fighting the charges. And they will not be alone in this fight. The NBPA will be looking into the matter as well for Antic and Sefolosha. It seems as if the New York Police Department did not recognize who they were trying to get over on this time and it could have serious consequences for all the police officers involved. Sadly, this case is a rarity when it comes to police brutality cases. Not all police officers are bad guys. Many do good things. But the overlying factor is that police brutality is an issue in this country. Police officers are taking their power overboard and instead of doing their jobs, some are acting like vigilantes and that is unacceptable. This type of behavior should not be accepted and sadly it is glanced over and justified a lot. Some police officers are out of line and it’s time that people call them out on it and strip them of their badges when they step out of line. The law is the law and even when you are the one that is supposed to enforce it, there has to be some accountability there.

Emmanuel Mudiay: The Forgotten Man

Emmanuel Moody took the road less traveled for a high schooler to the NBA (photo courtesy of

Emmanuel Moody took the road less traveled for a high schooler to the NBA (photo courtesy of

A year ago, Emmanuel Mudiay was getting ready to play in exhibition games while preparing to go to college. The star point guard was headed to Southern Methodist University to play for legendary basketball coach Larry Brown. His talent was undeniable and there were many excited to see what he would bring to that program. But unfortunately, Mudiay never stepped foot on the court in college. Instead of making it to college, Mudiay headed to play in China. In July, Mudiay signed with the Guandong Southern Tigers for $1.2 million. The youngster, who was ranked second in some publications behind Jahlil Okafor in the class of 2014, was now a professional athlete and ready to get to work on his game. But unfortunately, Mudiay’s plan did not go as planned. He only played 12 games before he suffered an ankle injury that would keep him out most of the season. Many thought at that point he would sit out the rest of the season. But the team tried to bring him back when they fell down 0-2 to Stephon Marbury’s team in China. Unfortunately, he did not make a big difference as Marbury’s team still won the title. Mudiay got some exposure to the pro level and averaged 18 points, six rebounds and six assists for the Tigers. But Mudiay also averaged almost four turnovers a game, which is something that has to alarm some teams that see him as the player they want.

While Mudiay was overseas playing, his contemporaries were getting the experience of college basketball. The top two players that many talked about with this year’s crop of freshmen were Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns and Duke’s Jahlil Okafor. Both of these freshmen, along with Ohio State guard D’Angelo Russell, were taking over the national media as the top freshmen everyone wanted to get if they declared for the NBA Draft. All three were highly talked about and they did not disappoint in college at all. Okafor averaged 17 points and nine rebounds as he was the man in the middle and a key cog for the Duke Blue Devils on their championship run. Towns was the best post-scoring option on a star-studded Kentucky team. He averaged 10 points and six rebounds for a Wildcats team that was upset in the Final Four by Wisconsin. And let us not forget the talented Russell. He was special for the Buckeyes, putting up 19 points, five rebounds and five assists per game. Unfortunately, his team did not make it as far as Okafor and Towns’ teams did, losing in the 3rd round of the NCAA Tournament. These three freshmen were standouts from the beginning of their collegiate careers and many expected them to be. But there was one other that stood out as well as the season went on. Duke’s Justise Winslow got stronger as the season went on and definitely took it to another level in the NCAA Tournament. As a result of his performances getting stronger as the season went on, he has garnered consideration for being a Top 5 pick in this year’s draft. All these other freshmen that have made their impact on college basketball have almost made Mudiay a forgotten man. Almost so that some mock drafts have misplaced the order of who should go where.

Listening to many talking heads, the talk has been about Okafor and Towns being the franchise-changing talents in this draft. But maybe those who are thinking they are the only ones may want to remember that Mudiay is still out there. Mudiay is a point guard that has non-traditional size. His turnovers may be a concern, but as he grows into the point guard position at the NBA level that will get better. Mudiay, like Okafor and Towns, could be a franchise-changers just like Okafor and Towns could be. Imagine if he were to go to the New York Knicks. Mudiay would fit the perfect style of point guard that Phil Jackson has been used to working with. Even though Jackson is the general manager, it’s hard to believe that Mudiay is not monitored by Knicks brass. And with the league turning into a point guard league, there is always a team that needs a lead guard and is willing to take one as early as possible. Towns and Okafor are big men that everyone covets, but many covet Mudiay as well. Many NBA scouts and general managers have him on their mind. But because of the lack of film on him after high school, those have arose questions in regards to his abilities to be a star to them. But don’t think they are not aware of what he could potentially do. Some even compare his abilities to that of Washington Wizards point guard John Wall. And the comparison, unfortunately, comes all the way down to the jump shot that Mudiay has to develop much like John Wall did.

Many that follow basketball closely are aware of the abilities of Mudiay on the court. And those same followers of basketball are excited to see him on an NBA court next year. But then there are some that are not aware of his abilities and the possibilities of him on the next level. Those that have forgot that Mudiay was once considered in the running for the top overall pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. His talent is there, but to some he is the forgotten man in this draft. Well, to those that have forgotten him that quickly, he will definitely be seen next year. And those that forgot about him will be rudely reintroduced to the man that could be the next star point guard in the NBA. Yes America, Mudiay is back.

Michael Beasley Down To His Last Chance

Beasley is down to his last chance(photo courtesy of

Beasley is down to his last chance(photo courtesy of

In the 2008 NBA Draft, many wondered what the Chicago Bulls would do with the first pick of the draft. The team was in need of a post threat at that time and many thought they would take the uber-talented forward out of Kansas State, Michael Beasley. He could score in the post, had a solid midrange jump shot and he also had three-point range. He could do almost anything he wanted on the court and had the handles to make it happen as well. But instead of taking him with the 1st pick that season, the Bulls decided they would take Memphis point guard Derrick Rose. The hometown kid became the 1st pick for a franchise he grew up watching. As for Beasley, his star-crossed career began in Miami. The talented big man was thought to be a permanent staple as a sidekick to Dwyane Wade. But unfortunately, he ended up being a player that would have glimpses of great play and then moments of disappointment. Beasley could never hone into consistently producing like his talent said he could. And just like that, the star power that many thought Beasley had would began to wane as time would go by. He was eventually shipped out of town as the Heat traded him to form the trio of Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for a championship run.

Beasley would go on to have more inconsistent stops with the Minnesota Timberwolves, where Miami traded him, as well as the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat again after his contract was terminated in Phoenix after an incident off the court. After last season, he was not looked at by anyone. Surely someone would take a chance on the now 26 year old forward who was still as talented as when he first came in the NBA. Beasley would sign with the Memphis Grizzlies, but he would leave the team and head to China and sign with Yao Ming’s Shanghai Sharks. There Beasley would play and play well, but he knew he longed for another shot in the NBA. And on February 26th, he got a chance again to revive his career in the NBA. The Heat signed Beasley to a 10 day contract. And he again got another chance to make it happen. When asked about the opportunity, Beasley said: “ I’m definitely blessed and humbled to have another opportunity.” And with that comment, you can definitely understand what Beasley may be feeling with this third chance with the Heat. After they did not re-sign him following their playoff loss to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, they ended up coming back to him when the injuries mounted and pieces did not pan out the way they thought they would. And now Beasley is in position to make a difference in Miami while realizing that this could be his last chance.

Beasley has not been getting the regular minutes off the bench for Miami. In fact, he has had times where he does not play and other times where he has a hot streak like he did versus the Chicago Bulls in the first half Thursday night (13 points in the half). But what you can tell is he is doing some things that he had not done earlier in his career. Beasley is bringing it a little bit more on the defensive end of the court. You can see him actually in a stance these days, trying his best to defend his position as well as help his teammates. Earlier in his career, you would see Beasley sauntering down the court after making a play or giving up on closing out to a shooter. Another thing that you can notice differently is Beasley being more within himself while on the team. He has emotion, but he also is not causing disturbances and being difficult as he can be provided his past. He is pretty much a guy that knows time is running out on his career. No longer is he the guy that teams will be lining up to try and resurrect. He know is the guy that teams are beginning to give up hope on and he knows he has to remake his image in that aspect or risk no longer be a viable option in the NBA.

Who would have thought that a guy as talented as Beasley would be barely hanging on in the NBA? He is playing well when he gets his opportunities to contribute. But unfortunately he is still inconsistent at times. Even with that, you can realize that something is different though for Beasley this time around. And for his sake, hopefully he showed enough restraint and poise along with ability this time around. Michael Beasley is a very talented player and should be in the NBA. And at 26 years old, he still could have much to offer. It seems like this time around he is trying to actually help himself more than any time before. And in turn he tried to help Miami in whatever way he could. It looks like something is clicking mentally for Beasley despite the inconsistencies on the court. Hopefully that maturity can be something that can help him be on someone’s roster if he is not in Miami next season. But if he is not on a roster next season, he cannot do anything but blame himself. He set the precedent with his past and now that past continues to haunt him like a ghost. But hopefully with his showings in Miami, he squelched some of those memories and made teams more comfortable with him.

Final Four NBA Hopefuls And Their NBA Comparisons

Frank Kaminsky (photo courtesy of

Frank Kaminsky (photo courtesy of

The NCAA college basketball season ended Monday with the Duke Blue Devils hoisting the trophy after beating the Wisconsin Badgers in the National Title game. And with the close of the college basketball season, the talk now moves towards the draft. Many have already said who they believe will be the first overall pick in the draft, but who do any of these draft picks compare to that have played or are currently playing in the NBA? Let’s take a look at who some incoming or potentially incoming prospects into the 2015 Draft that we just saw in the Final Four and who they are similar to. The person they are compared to is who they could be based on their skills and aptitude for the game.


Frank Kaminsky, Senior

Frank the Tank was a man possessed in the NCAA tournament. He averaged 19 points and 8 rebounds 0 while helping carry his team to the NCAA Title game. And what makes him at his height (7 foot tall) is his ability to shoot and put the ball on the floor. And the next level, his ability to stretch the floor can give opposing four men as well as centers fits when he takes them on the perimeter. But there is one concern and that is the physical nature of the game. He is not by any means afraid of contract and is pretty physical. But the fact remains that he is not the most physically imposing and could stand to add some strength. Additional strength is something that could help him in the post on both ends of the court and will also allow for him to be a stronger player when in the NBA. The one thing you wonder about Kaminsky is will he float to the perimeter more than he will be in the post. That should be something to watch.

Best NBA Comparison: Andrea Bargnani, New York Knicks

Sam Dekker, Wisconsin, Junior

Dekker had an interesting run in the NCAA Tournament. He hit some big shots when his team needed it. He also had a habit of showing up in some for half of the game. He would go missing in either the first or second half of the game and then show up in the other half of it. The streakiness of his game had to drive Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan a little crazy at times. But even with that, Dekker had some moments in the NCAA Tournament that he looked special and that drew the attention of NBA scouts. Who can forget the stepback three he hit against Kentucky to help put them away in their Final Four game? Dekker is also a very athletic guy and has the height at 6’7” to defend wings in the NBA and finish at the rim with his explosiveness. One thing that he may need to improve on is his ability to handle the basketball. He may be better than he gets credit for, but the fact remains that he could have issues creating his own shot in the NBA. But all the aspects of his game are sound and he can also defend and that will be key for him in the NBA. His comparison is pretty similar to who he could be in the NBA provided he handle the basketball a little bit better. He has not declared for the NBA Draft yet, as he is a junior. But all indications are that he may do so and leave school a year early.

Best NBA Comparison: Gordon Heyward, Utah Jazz

Kentucky WIldcats

Andrew Harrison, Kentucky Sophomore

Andrew was the point guard in the Harrison twins combo at Kentucky. He was pretty good at Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament this season. He was steady at times and quiet at others during the Tournament. At the point guard position, he is much better when he is attacking the rim than when he is out on the perimeter shooting jump shots. When he did that, he made Kentucky even more dangerous. His greatest strength is his ability to attack the basket and finish through contact. When he did that, it allowed for him to use his height (6’6”) and strength to overpower smaller collegiate point guards. He reportedly will declare for the NBA Draft and the first thing teams will probably do at the next level if force him to shoot the basketball on the perimeter. If you do that, he can definitely have some issue. And the other issue that some have with him at the next level is his speed. His size helped him get over the lack of speed at the position, but in there are point guards with size and speed at the next level that can give him fits defensively. But all in all, he will still be a problem on the offensive end when he attacks the rim in the NBA only due to his size. And he also has the ability to draw fouls when he gets in there. His NBA comparison is also a former player for Kentucky coach John Calipari. He is not as explosive as this guy, but he is certainly very similar. And he could also end up being moved away from the point guard position like this player was in the NBA as well.

Best NBA Comparison: Tyreke Evans, New Orleans Pelicans

Aaron Harrison, Sophomore

The other half of the Harrison twins combo, Aaron was the guy Kentucky usually depended on to hit a clutch shot when they needed it. He struggled a little to shoot this season, but he was not that bad on the defensive end of the court. In fact, he actually defended his position very well. That could be something that could help him at the next level as he, with his twin, is expected to go to the NBA. His range is pretty deep and should serve him well in the NBA, but the consistency is the issue that many will have looking at his game. Another issue that could come about is his lack of ability to make things happen off the dribble. Unlike his twin, he is not as good at attacking the rim. One thing he will need to work on is that ability to handle the basketball, but he has prototypical size for the shooting guard position, standing at 6’6”. His NBA comparison is a guy that was maybe a little more athletic than he is but was known as a big shot maker when he was in college at UCLA.

Best NBA Comparison: Aaron Afflalo, Portland Trailblazers

Karl-Anthony Towns, Freshman

The crown jewel of the Kentucky recruiting class in 2014, Towns was the best post scorer that Kentucky had this season. He was huge for Kentucky in the Elite Eight versus Notre Dame, as he carried the Wildcats for much of that second half to get them to the Final Four. He is expected to declare soon and enter the NBA Draft and some have him as the top prospect for the draft this season. His ability to finish inside and the ability to handle the basketball, which was not on display at Kentucky, should serve him well at the next level. With his size (6’11”), he has the ability to go out on the perimeter and has range all the way out to the mid-range jump shot and potentially the three-point line. At the next level, he will get to display all those skills and will have an even more open court to work with. Add that to his defensive presence and his vision as a big man and there could be potential for him to be a star at the next level. But with Towns, there is also the issue of his propensity at times to go quiet. Some of that may be due to his team and the talent that surrounded him, but it seemed like he would go times where you would not hear his name or see him make a play. His skill is very comparable to a former NBA big man that was extremely talented.

Best NBA Comparison: Chris Webber

Trey Lyles, Freshman

Lyles has not declared for the NBA Draft yet, but he is more than likely going to go to declare soon. Lyles was a unique talent for Kentucky. When junior forward Alex Poythress went down for the season with a knee injury, Lyles stepped into his spot in the starting lineup and it seemed as if Kentucky never missed a beat. Lyles was steady for Kentucky during the Tournament and he was their most versatile defender outside of big man Willie Cauley-Stein. Standing at 6’10”, Lyles can handle the basketball, finish at the rim and also has range out to the three-point line. In college he could play the power forward and small forward positions, but in the NBA, he will be a small forward. The one thing that he will need to continue to work on is his ability to play defense on the perimeter. His length is something that will cause problems for opposing small forwards, but his foot speed could be an issue at times as well. His NBA comparison is a former Kentucky star that is still playing in the NBA and has had a pretty successful career.

Best NBA Comparison: Tayshaun Prince, Detroit Pistons

Willie Cauley-Stein, Junior

Cauley-Stein was a huge force for the Wildcats on the defensive end of the court. He helped make Kentucky won of the most feared defensive teams in college basketball and used his defensive prowess to help propel Kentucky to the Final Four again this season. He along with the other Kentucky players listed, is expected to declare for the NBA Draft. His athletic ability is something that you cannot teach. And at 7’ tall, he can guard multiple positions as well as cover a bunch of ground as the backbone of your defense at the next level. But even with that, there is the matter of the other end of the court. Cauley-Stein has gotten better offensively, but he still has a long road to go. He had some moments this season where he struggled to finish outside of a dunk in the paint. And in the post, he needs some refinement with his ability to finish post moves. Another thing that may hurt Cauley-Stein at the next level is his ability to shoot free throws. That could cause him to be out of games at key points if he does not improve in that area. But even with that, his defensive presence is something that can alter games and help teams. His NBA comparison is someone that has been a defensive force for most of his career and helps every team he has been on become better defensively while still lacking defined offensive abilities outside finishing dunks.

Best NBA Comparison: Tyson Chandler, Dallas Mavericks


Jahlil Okafor, Freshman

Okafor was considered the best big man in college basketball by many who watched the game. Although he did have some issues in the NCAA Tournament, he definitely was a force in the post and helped lead Duke to the National Title. The one thing that helps Okafor stand out is his footwork and ability to finish with a feathery touch at times. His brute strength allowed for him to overpower players in college, but he also had the ability to face up players and beat them with the faceup jump shot. His offensive game has some thinking that he can contribute immediately at the next level. He is expected to declare soon and he and Towns from Kentucky are considered the main players that could be the 1st pick this season. Okafor is certainly talented offensively, but what some had an issue with is his ability to play defense. Okafor struggled to play against Wisconsin big man Frank Kaminsky. He just could not keep up with him at all. And another issue is his defense of the pick-and-roll. He got better on it over the season, but he still needs some work there. Looking at him, he could potentially give up as many points as he scores early on in his career. He will more than likely need to drop weight to become a better defender at the next level. As far as his NBA comparison, his offensive skill reminds me of another big man that came out of the ACC and was the first overall pick. Although Okafor is nowhere near the defender of this guy, he is definitely has good fundamentals that mirror this legend in the NBA.

Best NBA Comparison: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

Justise Winslow, Freshman

Winslow was an afterthought for most when Duke got Okafor and point guard Tyus Jones. But he more than made his impact on this team when he was the biggest difference-maker for the Duke Blue Devils. His ability to attack the rim and finish through contact is definitely special. And along with that, he also has the ability to shoot the midrange jump shot along with the three-pointer. He has yet to declare for the draft, but he is also expected to declare for the draft along with Okafor. And with his draft stock soaring, who can blame him. Winslow got it done in the Tournament, but he also was a guy that disappeared at times during the year for Duke. Who can forget some games where he was just a bystander on the court instead of a participant? That may have some NBA scouts concerned in regards to Winslow’s abilities. But all in all, his skills and the way he attacks the rim remind and can shoot the jump shot remind some of an MVP candidate playing for the Houston Rockets right now.

Best NBA Comparison: James Harden, Houston Rockets

Tyus Jones, Freshman

Jones’ decision to declare for the NBA Draft is largely tied into what Winslow and Okafor decide to do. He has not announced either, but there is the feeling out there that he will declare for the NBA Draft as well this year. Jones had a great freshman season at Duke and capped it off with a great second half to help Duke win the National Title. It seemed like all year he played his best when the pressure was the most. His ability to hit contested jump shots and to finish inside at the rim was spectacular to watch. And for a guy that is listed as 6’1” (which is a generous listing of his height), it is amazing how he is able to finish at the rim. But at the next level, look for him to be able to finish at the rim as much. But the good thing is Jones does have good vision on the court. His ability to score at clutch times and have the vision to be able to find his teammates reminds me of a former University of Texas Longhorn point guard and current NBA backup point guard very much.

Best NBA Comparison: DJ Augustin, Oklahoma City Thunder

It should be interesting to see how all these guys pan out at the next level. Of course all of them have their own games and it depends on what teams they go to as to how they develop their skills. But they are all eerily similar to the people they are compared to and it should be interesting to see how similar they become to their comparisons in the NBA. Agree or disagree with the comparisons?

Wisconsin’s Bo Ryan Has Sour Grapes

Bo Ryan had sour grapes instead of gracefully taking the loss (photo courtesy of

Bo Ryan had sour grapes instead of gracefully taking the loss (photo courtesy of

March Madness has come to an end with the Duke Blue Devils coming away as the champions. Coach Mike Krzyzewski has won his fifth title and he has done some with some pretty talented freshman on board. But along with the celebration of Duke, there was the agony of defeat from Wisconsin. The Badgers just could not come through this time like they did against the Kentucky Wildcats on Saturday night. And just like that, one of the best seasons under head coach Bo Ryan ends without the glorious ending. You would think that Bo Ryan would lose graciously as a veteran coach, but that was far from what we received. The coach would go on to use two remarks that would resonate with some in the sports world. Quite honestly, it was surprising that he would want to go out this way with these comments. And it should not be something that we accept as just something a coach says after disappointment.

The loss was definitely a tough one for Wisconsin. The team had come so close yet the title ended up seeming so far away. And for Wisconsin next season, there will be a different look minus Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker, should Dekker leave school early. Ryan seemed somber when he spoke to CBS after the game, but he spoke on something that he thought about the game. He spoke on the officiating and what he felt like it was. Here is an excerpt of what he said: “It was just a situation where you just have to be able to handle all the hands and the checking. All the body contact — there was more body contact in this game than in any game we’ve played all year, and I just feel sorry for my guys that all of a sudden, a game was like that. I think they’re struggling with that a little bit. We missed some opportunities. They hit some tough shots. You know, it’s just a shame it had to be played that way.” It seemed like Ryan continued to talk about how the game was played and things like that. Though it was true that there was some errors by the officials, there should be no reason for Ryan to blame the officials. Did Ryan forget that his team forgot to take the ball inside consistently in the second half? Did he forget that his team let Grayson Allen of Duke drive past them and finish at the rim? Did he forget they went through a drought in the second half that essentially cost them the game? But conveniently, Ryan can remember all the things that went against his team in his mind and all the things his team did to lose the game. That sounds more like a coach that is bitter about a loss than a veteran coach that has been in his share of rodeos.

But Ryan was not done with his commentary after he said this. He also took a shot at one-and-done players. When answering a question about it being hard to say goodbye to his seniors, this one an excerpt of what Ryan had to say: “Oh without a dout. All the seniors that I’ve had-hard to say that. But every player that’s played through the program, okay, we don’t do rent-a-player. You know what I mean.” Some may say that he may not have intended his comments to come out the way they did, but guess what? They did. In this instant, it seemed like he was taking a shot at programs that recruit players that are deemed one-and-done players. And he seemed to try and put his program on some moral high ground because his team did not recruit these types of players. Honestly, he may want to remember that not many if any one-and-done players are actually considering Wisconsin nor have they ever. And he also may remember that the kids that are leaving have a chance to make some money off their talent, like coaches do when they manage players on the sidelines. He may call them rent-a-players, but for Ryan, he rents most of his players for four years while they make absolutely nothing off what they do for him. All the while coaches like Ryan are getting paid to coach these players and benefitting from what the NCAA has put together in this structure. And while we are on Ryan’s salary, he was actually the 10th highest-paid coach in America at $2.75 million. While the NCAA is pimping these players, Ryan and other coaches are the playas on the sideline crushing a lot while the players break their necks for both and get no money. So for Ryan to get mad at certain players for taking advantage of the system we have and coaches for recruiting them is crazy. And by him saying he would not take a one-and-done player is not true. He would take one in a minute if that would line his pockets more and make his program better if even for one year.

In the end, Ryan comes across as a hypocrite for how he complained about the refs and the one-and-done players in college basketball. We all know he would take one if they considered Wisconsin and we all know that he was not complaining about how the game was officiated when he won versus Kentucky. Several calls were missed in that game and yet there was Bo, silent as a church mouse when it came to that. So maybe the next time Bo should take the high road when it comes to talking to the media. Many roasted Kentucky for having players walk off the court without shaking hands and the infamous Harrison comments. But it seems that some are turning their heads the other way on these Ryan comments. Honestly, both were bad and both actions were that of a sore loser. But Andrew Harrison and Willie Cauley-Stein, who was a Kentucky player that walked off the court without shaking hands, are young kids who will learn from their experiences. As for Ryan, he knows better. He has been in the game probably longer than Andrew Harrison and Willie Cauley-Stein have been alive. Yet he makes this mistake of coming across as a sore loser instead and a deflector of blame. Wisconsin did not lose the game because of officiating or the one-and-done players. They lost the game because they did not make enough plays to win.

Tough Love May Be The Answer For Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon celebrating a touchdown(picture via

Josh Gordon celebrating a touchdown(picture via

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was facing a year-long suspension by the NFL when the news dropped of his arrest this weekend in North Carolina. Gordon was arrested for Driving While Impaired. And with that, he finds himself in hot water yet again. The youngster from Baylor is extremely talented and was a monster on the field last season in the NFL. He led the NFL in receiving yards despite missing the first two games of the season last year. His electric talent is evident in these highlight reel plays in 2013:

But unfortunately this talent come with the baggage of a kid that just cannot seem to get it right off the field. And more than likely, we will not see this talented player on the field in 2013 and maybe not ever again. It’s a sad tale of the monster within destroying a talented player and like many others and it’s a shame. We may not ever get to see the greatness of Gordon because he just cannot seem to get out of his own way.

Many have suggested that Gordon really needs some help and that is true. But what is not mentioned is that he has to be able to receive the help that is offered. Cris Carter, one of the greatest NFL receivers of all-time, addressed Gordon’s situation on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning on Monday morning. He recanted the demons that followed him early in his career in Philadelphia and what it took for him to break through and finally realize that it was time to make a change. He said that he had help offered to him and he also had supportive teammates. But what he said hindered him the most is his own value of the situation. Carter went on to say that he would attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings during his time in Philly and would not take them seriously. But over time and more meetings, he began to realize that he was an alcoholic and that he needed to take the classes seriously instead of just doing so because the NFL made him do so.

Even though Carter began to straighten up in Philly, he said that he was still cut by the team because then-coach Buddy Ryan could not trust him anymore. And it was then at that point that Carter knew he had to continue to make the changes necessary so he did not have this happen again. Carter went on to get another job with the Minnesota Vikings and he never looked back. Carter’s story may not be the same as Gordon’s, but it bears some resemblance. And what happened to Carter with the Eagles may be just the thing needed for Josh Gordon. Carter suggested the Browns need to cut Gordon. Sometimes in life, people take things for granted. In this case, Gordon seems to not realize that his problems off the field can take away the thing he loves to do: play football. And even when facing the year-long suspension, he still does not get it at all. So, the best possible solution is to take football away from him at this time. He has proven that his off-field issues have become too much for him to bear along with being a football player. Maybe with some time off from the sport, he will realize, like Carter, that he has to get some things in order to not only be a good football player and teammate, but a good person.
At the end of his interview with Mike & Mike in the Morning, Carter said that he hopes to get a call from Gordon so that he can help him. I too wish that he makes that call. Gordon is a talented young man and it would be a shame to see him waste all that talent due to not getting his life in order. I am sincerely praying that something wakes this young man up before time runs out on what could have been. Realize you have an issue before it’s too late Josh.

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